Kathleen W – The Universal Law of Intent – Creating a World That Works For Everyone – 1-17-15

Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law and our planetary logos, has been helping us, and teaching us to come to balance and alignment with Universal Law and the building of a loving, kind new world.

In a nutshell, Universal Law is a way for us to come to know how things work, to understand, to create, and to be closer in union with All That Is — the Love.

The Universal Law of Intent brings our attention to our intention. 

Nova Earth

Sanat or Raj, as he likes to be called, tells us:

“There is no creation that is meaningful, in the sense of the universe or yourself, without intention. Whether you choose to engage consciously and actively with the Law of Intent, or whether you simply choose to ignore it, does not mean that it is not in operation.

“And it is important, my dear hearts, that you fully understand this.

“When I am speaking of the various 13 Universal Laws, that are particularly pertinent to the advancement of humanity, and your experience within the 12 realms and 12 dimensions at this time, you did not come to this planet of Gaia during a time of shift and Ascension, to be unconscious. Quite the contrary.

“So, prior to this time you could say to me, ‘Well Raj, I was not aware’. but now that disappears, does it not?

“And it is time for you, for each of you in your divinity in your wholeness, to actively engage with the Law, in every aspect of the Law, and to do so in ways that are meaningful, not only to the Collective, but to you, because when you are operating in ways that are meaningful to you, when you are intending that which is the balance of Love, of charity, of compassion for you, then of course, it has the same reflection throughout all of your planet, all of humanity.

“The Law of Intent is kind. It is generous, it is sharing, it is joyous. It is tender, it is considerate. It is never selfish or arrogant. It is never excluding of others’ well being and development for that would not be in alignment with the Mother and with Love.” (1)

As Raj said, the Law of Intent extends not only to others, but starts with our own sacred Selves, and the understanding that Love of Self is aligning with the Love, with conscious daily intent, on our Ascension journey.

It is looking in the mirror, and seeing how precious and treasured we each are; that all we are, is Love. 

Nova Earth2

Raj goes on to say:

“When I speak to you of intention, I wish to speak to you of intention on every single level, your feelings, yes, your emotional body.

“How are you holding, projecting, anchoring intention within your emotional body, within your mental body?

“You cannot anchor what you intend to bring forth, what the intention of your life is, your service, your pleasure, your joy, if you are holding contradictory thoughts.” (1)

Being conscious, partly means being conscious of our vasanas and core issue (2). Without that knowing, no matter what are our intentions, our creations can go awry.

Vasanas and core issues — those feelings, “old” ways of being — subtly create beneath every thought, every action, without our conscious awareness of them.

Intending and creating with heart consciousness — the knowing of our sacred purpose, conscious awareness of Self, the knowing we are Love, in the truth of who we are, (with awareness of our vasanas and core issue) — leads to green lights all the way, and creations aligned with the One.

“So, the Law of Intent means that your mental body, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotional body are coming into that alignment with Divine thought, mind, will, heart. 


“There has to be consistency, and congruence. There has to be constancy.” (1)

Raj is very firm in his knowing of Universal Law, and tells us:

“Yes, I am One, as your planetary logos, as keeper of Universal Law, I will speak in absolutes because the Law IS.

“It does not have variation. You cannot say, well, I’ll accept a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. It does not work this way.

“And that is what humanity is working, and that is what you are creating and altering in the reality of the human experience.” (1)

In all of our hearts, we know Love, and the ways of the higher realms, and when we consciously create from the heart, in the Love, our world shifts into alignment with balance, joy. . . the divine ways of being. Raj tells us:

“The human condition, the experience, the creation work of humanity has been far too manipulated and convenient, and it has been intent by ego, rather than intent by Love. 

broken heart


“And you have learned and you have experienced and you have been broken-hearted because you see that that does not work. It does not even begin to work. It does not even begin to serve.” (1)

With the knowing of our sacred purpose, our truth, we come into alignment with the totality of who we are, as Raj says here:

“Every thought, every action, every friendship, every collegial association – how do you behave? What are your relationships like? What does your action reflect? What does your behavior reflect?

“Is it in complete alignment with your intentions for what you wish to achieve, what you wish to experience, and what you have agreed to do?

“If it is not in that alignment, then, dear heart, you’re out of balance.

“Now is this cause for alarm? No. It is cause for simple correction.

“Bring yourself back. Of course I will help you. That is my joy and that is my purpose. And yes, Gabrielle is helping as well. She is bringing you back to the place of centeredness.

“Now let me share my understanding. There are many of you who have avoided being centered and balanced. And you have equated being centered and balanced and in alignment with being boring, that you want to be unique and different; perhaps a little quirky, but that is ego.

“How you express the beauty, the excitement and, yes, the uniqueness of who you really are, which is much grander than any ego thought, how you express this, is by being in the center, by being in the core of your sacred self, of being the reflection of who you really are, not some fantasy that changes week to week, year to year.

“There is nothing more magnificent, more grand, than the expression of your truth. It is far greater than any costume or job or persona that you can adopt, and this centeredness begins to give you the insight to operate and create in ways that you desire.” (1) 

Nova Earth

From the magnificence of our truth, we can begin to create a thoughtful, gentle, considerate world, the Nova Earth we all dream of.

Raj asks us to expand our understanding a little more of what the Law of Intent is, with the knowing that we have carried our intent with us, in each and every lifetime, and for eons:

“You cannot create when you are out of balance, when you are in fear, angst, anger, disappointment, despair, lack, or thinking that you are in control. It’s not possible.

“What is the intent that you had prior to coming and what is your intent right now in terms of your progression through Ascension?

“What is it your soul demands of you? What is the heartfelt request that your Universal Self is making of you?

“And from this, you begin to feel the alignment into your actions, your behaviors, your wishes, your dreams, your creations.

“Intent is your starting point once you have established the intimate relationship with your sacred purpose.

“So yes, you hold intent. . .

“Now you may take ten minutes at the start of your day, to anchor the clarity of intent, intention for your day, intention for your week, intention for your behavior, intention for what you choose to receive throughout the day, how you wish to interact with others, the inspiration you wish to receive.

“. . . you set the intent, but you carry that around like an amulet, around your neck, all day long, each and every day. 

Solomon Seal amulet

“And you have carried your intention for this and every lifetime, for eons, so it is already embedded deep within you. It is simply bringing it into your conscious reality and your everyday activity.” (1)

With our conscious intentions of purity and grace reflected in our actions, the fulfillment of our sacred purposes can come to be, in balance, loving kindness, caring and sharing so our new world, Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone, can emerge. 

Nova Earth1


(1) Law of Intent Radio Show


Meditation into the heart temple is at 19:00 – 34:00 min.




(2) The New You, by Linda Dillon, page 106, core issue:

“The Council (of Love) calls this your key motivator. . . a deep place of acceptance of who you are. . . being fully conscious of why this issue is your key motivator and learning to work with it, in terms of being your Achilles heel and your best friend. . . your individual unique key. . . it is working with or against you during this time of incredible change. . . you don’t want to live or stay in the space of your key motivator or core issue. . . once embraced and aligned it becomes part of your balance. . . not to venture too far to one side or the other. . . where this information is useful, is at the midpoint.”

Chakras As Portals, by Linda Dillon, 2014, Handbook of the Universal Laws, 12 Dimensions and 13 Chakras with accompanying CD – 55 minute meditation

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