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Jenny Griffin


That’s a good question. It’s complicated and simple at the same time. To be a Lightworker is to come to awareness of your own Inner Light and to share it in the world. It’s knowing that the love and joy you feel in your existence is something you would be happy for others to feel. That’s the simple part.

The complicated part is in the information flying around about what the jobs of Lightworkers are, how they might feel, where we might find them. The information is intended with the greatest integrity and is valuable, especially to those who are still in the often-difficult stages of discovery. That said, there are always other perspectives to find within any existing knowledge, and here is one.

To be a lightworker is in essence, simply to be. It is to find your inner light, find the thing that makes your heart sing, and to do it. One part that has become distorted is the belief that Lightworkers are in some way responsible for the enlightenment of others. That’s not true, nor is it entirely possible if you take the definition of the word enlightenment to mean ‘lighten the load.’ No one person can carry the burdens of another or provide the ‘key’ to enlightenment, because each person has their own key. We come into this incarnation to learn particular lessons based on the experiences we have, and if we attempt to carry another’s burdens, they’ll miss out on some of the growth that was intended. This is a part of the reason we took on human form this time, to learn through the combination of grounded, heavy, human experience coupled with the act of connecting with our own higher guidance.

So, as we work through our darkest shadows and find the light within ourselves, we are asked to stand back and be a beacon for those that seek their own truth. Some of what we say may guide them or give them comfort on dark nights, some of what we do may inspire them to find their own path, but we are not here to ‘give’ it to others. There is much insecurity among Lightworkers, as with any humans. We all want to feel special. We all want to feel that our gifts are of some higher design and that we might be a part of saving the world. The truth is, each of us here at this time is integral to the advancement of the planet, whether it is through denial of the light or the advancement of it. Heal yourself of the patterns that keep you from your truth, and in doing so you will act as inspiration for others.

There are many who feel an urgency that they must save as many people as possible, sending out non-stop updates about ascension, Lightworkers, healing, conspiracy theories, and new paradigm thought. While their intentions are good, this is based on fear and old paradigm thinking. It is not your job to try to convert people to your way of thinking by indoctrinating them into the enlightenment club. It is a very personal journey, and not one that comes from without. It is an organic unfolding that comes from deep within. We are in these bodies to make mistakes, to learn through love and through pain, in other words, to be human. If you feel like swearing on Facebook because you’re having a bad day, it doesn’t make you any less a Lightworkers, it simply grounds you more in the human side of the equation. Let yourself be.

Some distortions come from the idea that if you are a lightworker you must be a healer or mystic of some sort. You can be whatever you want, that’s the true energy behind lightwork. You can work in the World Bank and be a lightworker, if working in the World Bank brings joy to your heart and you feel you are shining as brightly as you can there. It is not our job to judge the level of another’s integrity or enlightenment as not being enough if they are not working what we feel to be the job of a lightworker. It’s necessary to have people in all manner of jobs so that the old structures can be shifted to welcome the new. It’s impossible to build new infrastructures on top of old, slippery foundations that are already beginning to crumble.

Think of those who have come before us who have been people of huge integrity, who have brought joy to the lives of those they came in contact with, and who have seemed to have a mission no one else could see. Think of all the people in all the careers, throughout history, who have seemed to emanate a delicious joy for living, and you will see Lightworkers. Freddie Mercury, Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, the crossing guard that does her work for the love of the children who greet her every day, the librarian who goes out of his way to take you right to your book because he enjoys seeing the smile on your face; Lightworkers, joy-bringers, all of them. When you can see the utter peace and joy that a lightworker brings to the world through the work they love, then they’ve found their true purpose.

It doesn’t matter if your voice is heard above others, it doesn’t matter if your words are read, it is in the process of doing what your heart and soul cry out for that you connect most deeply with the path of light. You walk your path, and let others walk theirs. Be there to offer support, talk about your experiences and swap stories. And keep on doing what you love, fiercely, passionately. Let yourself be.


About Jenny: Also known as ‘The Catharsis Coach,’ Jenny loves exploring life’s twists and turns through the lens of transformation. When she’s not writing, she’s coming up with new ways to help people move through change with grace and ease.

You can find her at: The Power of Change, on Facebook, or on Twitter

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