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Soul Agreements are pre-incarnation contracts between two or more individuals. The theory behind a soul agreement involves life scenarios conceived prior to birth. Souls choose relationships and family ties based on the lessons they wish to learn in the human form. There is conjecture among some spiritual groups that soul growth can advance more quickly through human incarnations than in spirit form. Making soul agreements prior to birth give souls a game plan to use to advance their spiritual growth objectives when choosing future incarnations.

Can Soul Agreements Be Renegotiated?

Soul agreements are not intended to be too restrictive or set-in-stone based on the belief that “free-choice” is attached to human life. Contractually speaking, you might say that soul agreements have built-in “out clauses.” Our best made plans and goals don’t always work out in life, and neither do the larger spiritual goals. The spiritual being doesn’t always have the “let’s be realistic” mentality that incarnated humans are faced with on a daily basis. Soul agreements are often re-negotiated behind the scenes throughout a lifetime to adjust to situations that disrupts the original ideological scenarios.

Karma vs Soul Agreements

Unlike the more rigid karmic connections people who are connected through soul agreements choose to hang out together for a variety of different reasons. Imagine a conversation between soul buddies saying, “Wow, it would be really cool if next time around we could arrange to be siblings, business partners, lovers, or whatever…”

Tough Love Soul Agreements

Soul agreements are also sometimes based on “tough love.” For example, a soul may want to experience rejection, abandonment, or some other difficult emotions in the human life classroom. Another soul agrees to take on the role of nemesis. Try looking into the eyes of an enemy, you may be surprised to see a friendly-soul looking lovingly back at you. Something to think about, huh?Learn more holistic healing definitions

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