The Sirian High Command via Wendy Kennedy – Affirmation and Meditation for the New Year – 1-12-15

wendy kennedy


Wendy Kennedy

This year I sat down and asked my celestial friends for an affirmation/meditation for everyone for the new year.

Most of the time when I ask for meditations or visualization, my friends in The Sirian High Command step up to help me out, and this time was no exception.  Below is the complete transcript.  We hope you enjoy it.  If it resonates with you, please give it a like or share it as it may very well help someone else.

In this new moment, I center and gather myself. I recall to me all energies sent forth in imbalance. I recall energies that are being used to generate realities that are not in alignment with this Now moment, with my new intention.

And with this energy, bright, pure, infinite and eternal, I re-task it. In conjunction with the love and guidance of The Universe, I put forth my focus, my energy, towards love and service for the highest benefit of my self and all others.

I release all past judgements of what is possible, of what I deem myself capable and deserving of accomplishing. For in service to The Universe all things are possible.

I no longer define myself in finite terms, but in the infinite, for that is truly my nature. I allow myself access to infinite love, wisdom, abundance, joy and gratitude, and in this alignment all things are possible.

In my moments of doubt, I ask for assistance, guidance, and education in how I may be of greatest service.

In my moments of self deprecation, I ask for assistance in releasing these old beliefs so that I may once again align with my true nature, that of an infinite, eternal being of divine light and love.

In the moments I doubt my capabilities, I ask to be divinely supported and guided to this path of service for it is on this path I can express my full beingness and experience infinite love.

In those moments I close my heart, I ask to be reminded of the power of love, the power of The Universe, and to be supported in the experiences and opportunities that allow me the courage to release the illusions of limited self perception and bask in the joy and love that is the true divine nature of life.

And lastly in the moments I feel angry and frustrated, I ask for assistance in opening to gratitude, that I am supported in shifting my perspective from what is not working to that of gratitude for the small ways things flow effortlessly. And in this refocusing of perspective, I open to allow more divine flow within myself.

It is with gracious heart, I give thanks to all those who are in my life, physical and non-physical. As I hold this focus for myself, I also extend these hopes to all life, without condition, judgement or expectation. For all life is an extension of myself as I am an extension of all life. In loving gratitude…so it is.

~The Sirian High Command For the New Year, channeled by Wendy Kennedy, January 2015,



Or view the video here.

“The Sirian High Command: Affirmations and Meditation for the New Year,” channeled by Wendy Kennedy, January 2015, at

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