Numeric Synchronicity – All-Is-Now Time – Harmonising the Body – 1-12-15


The numbers are back, this time with a vengeance! Well, they hadn’t really left, but the frequency with which they are appearing has increased exponentially.

Numeric Synchronicity
I’m talking about those magical number sequences, the 11:11s and the 12:12s that started showing up over the past few years, indicating that the Ascension process was well under way. In the past few months, however, I’ve noticed on a daily basis, several times a day, the occurrences of a whole range of combinations:

10:10   11:11   12:12    …..all the way to 23:23
11:33   11:44   12:34   12:44   5:55   13:33 etc.

These numeric synchronicities (and as you know, I’m really big on synchronicity!) are something that I’m very grateful to see. They are like Spirit’s *wink-winks* at us; that’s how Steve Rother describes these “signs”, if I remember correctly.

So the message that I get from this vastly increased rate of appearance of such numbers is this: things are occurring at such a rapid pace, and there’s a huge sense of chaos churning everything up, both in the external and internal world. At the same time, we are where we are meant to be, still on track. In other words, we’re good 🙂  And it feels to me that many Lightworkers are now becoming aware of new missions ~ not necessarily the same one they were involved in before ~ or moving on to the next phase of their current mission. It seems very much to be on an individual level, yet connected to some greater group mission. We are growing more and more into our own Divinely integrated Self, while simultaneously coming together in Unity Consciousness to move this Ascension process along in various ways. Sort of like a huge multi-pronged “attack” to accelerate our progress.

All-Is-Now Time…A Dream
I would never have dreamed (pun intended) just a few years ago that I would be sharing my dreams publicly. I have always kept them to myself, unless it was imperative for me to share, and that too only to the person(s) concerned. However, as you may know, I’m finding that my dreams have taken on a more “public” theme and with that comes the inevitable prodding to share. So here’s another one of such dreams. This one is even more complex than usual, so I’ll just summarise it for clarity.

There were three individuals, each on their own beds. They were dressed in what appeared to be pyjamas; this indicated to me that they were supposed to be going to sleep. The three persons represented “Past”, “Now” and “Future”. They had prepared long and hard for the moment when they would be required to sleep, in order for something monumentally HUGE and impending. I stress this again…something really really really important, momentous and completely and epic-ly Life-changing was about to occur, but these three needed to sleep in order to precipitate this event (…The Event?…).

I’m aware that they have worked so diligently at preparing themselves, to the point of weariness. They had been vacillating between frustration and resignation, and at the moment, they wanted nothing more than to initiate the sleep process. They looked around the room they were in, and it was clear to me that all the equipment had been switched on and everything was ready to go. Except that the person-in-charge was missing. He or she wasn’t in the room to give the green light.

The person I knew as “Now” decided to take matters into her own hands and got off her bed. She told “Past” and “Future” that she would do something about the delay and went off to look for the person-in-charge, and away she went. The dream ended at that point.

Well, I think the meaning is pretty clear 🙂  I just want to highlight a couple of things that stood out for me: We are beginning to lose our concept of seeing Time as linear as we become more multi-dimensional. For the last phase before the major transition, all of time ~ past, present, future ~ becomes merged into the Now moment. All is Now. And Now is the time for us to take action in our own way to expedite and trigger the major shift…assuming of course that we have been preparing ourselves by doing the inner work and raising our vibrations 🙂  I also see the connection to what I mentioned earlier on in this post about LWs undertaking missions for a higher purpose.

Secondly, it’s that dream/sleep thing again. That was also one of the main themes in a previous dream which I shared. There’s something about it, whether the major transition is dream-related, or whether it has to do with an ethereal state. I’ve talked about this before in previous posts, so I’ll not elaborate here.

Harmonising The Body
I have Andrew, a wonderful Soul, to thank for this one. We were talking about the impact of these Divine energies of transformation on our physical Self. He then advised me to give intention for the body to be in harmony with these energies, and that’s what I’ve been doing since then. I add this intention into my daily meditation where I accept these “downloads” with Love and Gratitude, and then affirm that my body is in harmony with the energies. Although I still get floored now and then, I can definitely attest that I’m coping much better. Heartfelt gratitude to Andrew 💖

Here’s to a totally Life-changing and World-changing transformative year!

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