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Ascension to higher consciousness is not limited only to humans. Animals are also experiencing ascension.

All of us, whether it be humans or animals, are here on the Earth to evolve our consciousness through soul lessons. We are placed into situations that are specifically tailor made for our soul learning. Once we learn our soul lessons, and our consciousness evolves to a higher level, our energy vibration increases. Once our energy vibration increases enough, we transcend the third dimension entirely, and we ascend to higher consciousness (to the higher dimensions).

A good example of how animals may evolve their consciousness is when a domesticated cat or dog does not want to share its food, bed, toys, etc. with other cats and dogs. When it eventually learns to share, its consciousness evolves to a higher level.

Learning soul lessons and evolving to a higher level of consciousness is not limited only to domesticated animals however. Wild animals are also placed into situations that help them to learn and to evolve their consciousness to a higher level. Interestingly, after spending several hours every day out in nature since July 2008, with wild mallard ducks, many species of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, wild rabbits, and other animals, I have found that the lessons that these animals learn are very similar to the lessons that we as humans often learn or could learn from.

For example, when I first begin to feed each new group of wild mallard ducks, they usually do not want to share their food with each other. They are very territorial in regards to their food. Eventually, they learn to share their food with each other, and they even learn to share their food with other species of animals. It is not uncommon for me to see a group of wild mallard ducks that I feed eventually eating in peace alongside birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and even raccoons and snapping turtles. These wild animals evolve their consciousness from that of competing for food to that of sharing it with others and eating in peace.

Not only do these wild animals learn to share their food and to eat alongside one another in peace, but they also learn diversity through eating together. They interact on a daily basis with species of animals that they probably would not interact with otherwise in the wild. Hence, they learn diversity, a valuable lesson that humans also learn when interacting with different races of people and when interacting with people of different cultures.

Animals often learn to love while incarnated on the Earth also. Humans who have domesticated animals experience not only giving love to their furry friends, but they also experience that love greatly reciprocated by their animal companions.

Likewise, even wild stray cats learn to reciprocate love. I found this to be the case when I rescued a cat and her six babies from the street a few years ago. Cats are capable of evolving from being wild to being domesticated if they are nurtured and given love and affection, and they eventually reciprocate love once they evolve beyond fear.

Even wildlife evolves beyond fear and learns to accept love and affection. I have found this to be the case when some of the wild mallard ducks allow me to pet them on their backs as they eat when I place a mitten or a soft glove on my hand. They still keep their wild instinct as a protection mechanism so that they are able to survive in the wild, especially when humans that they do not know come near them or whenever predators are near. However, they do learn to accept the love and affection of the one who nurtures them. When Friends of the family rescued a wild deer, they also found that wild animals learn to accept the love and affection of humans. The deer quickly became a family pet and even enjoyed sleeping with and playing with the family’s dog.

We together, animals and humans, are ascending to higher consciousness. We are ascending beyond a place of competition and fear to a place of peaceful coexistence and love.


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