Suzanne Spooner – Universal Mind Project – 1-6-15

Suzanne SpoonerSuzanne Spooner has taken her work into a new area, which she calls the Universal Mind Project.  She describes it here:

The Universal Mind Project is an alignment or gateway to the higher realms of experience. It is a guided meditation or theta experience that guides the participant to the level of awareness where their Divine ability to access truth, knowledge and understanding of the Source within. In this process is the ability to align your mind with your intuition.

In this experience you will open up the mind to truth about yourself and knowledge that has always been available but not always accessible, encoded in your DNA.

The Universal Mind Project will gently guide you into the consciousness, below the surface of what you normally work from. It will be like a floodgate of love and a reservoir of acceptance that we, to few of times, know.

The initial experience will show you how easy it is to listen and hear your own inner voice, or sometimes called the High Self. When you can allow for the possibility of hearing your own internal GPS, you open the treasure chest of all knowing.

Next, you will imagine your Divine connection to all. Once you allow for that, the Universal Mind is accepted as your sovereign right. Once that is accepted, you will be guided on how to work with your energetic DNA to upgrade your human experience.

The key to this experience is simply allowing. In the allowing alone, you over-ride generations of belief that you are less than sheer perfection of Creator having a human experience.

The Universal Mind Project (UMP) started as a desire I had to assist people to access their High Self, the part of them that knows everything. I also wanted them to be able to do this anytime they had some quiet moments. I didn’t know for many months how this process would take shape; but I could feel it coming! So many on our planet are aware of the Shift, the Awakening and many only know that they feel that great change is occurring within them and outside of them. The UMP is guided meditation experience that teaches you to hear your own inner guidance, accept love of self and activate your energetic DNA amongst other lovely benefits.

Several years ago another process came through me called The Art of Universal Knowing or TAUK for short. This process was a teachable gift of connecting to the other side, to loved ones who had passed, to guides, angels, God and to the High Self. It was teachable through the tools of a pendulum, TAUK formula and letter chart. This was the start of my teaching others how to access all answers that lie within. It worked beautifully and soon became an online class experience.

In 2012 I came across a lovely lady named Dolores Cannon who had her own process called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. QHHT is a dynamic process of deep hypnosis. The client is guided through past lives and other experiences eventually allowing their conscious mind (ego) to step aside so that their High Self could speak directly to them, through them answering lists of questions the client had written up and healing the body of illness, discomfort and disease. I became a QHHT practitioner, learning directly from Dolores and her daughter, Julia. Eventually I started to moderate for her professional forum and assisted Dolores and Julia when they taught in the U.S.

Both TAUK & QHHT were wonderful journeys of the consciousness that again demonstrated that “all answers lie within” each of us; no exception. But for the most part both of these techniques were a one-on-one situation. They are profoundly deep and beautiful but I longed for a way for others to have that profound connection in a group, on a commute from work, on a plane or as they drifted off to sleep. I wanted this new process to be usable and practical to not only the spiritual seeker but to business people, stay at home parents, children, people who meditated and people who never meditated or felt they weren’t good at it.

I had some profound events occur over 2014 that put all the pieces together and eventually formed The Universal Mind Project. When I had those pieces, I sat to TAUK or channel and this beautiful meditation and explanation came through. When I would get lazy and not channel for a few days, “they” (my teachers on the other side) would wake me up at 4 am with butterflies in my stomach!

Now, I LOVE my sleep and I would toss and turn, negotiating with “them” to let me go back to sleep with the promise I would channel in the morning. The butterflies would increase. Finally I would get up and move to my meditation room, get my pendulum and chart and channel a few paragraphs of the UMP. The next morning I would go read what I had written and would just shake my head at the beauty, coherence and simplicity of what had come through in my groggy state!

Over several weeks The Universal Mind Project unfolded. It is a 35-minute guided meditation that uses my voice to guide you into a theta state, a place of deep relaxation. You will be guided to the higher aspects of your being so that you can more easily be in a state of self love, acceptance and bliss and moving forward into the New Earth elevated and working for the greater good of All. May your participation in The Universal Mind Project help you to Be in the Now.

Much Love,

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