Carolyn Chipman – Prophecy – I am Rainbow, Crystal, Indigo – 1-7-14


Carolyn Chipman

Many people have spoke of the prophecies of the light children that were coming. The Hopi and the Rainbow People… much has been shared of this movement by the indigenous and beautiful peoples of earth. Lightworkers have sub groups now within the whole. There is the Indigo… The Indigo has many nuances to this Mer-Ka-Ba body.. there is much information of this blue print of energetic countenance. Same with the Rainbow Children and the Crystal Children, some are even starting a Diamond Child movement which is the crown of intuition. All of these energetic blueprints are Lightworkers and here is what I have for the global understanding from Akash and my Angel Rain. The old prophecies of many of the indigenous peoples are here NOW.  You are now carrying all these energies beautiful ones… Lets talk about the Indigo’s.. 


This Indigo’s are of the first labeled lightworkers to come to Earth, this aura or energetic countenance within the Mer-Ka-Ba body is all a collective. A wave of people who came as Lightworkers, who were blueprinted with strengthening imprints of Arch Angel Micheal’s collective energies as the Warriors of Light, you see many talk of the bluish aura and the purplish aura of the Violet Flame. These are important nuances of the Indigo wave. You will see many photos of the tetrahedron of colors, sides and so forth. Lets make it simple. JFK and Martin Luther King Jr were Indigo lightworkers. They were blueprinted with the Warrior Imprint due to the being born in such harsher energies. You will find that many older Indigo’s are very energetic and will out work some of the newer Rainbows and Crystal children. They had to come in with very powerful battery packs per say to be able to survive the harsher energies to maintain their light. As these front runners came in they blazed a lightened path for others who were more empathic. The next wave in a slightly better energy was the Crystal Children. There is far more that has happened and simple understanding to why these labels were used by channeled spiritual beings who were in touch with the esoteric. 



Indigo’s are Lightworkers. They brought in light in the older energies as Earth moved toward the shift. You will find some lightworkers in their 70s today and even older. My grandmother passed and was 105 years old and I now know she was an Indigo Lightworker who brought in more light over 100 years ago. She had to be to bring in my powerful Mother and my Mother brought in me an Indigo crystal born in 1975 and I in turn brought in a 33 Lifepath Crystal Rainbow Child. This has been happening all over the planet for a long time now. Many of the initial wall breakers were killed as we see in JFK and Martin Luther and so many more that comes to mind as I have seen them. Indigo Lightworkers hold a higher physical energetic countenance and many are still struggling with the upgrades and release of the old energy they were born into. You will continue to see more of the Baby Boomers wake up to their true calling as they came in during and after the great WW2 and the fear of atomic bombings was thick on Earth as Hitler advanced with his mighty army. There is so much more divinity at work than we ever realized and the movement is seen today. It is all over the world and uniting in the lightworker community but Baby Boomers are many of our first Indigo Wave. Many even before that. By the year 1964 there were 76.4 million babies born. Here are the facts. Almost exactly nine months after World War II ended, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones later described the trend. More babies were born in 1946 than ever before: 3.4 million, 20 percent more than in 1945. This was the beginning of the so-called “baby boom.” In 1947, another 3.8 million babies were born; 3.9 million were born in 1952; and more than 4 million were born every year from 1954 until 1964, when the boom finally tapered off. By then, there were 76.4 million “baby boomers” in the United States. They made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population. Now as today we see the population of the world is over 7.2 billion and people don’t think that this is a terrible thing. God is all in this…. There is more light today in this planet as it came in during the baby boom era of the United States. As you will see look how much has changed in one baby boomer lifetime. It is so vast and beautiful when you see it on a Global Scale. My earthly father was born in 1946 and my mother in 1949. These two people are powerful old souls who are lightworkers and even though they are not yet fully rid of the old energies they are magnificent and so important in the future wave of me and my family and it goes on and on. What we call each other is not really important for you came in as a collective. Lightworkers are Collectives and the names of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and many others are simply prophecy of the energies you were able to bring in as the Earth shifted back toward a balance in the polarity. 



The Global Divine concept was this.. the initial lightworkers are a huge wave of light bearers, fighting injustice, inequality and so forth. The wave of Indigo’s anchored in more of AA Micheal’s collective energy and as light became stronger even during a polarity war, the purple energies of the Violet Flame was brought forth in these indigos as they started the first of the huge wave of clearing energy and they didn’t even know it. Many died young, many suffered with cancer, many drew so much and they were not yet aware of how to protect their valuable energy centers. What is important is AA Micheal has been with each of these Indigo peoples as a complete merging from time to time with his blueprint for it had to be so. As time went on then more of the people came who could transmute these energies using what we call St. Germaine’s Violet Flame and why these Aura’s have been talked about so much. As time went on more Empathic Blueprinted Children were born into the wave of lightworkers who were here and those of the Crystal label, these children had encoded knowledge and would later “know” to heal the crystalline grid of Gaia, they were the mediums, the empaths, the healers, the transmutation of energy lightworkers, they would start the reiki movement of healing each other, they would also heal their parents who were of the older energies, as time went on the Rainbow children started coming in and the Earth was at a higher frequency which allowed more of the divine gifts of the original human vessel to be anchored in even at birth.



You see a huge movement today of compassion, support, facebook, groups, and still the indigo energy is right here with us all and the lightworker concept is with us all. Now as we are upgraded more and more, the older indigos are being re-calibrated to be able to feel and use the gifts that the Crystal Children and the Rainbow Children had as they were born. For the older generations these upgrades to their holy DNA had to happen to them during and after the shift which is why you see so many having a hard time but it is worth it. The new babies of today are coming in more gifted than we have seen on this planet in eons. They are DNA upgraded humans who will tap into the corporeal more easily than us as children and it has all been a collective effort from here and across the veil to make this happen. They will come in and heal the healers, the will upgrade and clear us as we did our parents. It is so divine.. the system. The Rainbow children anchored in different light frequencies, more than just AA Micheal more fully or the divine white light. They give of their Consciousness and Faculties to all humanity which in turn helps us do the same, those of us born in harsher energy. Now that the light is balanced and the loving energies of the new Golden Era is upon us we will see more of these gifts become the normal. 




Their Rays are also directed through the Archangels.The Seven Elohim represent the mental attributes or activities of our Father/Mother-God. Every soul embodying on Earth carries a tiny spark from each of the Elohim, forming a Sevenfold Flame and this was brought forth more fully as the wave of what many call the Rainbow children came in to Earth. Crystal children are natural healers. A mother sensed her child had special healing qualities, so she asked her daughter to put her hands on her sore back. The three year old child did as she was instructed and the mother felt much better immediately. Right after, this three year old informed her mother that she didn’t have to put her hands on her back to heal her. She could do it with her hands hoovering just above her back. All lightworkers are all these things, it is just now where on Earth you can access these DNA frequency spiritual upgrades per say as we evolve. These children who have came in and continue to come in KNOW these things as they are just blueprinted with more of our original origin of Spiritual Evolutionary Countenance of the Ancients. Our bodies are designed to live much longer and we will see this start to happen in the next 50 to 100 years and beyond as it was in recorded documentary evidence that many men and women lived hundreds of years, not less than a 100. Since Earth is at a much higher frequency than she was during the last World War, this means more and more higher vibrational humans are coming in and thusly helping us upgrade our spiritual origins of humanity. 

Now you hear of the Diamond Children and this is just a label for the strongest of lights coming forth and the diamond crown of intuition for we all helped in this great movement of shifting the darker consciousness back to a balanced Earth and thus allowing more light to come into the planet. We have so much to celebrate RIGHT NOW… We did it and we should be proud. As time goes on more and more evolved spiritual children are coming and we will see so much goodness nourish this Earth. As when the Crystal wave happened from 1960s to the 1980s you have seen a war at play for treating our animals better. You see great movements that started in the 1960s to take care of Gaia.. You will continue to see this as all lightworkers merge all these gifts together for the blueprint of the new HUMAN VESSEL. It is all one and the same!! Many of the indigos are the Warriors and they are still fighting to change the old cruel energies of bigotry, war and all things that harm us. They have that Warrior Energy but as more healers are born, as more light comes forth, as more love is shared, the less and less we will see of mass fear and our goal is to clean up the Middle East even if it is from our bedrooms because we can and we KNOW we can.



Who knew long ago that the Crystal Indigo’s would help clear Gaia of dark energy and reactivate the light body of the crystalline grid. Many of us just knew this and was listening to our higher self as we were melding with spirit and seeing them. It is a wonderful time to be here…. We as lightworkers are the light bearers, the grandparents of the indigos, the indigos are the parents of the crystals, the crystals are the parents of the rainbows and the rainbows will bring in the orchids and the diamonds that we just give a label which is just like saying my shoes are red and black for in totality, we are all these things now that the re-calibrations have begun and are happening right now.. Our frequencies, our vibrations are vastly more higher and will continue so as more of our family come in to help us take Earth where she was always meant to go.. to a New Jerusalem and a Heaven on Earth planet of blissful loving vessels who grow together to make this happen. You are all Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds and Orchids TODAY for it is so and it is written…  There is no exact specifics to this movement.. if you could bring more energy in, you did.. You brought all you could the day you were born as we all have.. Being here while these energies have increased as with the rainbow, crystal etc.. you have been upgraded with these energies within YOU.. especially around the shift of 2012. Massive detox symptoms were felt as the new replaced the old energies and still is today.. 


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