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Dr. Angela Barnett crystalmagicorchestra.com

January 4, 2015 9:47 Pacific Standard Time there will be a Standing Wave Pattern of Zero Gravity.

What is a Standing Wave Pattern?

It is a shift in Frequencies, a shift in Versions of Reality,

a shift into a Brand New Time and Place.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

would be on the same side of the sun, within an arc 95° wide.

In my new book 12DNA-Music of the Spheres-Cosmic Twins Diary

and the Keys to the Universe, I explain the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions

that have been transmitting the actual Consciousness

of these Planets into the Earth’s Biosphere.

This was the preparation for this coming moment

when we will be in Attunement with all of these

Waves of Consciousness during one moment.

My book also explains in great detail how the 90 degree shift

places us into a new Harmonic Universe.

The arc represents that shift in addition to the

symbolism and reality that the Arc of the Covenant

begin returned to Earth is being completed.


Just as I recorded the Frequencies of the COLLECTION of the

Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions on the ULTIMATE DNA ARCHETYPE,

and recorded them separately at the moment that each one

of these historical events occurred between 2000-2012

and then the Earth’s attunement into these frequencies in 2014

in all of the albums released last year,

this will be one of those moments when I will be recording the

Frequencies of this STANDING WAVE PATTERN of UNIVERSAL Historical Records.

I will be floating around in my recording studio tomorrow morning

recording this moment of ZERO GRAVITATION so that we can

begin floating around while we listen to my new album

that will be called LEVITATION.

Yes, most people will just be seeing this as an opportunity

for a little bit of levitation experience.

If that is what you would most enjoy at that moment of time

and for many more moments to come I recommend practicing

the journey and the method provided in the Eternal Life Water Set.

It will still require this understanding and practice of how

we actually bring our Plasma Body into activation and

ride inside of the Plasma Body in order to Levitate.


This moment in time will provide an example of how this

shift in time and space helps to align us with the Aurora Field of energy

that contains our Plasma Body.

So, in fact, we do rise into that Plasma Body for a few moments.

However, we can learn to do this continuously or

whenever we want to just through using our Consciousness as this Method explains.

According to British astronomer Patrick Moore, at exactly

9:47 PST AM on January 4th, Pluto will pass directly behind Jupiter,in relation to Earth.

This rare alignment will mean that the combined gravitational force

of the two planets would exert a stronger tidal pull,

temporarily counteracting the Earth’s own gravity

and making people virtually weightless.

Moore calls this the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect.

Moore told scientists that they could experience the phenomenon

by jumping in the air at the precise moment the alignment occurred.

If they do so, he promised, they would experience a strange floating sensation.

Astronomers have long been aware that there would be an

alignment of the planets on that date,

when Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

would be on the same side of the sun,within an arc 95° wide.

But now they are guaranteeing the occurrence as the

gravitational effect of the other planets on the Earth’s crust

is maximum even at their closest approach.

The more we see this reality of a new time and space with a


the more the atmosphere appears to become a very thin Veil

that we just walk into to find another reality and another.

This shifting actually takes place through the doors of the

Universal Merkaba that we are always riding within.

We have been practicing using the Merkaba to lift us up

into higher harmonic universes.

We have practiced bringing in the same frequencies required

for this exact moment in history each time we do the

Lift Off Meditation that connects us in frequencies into

the 14th dimension as we arc through the Veil of Time

from the 8th dimensional Sun into the 14th Dimension of Heliotalic Frequencies

that LIFTS US like a moment of No Gravity.

We have been practicing these methods of Levitation in the

meditations and journeys in the Complete Ascension Process Kit

and in the Manifestation Merkaba Set.

The Lift Off Meditation is also in my new book,

12DNA-Music of the Spheres-the Cosmic Twins Diary

and the Keys to the Universe.

krystalimagic@gmail.com and come to my website

for all of the answers you will ever need.










Dr. Angela Barnett all messages are channeled from the

Entity called Crystalai Crystalmagicorchestra.com

2014 was the year of re-inventing ourselves.

It was a confusing year because there were many old realities

presented to us about all of the other versions that we had created

of ourselves through the things that we havedone or said or experienced.

We were given the opportunity to be faced by all of those old realities

and to choose to eliminate them from our lives forever.

This was most easily done by using the Frequencies of the Sun

to Transmute the old ERRORs that we wanted removed.

Each time an old idea came to the surface we were to

melt in into the Frequencies of the Sun.

An easy way to do this is to Visualize the Sun at a 23 degree angle

to the forehead and then draw a light from that Sun into the Foerhead

and then into the Mid Brain.

The Frequencies of the Sun are 8th dimensional and the

frequencies in the Mid Brain, Stem Cell, Thymus areas are 5th dimensional.

These areas only become fifth dimensional through our

Consciousness turning them on.

When the 8th and 5th are placed together they create a photon.

The photon is the light energy that can actually dissolve old ideas and create new ideas.

The reason that these old ideas were surfacing to be completed

and melted away into the Sun’s Frequencies is because the

12 subharmonics of our 5th DNA strand were initiating.

Each time a subharmonic DNA strand is initiating

there are these Seals that are Melting.

When the Seal melts there are all of the old Cellular Memories that come out of them.

Those old cellular memories are the Problems that arise to beMelted by the Sun.

However, we must use the Sun’s Frequencies and

bring them into the Mid Brain and the Crystal Hearth

where the 5th Dimensional Frequencies can work together

with the 8th to create the photon.

Of course there are many who were not creatin New Versions in 2014

because they were not activating their DNA.

At some point in time between 2017 those people must

complete their DNA activation of the 5DNA or they will

remain in the OLD VERSION of reality until they die.

So, here we are in 2015 with this brand new version of ourselves.

I was shown this reality in a dream that told me that if

I did not complete my new book 12DNA Music of the Spheres in 2014,

that I would disappear.

That meant that the new version of me would never exist.


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