DL Zeta – Souls being Activated in Service of New Earth – 1-1-15


New Earth 2

DL Zeta

Many souls came here for this purpose – to add their light to the effort to help construct the energetic framework for the transition to the new time. These souls are now being activated.

It’s at the point of activation that their 3D worlds may start to unravel. Those who “signed on” to serve with this transition programmed change into their life hologram to allow them to awaken with divine timing to their higher purpose. It’s a gift to be called to serve.

The path will be clearer once we embrace this. Every obstacle that stands in our way will dissolve as we take our place in service of this new and brighter light now shining on planet earth.

Programming Intentions toward Healing and Spiritual Freedom

Do not despair for what you are losing, or for the ones who are leaving your life. Mourn the loss of your old life as you breathe life into the new forms materializing before you.

This is not to say there was anything “wrong” with the old way – it’s simply time to consciously move forward in a new way and with greater awareness of our intentions. Intentions programmed toward healing and spiritual freedom become the foundation of our transition.

Efforts to heal our past are especially supported now, including time travel in consciousness to heal past selves still mired in trauma and to discover any remaining thought viruses that may be operating in our present moment.

Cultivating an Accelerated Path into the New Time

This quickening path into the new time requires plenty of breathing space between accelerations. We need healthy food, lots of rest, and time to meditate to allow these two worlds to seamlessly merge within us.

Avoid heavy foods and upgrade your physical system with green juicing, green fasting, wheatgrass, blue green algae, and yoga; undertake a vision quest, meditate, spend time daily in nature, take sun baths, and exercise to invigorate your physical system.

Journal to bring further insight and understanding to what is taking place within you. Make time for the creative play that is so essential to the growth of your spirit. Honor your time and energy; wherever you go, have a goal and purpose aligned with your spiritual mission.

As you continue to grow and expand your consciousness, you become a stronger bridge between two merging worlds. As you help unite these worlds, you facilitate the awakening of growing numbers of souls into the new time.

Everything multiplies exponentially from this point forward, and your greatest satisfaction will be in seeing the world of your highest future unfold before you.

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  1. While everything you/your group write(s) in this post do resonate within my Higher Self, please tell us why you haven’t yet let go of the “©” (copyright), for the “cc” (copyleft), though, just below “All Rights Reserved,” it says a *Very “cc”-like* thing: “this is to be shared widely…?” (As a Musician and Writer mySelf, I spent 2-1/2 Decades Wrestling with this Issue; it’s been only within these past 3 months, I’ve finally arrived at being fully comfortable w/ no more “Old Earth” anything). This, of course, must also include, no more “©”! Indeed, I’ve been switching all my previously copywritten material into Copylefted ones. Consistency across the Board, my Friend; is a Must. PS. Part of what finally got me past it, was a brutal December 2014, right along with the Utter Beauty of the Love, I’ve concurrently Experienced, from Friends, and Strangers, alike. We no longer live in a Vibration where © makes any sane sense. Love and Light to You 😉


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