Jennifer Hoffman – Are You Speaking My Energy Language? – 12-27-14

Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman

by Jennifer Hoffman

December 23, 2014

Have you ever tried to talk to someone whose language you didn’t speak? Or communicate with someone who wasn’t listening or paying attention to you? What happens when language or attention aren’t the problem, but you still cannot connect and communicate with someone? As we move into greater awareness of ourselves as energetic beings, we will become more aware of the energy of the people around us, those we can connect with easily and those we cannot. Energy is the way we connect with everyone first, and everything flows from that connection when it happens and doesn’t when it is not present.

As unglamorous as it sounds, all of our connections with people are based on energy. Any emotions we have around the people in our life all got their start from the kind of energy we connect with. When we share a frequency and vibration, we connect and communicate well. If not, they can be talking and while we hear the words, we have no idea what they are saying. If we cannot process their energy, then the connection cannot happen and no matter how much we may want to force it, it won’t happen. They may be speaking our language but we won’t be able to understand a word they’re saying because on an energetic level, we are not speaking the same language at all.

We assume that we can easily communicate with everyone who speaks our language (as in uses the same words we do) and that isn’t always true. Depending on their accent, pronunciation, and talking speed, they may sound like they’re speaking a foreign language. While we can hear them, we can’t understand them very easily. The same thing is true from an energetic perspective. We’re all human so we should be able to understand each other at a basic level, right? That isn’t always true. There are many humans that we cannot communicate with very easily. But, if we began all of our connections asking whether we were aligned and resonating energetically, we would dispel a lot of mis-communications. While we assume they hear and understand us, many times they don’t. And if there isn’t a strong energetic connection, we are not fully present or engaged, so we don’t really hear them either.

When we don’t have a strong energetic alignment or connection with someone, our conversations can be based on assumptions – we anticipate what they are going to say and only listen to half of what they do say. Or, we’re physically or mentally multi-tasking during our conversations so we are only catching part of what is said and filling in the blanks. Or we don’t want to be in that conversation so our hearts and minds are closed to everything but the sound of their voices. Do we really listen to everything people say or do we listen halfway and assume the rest with what we think or know they are going to say?

But now our energy is more finely tuned and our needs are more exacting, so it is no longer as easy to connect with people at the basic levels of most of our conversations. Now we are looking for energetic alignment and resonance, for dimensional matches, and for multi-dimensional connection. When we listen now, it is with our whole being and if we can’t find those points of alignment, we have very little to say because our connection points are missing.

Connections and relationships that do not have an energetic alignment are energy drains and to fit them we have to manipulate our energy, which doesn’t feel good and is out of integrity with our intention. Instead of spend our time trying to align with all of our connections now, we seek those that are more fulfilling, easier to manage, and feel better. Rather than holding conversations with anyone who wants to talk to us, we seek out people who are a source of inspiration, enlightenment, and with whom we can share an energetic alignment. We have evolved from hearing and listening to fully connected communicating. It is no longer enough for us to simply speak the same language, we need to be speaking with the same energy.

Now, before we connect with someone, we’re asking ourselves more questions about alignment and integration, looking at their energy, and seeking strong connection points. If we cannot find a good fit, we’ll move on. While we may initially have fewer connections, they will feel genuine and powerful. Otherwise, they will feel heavy and tiresome, and they will be short-lived. Integrity and alignment are a big part of our new paradigm and it works both ways. We cannot be in integrity with those we don’t align with and we can’t be in integrity with ourselves when we try to connect with people who don’t easily align with us. Paying attention to what serves us means setting our intention to be in a flow of grace and ease, in all areas of our life. And when we stay in integrity with our own energy, we invite connections that empower and uplift us, with people that we also empower and uplift.


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  1. When I’m listening to others, sometimes I just want to shake them to get them to wake up. Too many are absolutely controlled by the dark crap that’s on the evening news. Argggh! Wonderful and very timely article. It helps me understand my current ‘dilemma’, lol. Peace and love, my dear. Thanks for the message. 🙂


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