Jesus – You have Spoken to Me, Also my Father – 12-25-14

Subject: “About Living the Will of God.” Received by Oscar. Christ Michael: “I am always with you. As well, your Thought Adjuster and the Creator Father of this universe also work in complete harmony, because in the end, we serve the same Master and His Will is always unique, unequivocal and clear. It is not important if you think of me as Jesus or as the Father, because if you have spoken to me, you have also spoken to my Father. “You are gaining a better understanding of my revelation of God to my children in this universe. My goal was not to ‘talk about God’ or just bring the ‘good news’ about salvation. My goal was to live a life as a representation – a reflection – of God, so when my children study my life, they can literally see and know the Father who indwells them. When you think about my capacity to love my neighbor in the way in which I lovingly served my brothers and sisters, the attitude of nobleness and goodness you attribute to me, and all you have discovered and admire in me, simply shows that you are getting to know our Father. We are one. “Now when you talk to your Thought Adjuster – the Father Himself – you can understand Him personally as you relate Him to Me. Before I came to this world, people had a somewhat abstract idea about God. They could not really comprehend Him, and the love of the creatures was limited by their ignorance. After My visit, people have been able to visualize God and understand Him better, making Him more personal, more accessible, and creating in human minds the idea that a relationship with God – in appearance so distant, so superior, and so divine – is truly possible. “Could you do the same for your peers? All human beings can be a representation of God when they let themselves be guided by their Thought Adjuster. In simple terms, if you let your Thought Adjuster, who only expresses God’s Will, guide your steps, wouldn’t you be acting as God Himself would act if He were in your shoes? Living the Will of God is becoming like God, and revealing God to all who have the good fortune to find a soul consecrated to this noble purpose. “Becoming like God implies a higher knowledge of the Father and an increasingly deeper relationship with Him – an experience that has no end in eternity. The only price for this supreme transformation of eternal value is simply to learn to listen and understand His will, which is always the path with most love, truth, beauty and goodness.” © The 11:11 Progress Group. We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

You have spoken to Me   –    You have spoken to my Father.



I AM the new light. in the morning sun..

I AM the moon rising, when the day is done

I AM the shining stars at night.. I AM the darkness and the light

I AM the grass that blows in the wind..

I AM the brightness that grows within

I AM the Father and the Son.. I AM duality, we are One

I AM the universe and all reality.. I AM the Oneness in the trinity

I AM the beginning and the end.. I AM the love you send

I AM the rain that falls.. I AM the One, who knows all

I AM the water that flows ever on.. I AM the awakening of the dawn

I AM the flower clinging to the trails..

I AM the lost child who cries and wails

I AM the rainbow in the sky..I AM the wonderer, watching all pass by

I AM the mother holding her new born child..

I AM the father standing there, meek and mild

I AM the children laughing and playing..

I AM the old wise man, contemplating

I AM the youth, lost in the folly.. I AM the mountains and the valley

I AM the buffalo that roams the prairies..

I AM the gnomes and the faeries

I AM the Mother Earth and Father Sky..

I AM the legends of that which came I

I AM the angels of the fallen ones.. I AM the spirit of the eternal sons

I AM the eagle soaring high.. I AM the lovely butterfly

I AM the bear big and strong.. I AM the sad one, who’s love is gone

I AM the precious minerals in the ground..

I AM the powerful Crystals all around

I AM the hungry and the poor..

I AM the stranger knocking on your door

I AM your brothers and sisters.. I AM your aches, pains and blisters

I AM that which you are to become.. I AM the total of all the sum

I AM the truth that never ends.. I AM the message which I send

I AM peace and joy in the community..

I AM the shining light eternal energy

I AM the vision of the Dream Time..

I AM the wisdom of the words in this rhyme

I AM you and you are me.. all that I AM, will always be

I AM truth in all the above.. I AM that I AM… ‘LOVE’

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