Heaven Letters – Your Heart Is to Play the Music It Loves – 12-22-14

God said:

Your heart has a story to tell. Your heart may rightly feel that you have scrimped on it, for one reason or another. You haven’t let your heart be in full bloom. You have contracted your heart. What is big, you have made small, of lesser importance to the mind. The mind has its place. However, the mind was never meant to cramp your heart. In terms of the world, everyone has a heart, yet hearts have been subjected to egregious repression, as if a heart has to be less than it is, as if you are to be a little embarrassed by or ashamed of your seeking heart. Be proud of your heart. Give it the honor it deserves.

It may be true that your heart’s work which is to throb has a large playing field. Your heart can go anywhere. Let’s face it: Your heart plays a much larger role than you may dare express and expose. Let’s right now give 3 cheers for your heart! Let your heart play the music it loves! Let your heart be a heart and not a repressed heart that can only come out on certain established conditions. Your heart is not designed to follow orders. Your heart is designed to be the leader, the initiator of your life.

Your mind is not to outline your life. Oh, no, your life is to be free to follow your heart. Your heart is not meant to have an overseer. Your heart is meant to point the way. Your heart is not made to stay still.

Beloveds, your heart is an eager puppy. Your heart is not meant to be put on a leash and held back. Your heart is meant to playfully discover itself and have a wonderful time. Believe it or not, your heart is meant to be happy foraging for itself. Let your heart have free reign. Your heart will find its way. The thing is: Your heart knows better than your cautious mind. Too often, your mind has influenced your heart into a safe mode which amounts to denying you freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Your heart also has a mind of its own, so to speak. Too often the mind is a restrainer, even as it may intend to lovingly cultivate the heart. Let your heart be. Let your heart be its own self. Let your heart roam the range. Your heart has a lot of territory to cover. This is what your heart is for. Let your heart have its say.

Let your heart live the life it is meant to. Do not imprison your heart. From imprisoning your heart may come a trail of regrets. You do not want to be in the regret mode. Regrets are not safe. Your heart urges you on for good reason. Even if following your heart doesn’t work out, you followed it! You gave your heart a chance. In the long run, no matter what, you did indeed live life.

What you have to know is that it is your heart that lives life. Only the heart. What the mind thinks may corral your heart. The mind isn’t always right either. The mind isn’t to curtail your life.

I am trying to have you balance out your life and not be so swayed by judgment to the extent that you neglect your heart. Oh, the heartache of love delayed or not even given a chance. The heartache of what might have been. The destination of true love is not mapped out beforehand. Let your heart have its say.

I do not encourage you to be stupid or mindless. You don’t want to keep repeating yourself. That may not be following your heart. That may be the line of least resistance.

If your heart is in pain, your heart is telling you something. It is telling you to find a life-supporting way out of emotional pain. Choose life, beloveds.


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