God – Love Wins The Day – 12-20-14


Love Wins the Day
Heavenletter #5139 Published on: December 20, 2014

God said:
Inestimable is the value of love from your heart to Mine and from My heart to yours. In this equation, love goes to and from everyone on Earth and everyone no longer on Earth, and to everything ever thought of. Love is all-inclusive. Love is no matter what. This is true whether you accept love or not and whether you scoff at the idea of love or not. Oneness means Oneness. No one is left out of Oneness, or Oneness would not be.

Whatever you may think of Me or yourself or anyone or anything, you are deep in My heart. And, no matter, whatever you purport to think, I am deep in your heart. All the rest, whatever you may see as apart from love, is dilly-dallying. You are love. There are no exceptions. You cannot twitter love away.

You construe absence of love and separation from love. This an aberration that shows how little you know. Love may not wave a flag, yet love does not waver. Love is a vibration, and, yes, even the world is made of this holy vibration. Love does not hide from your view. You hide from love. You may even hide from your acknowledgement of love even as it is burgeoning before you.

You will feel love. Love will dawn on you. You will catch on to love in its essence. You will be swept up in love.

Love can be seen in deeds, yet love is not a deed. It is an essence. Love is sacred to every thing, despite the bill of goods you have sold yourself in your attempt to deny love.

You may think you know the opposite of love, and you may think you own it, or that the opposite of love owns you. How quick you are to accept that and so slow to accept that you are love no matter how much you may fend off love.

Try as you may, if, indeed, you try, you cannot destroy love, even when you go to great lengths. You want love so much and fear being denied love so much that you will deny love to prevent love from denying you first. You maintain that you are not a dreamer. You maintain that you are a realist as you deny the love that you are made of. You shrug off love in the name of proof and reason. Dear Ones, love is the most reasonable thing there is. Nothing else comes close to love. No matter how you may twist the screws on love, no matter how much you may deny love, you cannot make love disappear. How unreasonable is that idea anyway?

Unless you love and love openly, you walk a cowardly path. Have more gumption, and love will not seem so cut and dried to you. In any case, you fight a losing game.

Love has its say. Love will not be denied. No matter how much you rant and rave, love will befall, and it will befall to you. You have heretofore taken love energy and twisted it into something that opposes love. Who would keep that up and be proud of it? However, you cannot keep this up forever.

The time will come when you bow to love. You will say to heck with denying love. You will no longer dam up love as if were not natural for love to flow and to flow through you.

With or without your awareness of love, love will whisk you away. You will abandon your fight against love and lose all your defenses. Love will swell in your heart. You will submit to love. Love has its say. Love wins the day.

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