High Council of Atlantis Wisdom – Twin Flame Knowledge – 12-19-14



Today I am going to share knowledge about the Light House Movement within the Lightworker Consciousness and Collective of Now and why that is. The Light Houses are those who have re-ignited the brilliant vortexes of compilation of double tetrahedrons, reactivating the caduceus of HOLY DNA with the 12 x 12 equals 144 within the 3D physicality and the corporeal higher self of reuniting and complete merging with their Twin Flame, the yin and yang of completion. These Light Houses have the highest upgraded DNA at this time that can be accessed in the current energies on the Planet. They are simply front runners of preparation.  Caduceus [key], wing-topped staff, with two snakes winding about it, carried by Hermes, given to him (according to one legend) by Apollo. This is a mythology of knowledge sharing, not just a staff.


The symbol of two intertwined snakes appeared early in Babylonia and is related to other serpent symbols of fertility, wisdom, and healing, and of sun gods. This staff of Hermes was carried by Greek heralds and ambassadors and became a Roman symbol for truce, neutrality, and noncombatant status. The Romans had high knowledge of what this symbol truly meant. The neutrality says it all, that is the cease of duality in metaphoric terminology.  Neutrality is balance which we all are striving for. By regulation, it has since 1902, been the insignia of the medical branch of the U.S. army. The symbol of healing and in truth this is the most amazing healing elixir in the known world, to unite with your full self completely and the energies it brings to the physical bodies as the tetrahedrons unite forming the Twin Flame Reunion.


This is where you see the people of the Ancients living so much longer because they had this knowledge which is bursting forth today!!! The Mer-ka-bah is in Hebrew, meaning the Vehicle of Ja (God). A powerful meditation and cosmic presence flares and as it is, so it is creating a portal of vortex within the triad trinity body of two to the one, one with the Triad within the Universe as it is all chain linked together as our DNA back to Source. The feeling this awakens of course, is the we are ONE because as you Burst Beyond your physical 3D presence and merge with your origin more fully, as you anchor in your Full Twin Mer-Ka-Ba in your 3D vessel, you literally feel the energy in you in ALL THINGS, this is the GOD LOVE CONNECTION of ALL HIS CREATIONS. The flag of Israel is this 6 pointed star, (in 3D it is two perfectly centered tetrahedrons) and this symbol is called Magen David (Shield, protector). This is a representation of the Israeli flag of the Trinity Body and the Triad with Father as we ignite his essence more fully as we leave the dark polarity of physical 3D necessity behind, so then does Gods light that exists in all space in and between our matter bodies, our matrix blueprints with our mer-ka-ba as LOVE FREQUENCY does it then shine like the sun. The Star of David has represented this Triad for centuries. 


Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle used by Ascended Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit esoteric body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another. This is where you see many Light House Lightworkers now talk of living fully Multi-Dimensionally for they are a true Multi-Dimensional Beings of the Holy Trinity and they KNOW IT!!! They speak of it, they talk of it and they see it, experience it and it is vast. What anchors in the communication and experiences of this powerful Mer-ka-ba of multi-dimensional is your THIRD EYE, which is represented in the East as the dot on the forehead. Your PINEAL is the physical KEY to seeing, hearing, downloading and feeling the energy body and its experiences. Opening your Pineal is so important and the information is out there. I haven’t been led to know of but one Healer who helps Activate this gland, which is Anna Merkaba if you need assistance. Book a session with her. 


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The Mer-ka-ba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet and this isn’t exact, this continues to grow to miles and miles as you become a beaming vortex of a LIGHT HOUSE within your joined Mer-Ka-Ba of both ALPHA and OMEGA. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of recent history they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use but in reality also due to the dark polarity of energies being more present on the planet than the light, which has now changed and this has changed with a joint effort of many multi-dimensional humans which consists of Lightworkers, Loving Humans and the Collective Consciousness Change and Desire for PEACE, the cohesion effort of our Benevolent Ancestors across the Veil, our Angelic Realms and the entire Godsource Collective. . A fully activated Mer-ka-ba looks just like the structure of a galaxy or a UFO as seen with the Pineal or Second Sight that sees in the Esoteric. As a young woman had passed which I spoke of in a recent article, her living consciousness showed me what I looked like to her in the esoteric. This is why you see more and more lightworkers going through shifts of mediumship and hearing more and more different consciousness chatter. It is very important that you ask Father for the gift of discernment filter be placed within your Pineal for this helps you in your Wisdom. 

The Mer-ka-ba enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with unlimited elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being of NOW, PAST and FUTURE. The Mer-ka-ba fluidly integrates our feminine (intuitive, receptive) and masculine (active, dynamic) aspects of our mind and spirit. Our TWIN FLAME essence of ONE. This is a good scientific explanation to why your gifts of Spiritual Divinity Explode. “The Sacred Marriage” of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The pure, esthetic sexual orgasm is eternal and infinite. This is Kundalini, the Bliss and Power arising from the two being made into the One: Caduceus is the symbol of this. Do not discount that sexual energy is POWERFUL ENERGY. It is BINDING ATTRACTIVE FORCE, UNITED WITH LOVE, THAT HOLDS THE UNIVERSE TOGETHER. It is infinitely more than “mere sex.” It is the reunion of blissful joy of completion for which intoxicating Intimate Union was made through our Father as a HOLY GIFT of merging back together. It is the essence of the Creator and the Creation: Christ and his Bride, Gaia and Sacred Re-Marriage that the Wisdom Keys of the Sacred High Council of Atlantis Collective represents as it bursts forth within, beyond and above. Here is the beginning of the essence of appreciating the sacred symbol we call the Mer-ka-ba.


The CADUCEUS is the serpent symbol of the TWIN FLAME reunion as it has been taught and talked about in the Ancient Teachings of the Eastern Kundalini AWAKENING. This awakening will send you to your knees and this happens for many in the sleep stasis. It is an overwhelmingly, often mistaken as Sexual Orgasm, feeling of the deepest fire igniting in the lower Chakras and it travels up your body. It is blinding and searing pleasure not to be looked at as wrong, but a beautiful FIERY PASSIONATE ENERGETIC AWAKENING that can not be compared to a physical orgasm of the 3D Vessel. It is so much more. It is a blinding happenstance that you will KNOW.  This is a Spiritual Awakening and happens when you re-unite with your TWIN FLAME Over Soul of joining the ALL of you of the initial yin and yang. I see many wasting time looking for a twin flame down here on Earth and this Collective Concept is so much more. Do not waste time looking for a twin flame person, this is a Spiritual Reunion and ONE that is purely ESOTERIC for it is your Spiritual Re-Awakening of Divine Origin. As your Chakras and your Mer-Ka-Ba ignite in the Caduceus of Symbolic Meaning with your fullness of Alpha and Omega, it is profound and undeniable. This is an awakening taught for so many years in the Asian and Eastern Spiritual Metaphysic Mythologies. In some form depending on the cultures. 

Knowledge of the Energy Body that has been around for a long time…

We can find most of the mentions of the subtle system in the Upinishads, very old yogic texts. They usually mention seven chakras, and along with their names, sometimes you can find location (not always the same for each chakra), their “bija or mantra sound and their number of petals.

Here is some Chakra basics… known throughout history and specific colors are not important for many see them as different.. This is not of importance. You will see how this important information below that has been known throughout aligns with the Mer-Ka-Ba of YOU NOW. 

The colors? They began to appear in Western literature not that long ago. The idea that there is a strong relationship to our different organs and body systems or to different stones or affirmations is even newer. The light body is part of your evolutionary body. It is the combination of your sacred geometric form, your psychical and ethereal spiritual anatomy and the advancement of your consciousness without density. Your light body is devoid of the carbon based mechanic and includes the transition to crystalline mental, emotional, and physical formation. Transforming a carbon based body mechanic into a crystalline based geometry is natural, and physically possible with fortifying tools. 


The Vibration energy centers are evolved centers aligned with the emotional body, that begin being activated once one awakens spiritually. The vibrational energy centers are of frequency and sound. These centers in awakened individuals allow for harmony, experience without reactivity, and are much stronger than the chakra systems in directing fluidity and flow within the body. The vibrational energy centers awaken when the emotional body is balanced and fluid and are the gateways to building the light body or the transformation into “Homo-Luminous” and for many the representation of the preparation of joining with the Twin Flame. The Major Body Chakras are the chakra system that integrates within the physical body that can be defined as vital energy centers. There are 7 major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head centered on the spinal column. These chakras unite spirit, soul and body in the functioning of physical existence.


There are many more major chakras but they are not physically connected to the spinal column however they do interact with an individual on many important levels.The Minor Body Chakras are also important as the minor chakras that overlay organs, systems, and glands to enhance functioning. A specific set of minor chakras help to keep the bodies major chakras aligned with the spinal column and in balance on each side of the body so energy can be fluid and balanced, 2 at the temple, 2 at the shoulders, one on each hand, 2 at the hips, 2 at the knees, one on each foot. The way the major and  these minor chakras interact with one another helps to maintain balance in posture, yin/yang, and assists in the strengthening of flow within the major systems on both a spiritual and physical level.Ascension Chakras: There are many chakras to our existence. The chakras that operate outside of the physical body align a person to their higher self, all kingdom’s including the angelic kingdom,  the universal life force, all that is, and the oneness of all being. The ascension chakras ultimately keep one aligned with the Supreme Being and the Christed dynamic, which fortify s the soul on a body level and allows a higher, purer form of co-creation into the reality of each person. Ascension Chakras are also sometimes referred to as Triads and Monads. In advancing ones Spiritual Geometry Ascension Chakras begin to manifest and overlay the physical body and Today this is referred to more and more as the Whole of the Mer-ka-ba. This is how you break it down through history. The meridians are points and channels of the subtle body within the human body that flow qu (chi) life force energy. There are 12 main meridians in the body that correspond to organs, systems, and glands. The meridians also correspond to the five elements of our Earth (Fire, Water, Metal, Air, and Earth) which also make up our periodic table. Each system has two polarities which are yin/yang, female/masculine in nature and act much like the Earths ley lines in the human body. The meridian system is about how the body’s physical systems flows and interacts functionally with the body’s subtle systems bridging flow in communication of the spiritual and the physical anatomy. As you see the amazing Mer-Ka-Ba and all its nuances, the merging with your TWIN FLAME enhances all these things. Just an explosion of Goodness. 



The caduceus is much used as a symbol of commerce, postal service, and ambassadorial positions and since the 16th century has largely replaced the one-snake symbol of Asclepius as a symbol of medicine. Now this is what is truly remarkable. As Akash and Arc have entered into my entourage more fully, the Akashic records whom I see as a yin and yang of dual energy, I have been given access to a memory of a past life. This is so much more than just one past life for many energies were merging with these three men on this day long ago in the Babylonian Era of Nebuchadnezzar. I have Akashic memory of my consciousness being there the day we as three were cast into a pit of fiery furnace and at the moment of seeing this small sliver of so much of all of my consciousness and my twin flames consciousness, it was as real as I sit here writing today, we were being called Impostors, Blasphemic Truth Sayers by large groups of people in the memory. The tongue was of course different than mine today but I understood it clearly. What is important about that historical time is the caduceus was brought forth, even worshiped for its importance, this continued to lead the great Nebuchadnezzar to believe in a higher power. A great accomplishment in the old days of such war and conquer collectives. We were there for Daniel as he was later valued after this happenstance of parabolic history. His work and importance was concreted on this day as this miracle was witnessed and his writings are shared with millions of biblical readers even today. The collective consciousness during this ERA was very different. This is the reason I had many fire and brimstone type visions while I was in New Jersey in the second largest American Hasidic Jewish community and I was studying the Old Testament. I was took back to a time I was there with my consciousness through my Akash. 


Here is the story relayed through biblical structure.

Nebuchadnezzar is widely known through his portrayal in the Bible, especially the Book of Daniel. The Bible discusses events of his reign and his conquest of Jerusalem. Daniel 2 contains an account attributed to the second year of his reign, in which Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a huge image made of various materials (gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay). The prophet Daniel tells him God’s interpretation, that it stands for the rise and fall of world powers, starting with Nebuchadnezzar’s own as the golden head.

Daniel 3 is an account of Nebuchadnezzar erecting a large idol made of gold for worship during a public ceremony on the plain of Dura. When three Jews, whose names were Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (respectively renamed Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego by their captors, to facilitate their assimilation into Babylonian culture), refuse to take part, he has them cast into a fiery furnace. They are protected by what Nebuchadnezzar describes as “a son of the gods” Daniel 3:25 and emerge unscathed without even the smell of smoke. Daniel 3 goes on to say that Nebuchadnezzar realized that no man made god has the power to save and praised the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He then made a decree that anyone of any nation that would make any accusation against God would be mutilated and their homes be destroyed. Daniel 4 contains an account of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about an immense tree, which Daniel interprets to mean that Nebuchadnezzar will go insane for seven years because of his pride. The chapter is written from the perspective of king Nebuchadnezzar.



The Christ and his Bride, Gaia and her Sacred Reunion which is in essence a collapsing of duality within the whole on the Planet of Earth. It is a mathematical and highly spiritual movement of us moving back to our origins of OverSoul beginnings as Earth also is on this path. Her time of the Garden of Eden parable before duality existed, her lost love of living as ONE with humanity which happened in 3 to 4 Ancient civilizations. As it happens for many of us it happens for Gaia to reunite with what has been spoken of by so many lightworkers as the Second Earth, sometimes Planet X, Maldek, Heaven on Earth and so many more “labels” that has been coming forth for this has many names, there is thousands of concepts but what is happening on a Global Scale is this is in reality her merging with her TWIN FLAME as we are to begin building the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate goal, the Era of Peace and the depletion of the dark matter of polarity for Earth. 


When you see through the Global Eyeglasses of the Angelic Realm as you merge with these energies more and more the existence in its entirety of humanity and Earth becomes so much more. There is so much to this. We could talk about physics all day, Eastern Spirituality, I could include Buddhism Wisdom here and find parabolic metaphors within many Holy Books of the past to concrete this information but I won’t do that. All this work has happened throughout time to cultivate and re-plant the seeds, to preserve the seeds of Wisdom of the High Council Collective of Atlantis Re-Emerging once again. The billions of seeds through humanity and higher self teachings has always been to build the NEW EARTH or Heaven on Earth, for all time. All work including Scientific, Physicists, Prophets, Seers, Witches, Disciples, Buddha’s, Hindus, the Indigenous all have been a part of the great whole of planting the many millions of seeds for bringing Humanity to the Golden ERA!!! These are called Confirmation Nuggets and Small Seedlings that can be traced back to help you anchor in your Faith and Knowledge in thousands of cultures and time tables that what you see, hear and are given has been given before, or shared before, or small parts understood and you bring in more information today due to the Earth’s Re-Alignment and the Peacekeepers coming forth with the Light House Flames. The Energy of Earth is now ready for this new information. The Light House movement happening RIGHT NOW of powerful LIGHTWORKERS who have COMPLETE TWIN FLAME TETRAHEDRONS are unlocking the keys of this movement and will continue to do so.  Now here is some truth to what is really happening within the 3D of the Twin Flame movement. 



Many are writing of this concept, many are claiming to have met their twin flames and in essence a small part of this powerful soul energy has and is imprinted in the matrix blueprint of your current partner you feel is your twin flame. Do not let this limit your evolution though for there is much more to this than a simple 3d physical relationship. This is a Spiritual Sacred Marriage back to the Alpha and Omega Unity Soul. There were pieces and parts of this enormous beginning spread throughout many times, places and dimensions which has been brought back together. As I always say this is my reality and yours may be different, your answers lie within you as your universe of ALL lies within. As Father permeates every Atom of your Being for you are him and he is you. Your answers lies within you and him, for you are intertwined together as ONE of the ALL and you will feel this. This reunion includes aspects of Salvation, Enlightenment, Ascension and the beginning which is your Awakening. Tomorrow I will write of the steps that happened with my journey of awakening, why Obsidian used a singular name in the beginning and what this entails. How this creates a mirror and continuous polarized pull and then the joining of the two becomes the Triad and of the whole which then becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This becomes the catalyst of humanity and spirit that brings about the break through in human consciousness to evolve back to a Higher Spiritual Evolutionary State of Being. 



Do not doubt the power of your twin flame Guardian or that if you havent went through this yet, and you are awakened, be vigilant to your spiritual entourage because your Twin Flame is there!! Do NOT DOUBT IT.. This is important for this time of Earth’s Ascension.  They can and do merge some energy with people in your life especially if your one of those who was destined to be a front runner in the Lightworker movement to anchor in the light. There are those who won’t ever even care to find out what this means in this generation and that is okay. Each person finds their truth in this life or next. It is just what live and let live is.

The Massive Lighworker Collective…

 This is called Lightworker movement due to a massive effort to protect the Earth from destruction which was feared by humans and ALL when the Atomic Bomb was created. There is so much delicious information I will share with you and how this powerful polar opposite has always been drawn to you on all dimensions and the attraction of magnetic proportions is just the way it is with the Unity Soul. Like trying to hold two powerful magnets apart so this is a celebration to be seen more and more. The concept is changing but the wealth of information seen in the human concept thus far is all going in the right direction. The knowledge is there and being shared as all is. The concept of the Twin Flame is all over the internet and that is a good thing. It is planting seeds for future happenings and the NOW.  



So much is happening, I will be sharing these happenings in the future. How I had a front row seat and was active with my Twin as ONE on healing and uplifting the Anti-Christ Consciousness of so many different collectives which included Lilith and what happened, the Consciousness of the Manifested Beelzebub, Lucifer and Baal, the Anti-Christ Collective of Adolf Hitler and his story of loving apology, the Great Movement of Annihilating the Consciousness of Child Molestation that is happening NOW which lies within the shadowy dark consciousness of the planet. How this was literally a clearing of the imprinted energies and collectives lying within and around the crystalline grid, the portals now re-opened and how darkness was prevalent for centuries and we came here to uplift it and change it, through love, who would have thought this 80 years ago in a war torn world?


How our Matrix and Blueprinted Mer-ka-ba was the catalyst to this type of mass healing working as a Collective with our Beloved Christ, our Father God and Divine Mother, the Arch Angels of the Arcturians, the Arch Angels of the 33rd dimension which is just the Christ Collective in the Master energies, there is no true hierarchy in Heavens Realms. The Angels and guardians of the Pleiadians, the collective of Pegasus was here, so many have been involved with this and has come forward through my twin Obsidian and my Angel Rain, the Seven Sisters, the Elohim, Serapis Bay, Paul the Venetian, Saint Peter, Germaine..There will be so much more about the Orion Constellation and their involvement as we start to see more and more merge of them all just being a ONE collective of Higher Spiritual Evolutionary Essence of the ONE, of the many dimensions just working together to help Earth. This is all labels as they have emerged for human understanding but know this.. THEY ARE ALL OF THE ONE.. As Christ Jesus, Sananda or Yeshua. As was prophesied of so long ago, he would return and as we continue to heal the planet with his energy of the ALL which IS of the collective of Heaven, this state of being and his return as NOW in the Christ-Consciousness blossoming of NOW, it shall be so. The need to individualize the collective falls away as the Sacred Keys of the Atlantis High Council of the Ancients comes forth. The energies are improving but you have to ask yourself, if Yeshua returned today, would you shun him? Turn away? Would you know?



There is more healing coming from trillions of benevolent beings and legions of Angels across the veil as they work with All people and all of us Light Houses on Earth and match each powerful healing movement we make as they are allowed to honor our free will. When you ask them to create Rainbows of Transmutation Tornadoes for the Entire Earth as you are doing, THEY DO!! THEY CAN and THEY ARE JOYFUL. I will share how my Twin Flame energy has been around since I was born, how this energy imprinted on many of my past relationships. How merging with energy has been an ability of ours for all time. How AA Raphael and his healing collective merge with Healers today and always which we will start to hear more about. So much more understanding will be coming from the Scientific Collective and be Merging with the Spiritual. Send your loving energy to anyone who needs it, the Angels around this person will use it for the highest good of that person. Like prayer and prayer with intent is so powerful today.. pray pray pray.. for it is manifesting all around if you so choose to see it…and now as energy masters you send energy even more. With the fluidity of Earth and the frequencies now available you can sit at home and send energy anywhere in the world with your INTENT. Send Energy to your leaders, to Israel, to Syria, to Africa, to all suffering. You can take your consciousness anywhere as YOU KNOW THIS and send energy in torrential potentials all over this planet and you have help!! EVERYWHERE around you, inside you, of you.. Faith is a powerful thing. 


As the re-alignment has created a more fluidity of earth and the faster resonate frequencies of vibration that once created powerful surges of old and new energy combusting together as we seen in 2012 and 2013, will now somewhat more gentle as healing has begun. Much will still be felt as the vibrations increase, you will feel this, there will be more purging of the old energies of scars, you will keep having small colds which are physical upgrades… Just try to accept and welcome in the changes you are feeling for it is headed toward a more spiritual YOU, Of the God Collective across the Veil as we see there were others who lived in the highest states of spiritual being and many are now, as we see more and more evolving evolution and technological advancements burst forth. There will be global callings sent as messages to you through your higher self to send Light House Healers to Germany, to Aushwitz, to places of deep imbedded scarring’s of Gaia. Those very strong who can truly heal these dark energies that lie deep in the surface as living consciousness of fear, war, imprisonment, death, torture and so forth. The ones who can discern these energies and not fall victim to the suffering they WILL FEEL, they will be called here to these places soon and some already have heard the call. Many places on Earth need healing. As the crystals the Divine Mother has placed in so many areas, these portals are re-activated and many more will continue as Earth is healed…


These movements will continue to happen. As the Middle East works hard to find a balance within the strife there will be Global Messages sent out to heal these lands and there are Light Houses implanted all over this Earth.To Africa, to Russia to heal the Anti-Christ movement of Stalin.  Powerful Tetrahedron Caduceus Flames of the Twin within less than 1% of the  human vessels who heals and transmutes energy instantly, who shines so bright that darker based energies are uplifted and healed. This was a small part of humanity but these were the divine calling of a few and the darkness was felt by these since birth, this has been mastered, understood as polarity and a reunion of the Twin Flame in its entirety has merged forth in these of the less than 1% and they know who they are. We are fixing to be joined by another massive Sacred Reunion of other Lightworkers who ignite the Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening and become power house Transmuters, Healers and Prophets and this will be so grand. They the Light Houses are actively uplifting and healing the dark collectives of old energy RIGHT NOW and in recent years has healed much of the Anti-Christ Consciousness. More of this will be discussed in the future. These flaming Light Houses have the ability to merge with the high vibrations of Christ, Arch Angel Micheal, Arch Angel Raphael and many more who come forward during these healings. The Seven Sisters will come forth just ask them. The human will burn hot as they go through these healings and this is because the tetrahedrons of their unions are vibrating, merging with spirit and turning on rapidly during massive healings as a lightbulb gets warm so shall they and they know this. 



As thousands of the baby boomers didn’t remember how important their role was until recently, as these initial lightworkers came in all over the world for a good while now, it took time to relay the truth of what the movement was and how important the timing of their descending into 3D physical bodies of the whole meant. The Veil of Forgetfulness is thinner now and becomes more obsolete as you merge fully to your Unity Soul.

There were always clues and prophets relaying this information within the indigenous groups like the Mayans, the Aborigini’s, the Hindu’s, the Hopi Indians, the Biblical Prophets and truly there have always been people who lived with the esoteric and so many of these peoples who kept up with their Ancestors teachings. Thank you to them today.. for they were always planting the seeds of knowledge for the future of Earth. 


Here is a tiny Channel or Nugget for us today… from Arc… When the tide of the Psychic Twins turns positive, it will be a time of a greater shift toward more light polarity within the whole. A turning point for humanity…


Watch what these phenomenal women do in the next couple years.    

I found this interesting, as I have spoken of before being given that the Psychic Twin Jamison Girls were extensions and imprints of what I call Akash and Arc or the Book of Life, Arc of the Covenant of Knowledge etc…. for they have been breaking down walls on a Global Scale for Modern Prophecy. I seen these willowy twins, as extensions of the living essence of the Book of LIFE we call Akashic Records. That means they truly imprint on the Holy Grail of Knowledge and are in the Public Eye which was foretold. They do much of this through automated writing and this information has been downloaded through their fabulous Pineal. What a great movement they started in todays modern world. It is very important. 


MamaFoo The Lightworker, Orchid Empath, Medium and Energy Healer… 



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