Archangel Michael – If They Understood, They’d be Clamoring – By Steve Beckow – 12-13-14

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Archangel Michael made an interesting point in the reading I had with him on Dec. 10, 2014. I can usually tell when he’s saying something that he wishes to receive a wider hearing.

He confirms that most people on the planet have little idea as yet of what’s happening. And that’s what makes our part in Ascension important.

Archangel Michael: Your planet is in the midst of such flux that has not been witnessed upon this beautiful Gaia, ever. It was a close second when the darkness and the shift from the original Plan to the force of free will in the human realm took place.

And now, the pendulum swings back, or even comes full circle. And this is what we guide, participate in, and conjoin you in. You may well understand the magnitude of what I speak, but most of humanity does not.

I do not say this in any way as judge or jury; it is simply that they do not understand the magnitude of what is taking place and what is at stake. I do not say that in a way of foreboding or warning either; but it is the Ascension, the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan.

If humanity, and now I speak of the billions, if they truly understood the magnitude of what is at stake, they would be clamoring. It would be a thundering horde, not towards the mosques or the cathedrals, or the temples, but to their homes, and to their hearts, and to their loved ones, and to their families. And they would demand the silence of reflection and stillness.

So this is what we are all working on, and undertaking. Not for you, but with you.

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