Lord Ashtar and Full Galactic Disclosure via Elizabeth Trutwin – 7-22-11


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Lord Ashtar  via Elizabeth Trutwin

We see evidence in ancient texts as well as architecture and art that we have had Intergalactic help to shape our history, culture, civilization and technology. Lord Ashtar plays a significant role in Earth’s Ascension today. Although there have been many resources used to hide the evidence from our society, much is becoming apparent today.

Plato described Atlantis as a city which had existed 9,000 years before his time. According to ancient Greek texts this city was established by an Extraterrestrial called Poseidon. Poseidon was a Pleiadian whose Father was Cronos and Mother was Rhea.

In Greek Extraterrestrial Mythology the constellation Capricornus is sometimes identified as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus after his mother Rhea saved him from being devoured by his father Cronos. The goat’s horn was broken off and became a tool of Creation. We find this same theme in the conch shell of the Hindu Extraterrestrials Mythology. In this culture the conch shell is used similar to the goat horn by blowing it to form a sound. In India this is associated with the sound of Creation, the OM.

In Judea-Christian traditions we see Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho by blowing a ram’s horn. In the Bible, John 1:1 it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God” This word of Creation is OM. This is a program of sound and light which brings the etheric DNA program coding into the material world.

Cronos means ‘to cut’ and original meaning “to cut” in a cosmogonic sense is still preserved in some verses of the Hindu text the Rigveda pertaining to Indra’s heroic “cutting”, like that of Cronos resulting in creation. This was the splicing of DNA between the Starseeds and the Humans. We find these references in the ancient Greek and Hindu texts.

The constellation Capricornus is associated with the Babylonian Exraterrestrial Enki who brought Creation out of the Sea to Humankind and is noted in the Sumerian texts as creating new species of man on Earth.

The astrological constellation ‘goat-horn’ is Capricornus. Under its modern boundaries on Star Navigation Maps it is bordered by Aquila, Sagittarius, Microscopium, Pisces Austrinus and Aquarius. The constellation is

located in an area of sky called the Sea or Water, consisting of many water-related constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces and Eridanus. In the Bible where it says the Firmament separates the Waters from the Waters it is referring to the StarGate at Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius and the Waters of the Sea at Capricornus. The Matter Earth was born out of the Black H*** at Galactic Center from the Anti- Matter Universe located on the other side of Galactic Center.

In Chinese astronomy, the constellation Capricornus is located in The Black Tortoise of the North. The Hindu Extraterrestrial Vishnu incarnated as a tortoise. Kurma, the tortoise, appeared in the Satya Yuga. The turtle Incarnation is the second incarnation of Vishnu. The Mythology of this story tells us when the devas and asuras [Angels or Galactics] were churning the ocean in order to get the nectar of immortality or churning the Sea of Milk, [the Sea in the Milky Way Galaxy] the mount Mandara they were using as the churning staff started to sink and Lord Vishnu took the form of a turtle to bear the weight of the mountain.

If we look at this story with modern eyes we see that when the Extraterrestrials were churning the Sea they were accessing the DNA from the Starseeds from the Sea part of the Sky, from Galactic Center and they used a Mandara or Mandala which is a coded Divine Blueprint and and Mount which is known today as a way to stream software programs or mount file systems. In other words, the DNA from the Extraterrestrials was being cut into the DNA of the Humans to form a new Divine Blueprint which has been referred to as the Adam Kadmon. We are all descendants of the Galactic-Human hybrid on Earth. Lord Vishnu was there at this new Creation. We witness the similar story being told in Greek, Hindu and Chinese Astrology literature. During the First Earth Creation after losing their immortality and kingdom, those of Earth approached Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu suggested that they needed to drink the nectar of immortality to regain their lost glory. However, they needed to strive hard to acquire the nectar since it was hidden in the ocean of milk. They would need to breed with the Starseeds from the Sea area of the Sky, including Galactic Center in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the Bhagavata Purana it explains this time in Earth History of Full Galactic Disclosure this way:

“the Kali-yuga will end with the apparition of Kalki-avatara, who will defeat the wicked, liberate the virtuous, and initiate a new Satya Yuga. At that time, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness, He will rescue eternal religion. Lord Vis*n*u — the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the spiritual+ master of all moving and nonmoving living beings, and the Supreme Soul of all — takes birth to protect the principles of religion and to relieve

His saintly devotees from the reactions of material work. (Bhagavata Purana, 12.2.16-17)”

Vishnu with the Goodly Company, has been here with Ashtar through time Guiding the races and species of Extraterrestrial Humanity on Earth. The Elohi Angels, the Angels who never fell, have been Guiding and Guarding those on Earth from the dark Ones, the Fallen Angels. Indeed Ashtar wrote one of the Puranas. The Puranas are considered with the Ramayana and Mahabarata Epics to be the most important Hindu Vedas. The Agni Purana is attributed to Lord Ashtar. It was also known as the Ashtar Vidya. Ashtar explains in this literature how to live the life of a Bodhisattva on Earth and it has advice on all areas of living including education, culture, medicine, weaponry, and star travel. We see Ashtar’s One Earth Incarnation as Pacal Votan in the Mayan culture he wrote the Written Record of Mayan Mythology called the Popol Vuh. Tahtzibichen Labyrinth archeological site is thought to be an entry into the mystic underworld, Xibalba [z-bal-be]. Truly it is modeled after the descriptions in the Popol Vuh and was built after this era.

The original Xibalba Lords of the Dead existed in a realm not on Earth. This part of the Popol Vuh is recounting the Orion War. Many living now are coming to terms with their involvement in the Orion War and forgiving themselves for the role they played. Earth was colonized after the Orion War from those who survived In the Chilam Balam Book of Jaguar Priests it reads: “A Road to the Stars Descended From the Sky and the 13 and 9 Gods Came To Earth.” The 13 and 9 Gods refer to the Gods or Extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation who will return to Earth when the Mayan Calendar enters the Unity Wave of Consciousness and counts natural time as 13 and 9 instead of 13 and 20. We entered the Unity Wave on March 9, 2011.

This is a direct reference to the same Extraterrestrials who arrived from Outer Space to colonize Earth. The Mythical Twins from the Popol Vuh are Enki and Enlil, the Mesopotamian Extraterrestrial Gods we see mentioned in the Sumerian Texts originally from Niburu. The Orion War resulted in the annihilation of the Planet Maldek by nuclear destruction. This became the Firmament in Heaven, the Asteroid Belt. At that time Niburu was nearly destroyed and thrown off into the Pleiades Star System. The survivors of this war sent colonies to Lyra and Vega as well as Orion, Sirius A, Sirius B and Earth. Earth fell in the Dimensions. This is when we could no longer sustain life in an etheric form and we put on human suits to exist the the physical realm. The Popol Vuh outlines Earths First, Second and Third Creations as well as the Orion War plunging Earth into the Lower Dimensions. The Xibalba Lords were the Fallen Angels which tortured the slave races of Earth and created the destruction of Earth by nuclear holocaust.

Ashtar brought forth messages in a book called In Days To Come. In this book he outlines how we must heal the Astral Realm surrounding Earth before the Physical Realm healings can take place. I worked with Ashtar and the Galactic Federation on healing these Astral Realms and here is my accounting of one such operation which took place in the Astral on June 25, 2009:

My Dear Friends,
Interdimensionally and multidimensionally, our radiant Planet IS NOW ASCENDED. I no longer experience seeing her as I did before this very comprehensive Blue Op. It is not possible to describe it in the old way (that was so 5 minutes ago). I see tonight many friends gathered for the Blue Op. St Germain, Lord Michael, Lady Nada, King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet, Tom the Ring Tail Cat Paschat, Vywamus, Beth/Mark, Tara/Rama, Lord Sananda, Ashtar, Arcturus, Metatron, Neptune, Zarathustra, Sea Beings, Sea Lions, Sharks, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Horses, Mer people. I see all my
friends reading this have collectively joined to be a support and lend their hearts for this Ascension Process.
We begin tonight at various sites on Earth where she has been raped of her raw minerals due to over-mining. As the Cabal falls, they will no longer strip Earth of her vital Life Force, diamonds, gold, platinum, copper, iron, coal, minerals and trace minerals.

We go to a place in Siberia where there are a dozen coal mines in one town. Only, it is not only coal being mined. Siberia is populated by falsely accused prisoners. They are tortured and mine Mother Earth of precious minerals. There is no connection to the outside World. No one in the past 100 years has witnessed the vast destruction here.

This takes us to Africa. To wars, killing and raping of woman and children. The purpose is refugees flee from areas heavily populated with precious minerals. Genocide leaves no one to witness the rape of Mother Earth’s gold, diamonds, platinum, and minerals for computer production and uranium for weapons.

All of this is over.
As we visited each site, Ashtar and his Wings dissolved all equipment and structures associated with these places. With the arrests around the corner, due to accountability, these places will
literally no longer exist. The destruction to the people and the Planet will no longer exist. All resources will be fairly distributed to all peoples over the Earth. This will happen with new harmless technologies.
I see a giant network of dark satellites connected to a computer system that is involved with making weather including destructive storms. This entire system has been dissolved by Ashtar tonight.
I see we work on opening Mother Earth’s portal to other Stars. Much traffic from Star Craft enter and exit from a portalrunning from the Amazon Jungle to Hawaii at 19.5N Latitude.

Lady Nada enters the Amazon Portal interdimensionally to restore another Solar Disc and anchor it into this area. This means Mother Earth can now govern herself with no one group or government interfering.

We now go together with Zarathustra and Neptune, with Sea Beings, Angels and Galactics in Ships, and with the Cetacean Nation into the Sea. Ashtar dissolves all structures built and installed under the sea.

War weaponry, sonar, infrared, explorations, mass harvest of sea life, fishing vessels, cruise ships, submarines, barges with medical waste, barges with trash will no longer be allowed. With

the controlling families and greed crumbling, these entities are dissolved.
I see Metatron lighting the Earth’s Platinum Grid from the lowest depth of the Sea to the Highest Mountain Peak.

I see Alcyone, Helios and Vesta. The Great Central Sun shines light waves into the Inner Earth Sun. These are reflected and magnified by the Solar Disc portals at specific points on the Earth.

This anchors the opening of Mother Earth’s heart flame in the Inner core of the Earth.
With Mother Earth’s Heart Flame lighted, she now is fully anchored, energetically, to the planetary, solar, galactic, universal, cosmic matrix grid all the way back to the God Head. This is the first time since the descent into matter that this has been so.I give thanks for this momentous moment in the Now.

Much joy and love,


This is the end time on Earth for the duality school of karma. Earth is ascending into a Realm where we return to an enduring peace. We return to our full capabilities as a Galactic society. At this time all on this planet are facing ourselves and the choices we have made and being invited to examine our positions and goals. Anyone who does not honor a path of unity, openness, accountability, truth and Peace will soon–very soon– find that they have chosen a dead-end path.

That moment is fast approaching and the gap between the two different directions is widening in every second. A separation of the paths is upon us now. We call this the separation of Worlds. No longer will deceit, greed, and domination of others prevail.

We will all see the evidences of this in the coming days. 911 revelations that will compel war crimes trials are already rising to the top of the list which involves most players in the past administration, and quite a large number that are remaining in the current administration. Indictments will shortly be released on most of these and others will follow.

These ones are convicting themselves and revealing their agendas in every moment now. Approximately 400 members of Congress are so corrupt that they have already been replaced with solid holograms. When their indictments are revealed, the holograms will be de- powered by the King of Swords. Ones not ready or spiritually prepared to do the ascension clearing that are in 3-D levels will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror image of old earth and will not be coming to New Earth. This will be an Earth parallel in another Dimension.

At the time of Arrests and Announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law, millions of StarShips from the Galactic Federation will decloak over all major cities over all the major Cities of the Planet, so that no one can say: I don’t believe they are here,or they don’t exist. The spontaneous reaction to massive decloaking will deeply affect consciousness in a single simultaneous event, everywhere, and absolutely will expose the coverup of galactic presence.

Lord Ashtar summed it up this way:

“THIS THY COUNTRY SHALL BE SAVED AS BY A MIRACLE! I say not it will be a peaceful deliverance but through the unfaltering loyalty of millions who place their faith in thy Master, the Christ of God, this land will be cleansed from the abominations now infesting it. It shall be the center from which shall issue those injunctions and powerful energies which shall lead the world into an intense, burning desire to know and to do the Will of the Lord God of All Creation, as revealed by their coming King, who shall reign over this regenerated world without hindrance from those who now harass and seek to destroy His faithful servants.”

As we have our Announcement and Landings, everyone will have full access to their Cosmic Soul records as well as those of all earth embodiments. When we dropped to the 12th Dimension in this Matter Universe, we had to create a matter vehicle. All met in the Lyran-Vegan system and the Adam Kadmon template we all now inhabit is the result of our joint agreement in Lyra.

Only the negative Anunnaki from Niburu, refused to abide by the Lyran compact, and some are still here in their original format. We call them the Illuminati/Family of 13. They are Mother Sekhmet’s children who must now either open to Love or leave, permanently.

The positive Anunnaki are what we call Intergalactic temporal Time Cops, come back here to remove the Negative ones who are Intergalactic Criminals, operating against all Universal and Spiritual Laws. The end of time for the Intergalactic War Criminals is upon us. Be at Peace. by Elizabeth Trutwin

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