Wisdom with Wes – Staying Strong

Snapshot_20140731_2Everything is perfect as it is, now matter how hard that dissenting part of us will try to convince us otherwise.

We don’t want to ignore the bad things that are happening all around us, but they don’t have to dampen our outlook on life or keep us from seeing that this world can be as heavenly as it is hellish.

Heaven and hell both exist here, and we can feed either reality. We have a constant choice as to how we want to feel about life, and even when we face the most difficult and seemingly inescapable circumstances, we can still retain our center and prevail.

Sometimes, our positive outlook on life will be tested. We’ll be challenged in extraordinary and unexpected ways, and our ability to remain strong will be more important than it ever was. If we can see our way through the most difficult challenges, the smaller ones won’t affect us like they once did.

Life becomes easier when we remain strong through the heaviest things it throws at us, because we gain valuable experience that we can use in future situations when our strength is tested.

We have an unprecedented ability to keep our center no matter what we face, and we might find in the time ahead that we need to call on it if more chaos is required before this world can find the equality and stability it seeks.

As long as we’re strong within, nothing will keep us down.

Do you choose awareness and strength today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

2014, http://cultureofawarenes.com



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