Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Glasson – Fine Tuning Your Heart Chakra – 112-6-14

beach-164288_1280-300x199Lord Melchizedek: Fine-Tuning Your Heart Chakra, channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 5, 2014

Flowing from the Universal Levels of the Creator’s Universe through each Master and Being of Light, as well as my own energies, Lord Melchizedek, are powerful activation energies suggesting and promoting the fine-tuning of the Heart Chakras of all.

The Creator is encouraging all to examine with care and tenderness the vibrations of their heart chakras with the purpose of creating greater strength and clarity within the heart chakra.

The Creator wishes for all heart chakras to sing and vibrate with greater clearness to aid a new and enhanced expression and acceptance of love.

The vibrations of love, anchoring into the Earth and arising from within your being, are becoming so rich, pure, nutritious, and sacred, it is essential to fine-tune your heart chakra in preparation for and commitment to honoring the divine love vibrations flowing.

As love flows with greater strength, so your heart chakra is required to hold greater strength and clarity in order to truthfully express and receive the new sacred vibrations of love.

Strength and clarity are natural and powerful characteristics of your heart chakra. Love, after all, is strong and clear. Your heart chakra is formed from the love of your soul as are all aspects of your being. When you allow yourself to see, sense, and acknowledge the natural powerful characteristics of your heart chakra, then you expand your perspective, connecting on a deeper level with the truth of your being.

How do you view your heart chakra, weak or strong? Filled with pain or healed? Holding shadows or tremendous light? It is important at this time to contemplate the beliefs and perspective you hold concerning your heart chakra. Your beliefs and perspectives are often akin to a superficial level of understanding. Now it is appropriate to gain pure and truthful understanding.

Now is the time to turn your focus to your heart chakra and to ask your heart chakra what is truly occurring within this sacred chamber? Now is the time to acknowledge your heart chakra from a space of expansiveness and a divine soul perspective.

What are the skills of your heart chakra? Have you experienced the strength of your heart chakra? Do you recognize the wisdom collected within your heart chakra? What energies are your heart chakra anchoring into your being now, from your soul and from the inner planes?

It is my wish, Lord Melchizedek, to support you in being able to answer my questions more fully, by sharing techniques to fine-tune your heart chakra and align your entire being to the sacred vibrations of your heart chakra.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra One
First, call upon my energies, Lord Melchizedek, to be present fully with you as you allow your being and body to relax into a meditative state.

I, Lord Melchizedek, will focus my energy into your mind, channeling my light and love consciousness into your mind, mental body, thoughts, perspective, and brain.

My purpose is to illuminate your mind, mental body, thoughts, perspective, and brain, with light, which creates a consciousness of expansion and an ability to see, sense, acknowledge, and process in an expansive and limitless way.

The vibrations of all aspects of your mind will quicken, allowing many boundaries, programing, habits, and beliefs to fall away, thus bringing a greater sense of freedom, even if it is only for a few moments.

I then encourage you to bring your attention and focus to your heart chakra. Let yourself be free from imagining your heart chakra in a certain way, simply place your focus into your chest area.

I invite you to say out loud three times, ‘I now choose to see, sense, and acknowledge the strength, clarity, and truth of my heart chakra.’

Continue to retain your focus upon your heart chakra, observing all inspiration, guidance, sensation, or visions which arise. It is important to hold the vibration of trust and patience, as in truth you are asking your heart chakra to unfold your truth to you.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Two
Please begin by breathing deeply and stating within your mind with a focused intention, ‘I exist in a sanctuary of love formed and energized by Lord Melchizedek.’ Feel, sense, and acknowledge my energy manifesting all around you, creating a true space of divine love and light for you to exist within.

‘Lord Melchizedek, as I connect into my heart chakra, support me in lovingly identifying the energies of pain, suffering, resistance, or fear held within my heart chakra at this time, which are creating any form or experience of lack of love in my life.

‘As you surround me in a sanctuary of love, I also realize my heart chakra is a sanctuary of love. If there are any energies to be healed, let them come into the center of my heart space and awareness now, to be lovingly healed and dissolved.

‘Lord Melchizedek, please support me in this process of deep core wound healing within my heart chakra. Thank you.’

Please let yourself simply breathe deeply, being aware of any energies, emotions, memories, or thoughts which enter into your awareness. Continue to breathe love through and into any realizations which dawn, and invite me to heal your heart chakra.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Three
I wish to make available to you the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush. This is a light tool for purification and healing, and expansive and enhanced harmony within your heart chakra.

Simply say out loud:

‘Lord Melchizedek and the Masters of the Universal Level, I call upon your energies to be present with me now. It is my wish to experience the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush, in order to purify, heal, and expand my heart chakra.

‘Please send the golden love vibrations of light from the universal level into and through my chakra column. I realize my entire chakra column will experience a purification and healing, and yet I know that all aspects of my being will work with the universal light I am receiving to create a deep, appropriate, guided healing and purifying shift within my heart chakra.

‘The Universal energies will flush all impurities, stagnant beliefs, and unneeded energy or consciousness from my heart chakra, resulting in my heart chakra aligning with the universal golden light and shining brightly, representing its cleansing. Let the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush begin, and I thank you in advance.’

Simply sit and receive knowing that I, Lord Melchizedek, and the Masters, are working with your heart chakra and entire being, guided by your soul.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Four
It is important to realize and remind yourself that your heart chakra is a pure channel and expression of your soul, truth, essence, and core love. With this in mind permit your heart chakra to be a pure channel and expression of your soul, truth, essence, and core love.

Ask your heart chakra to increase its energetic vibration to align with your soul more fully, thus opening and expanding your heart chakra further.

Ask your heart chakra to constantly express pure love from your soul into your entire being, supporting every aspect of your being, and your reality, impacting your experiences with your pure love.

You are giving your heart chakra permission to be its greater strength and clarity, because you are creating the space and perspective to gain a new understanding of your heart chakra.

You may also wish to invite your heart chakra to align with all aspects of your being, expressing love and maintaining a beautiful balanced vibration of love at all times, whatever is occurring within your reality. This means you always know that love is balanced and harmonized within all areas of your being, thus you can always return your focus to love.

These simple practices of fine-tuning your heart chakra encourage your deeper connection with and realization of your heart chakra. It is a gateway of power and clarity, transporting you to the truth of your being at your command.

That which is held within your heart chakra projects into your entire being and reality. When you focus upon fine-tuning your heart chakra, you are fine-tuning your entire being, and the reality you live and experience every day.

Fine-tuning your heart chakra in the ways I have described, or through following your own inner guidance and intuition as to what is required, also allows you to become more available to receive and experience the sacred vibrations of the Era of Love.

Your heart chakra is akin to the gateway to your truth. When the gateway is strong and clear, one easily returns to their truth and can constantly dive into the sacred space within with ease and perfection.

I, Lord Melchizedek, am present with you to fine-tune, purify, heal, and expand your heart chakra, polishing the gateway to your soul, so your truth may unfold with vigor and generosity.

In Universal Love and Truth,

Lord Melchizedek

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