A Dweller on Two Planets – Audio Book

Book One

Books 2, 3


 This book was completed in 1886 by Frederick S.Oliver, author Phylos. The book covers Karma, reincarnation, Atlantis, non material human worlds, Jedi like powers inherent in all people and is written as non fiction and wouldn’t that be amazing if it all was true.

I think Star Wars borrowed ideas of the jedi and sith from this book, the Sons of Solitude order aka Jedi Council who were goodly men that had abilities from becoming one with the Navaz or the Force. The movie Cloud Atlas also has many relate-able themes to this book with interweaving past and future lives.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, the computer voice to speech might not pronounce the words the best so I recommend getting the book or reading along here http://www.munseys.com/diskone/dwellt…

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