NIBIRU and its PLANETS are NOW LEAVING OUR SOLAR SYSTEM – Jelaila Starr Message – From Niburuan Council – 12-1-14

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Hey Sohini,

It’s been a while since my last update on Nibiru.  I’ve not written about it the Nibiruans informed me that Nibiru is no longer an issue for us.  Yet, there appears to a lot of fear mongering still going on; in fact, it has heated up recently.  I’ve been asked to share my perspective.

A Mini Solar System

As explained in previous updates, Nibiru is not just one planet; it is a mini solar system.  How can this be?  Our sun has a twin, a brown dwarf/ dark sun that never fully ignited and thus, glows a reddish orange color.

A brown dwarf can also have orbiting planets because due to its powerful magnetism.  The strength of its magnetic core determines the strength and reach of its magnetic field.  Though not as strong as that of our sun, Nibiru has a strong magnetic core and far reaching field.  It’s ring nodes (rings much that that of a hula hoop on which stellar bodies orbit are pretty strong with those furthest out being the weakest.

Nibiru, the planet or planets

This part is a bit off topic but I thought I’d throw it in for those eager to learn more about this mysterious planet of which many ancient civilizations spoke.

I am told that the Nibiruans do not live on their sun; they live on several of the planets that orbit the main sun. I know this sounds strange but keep in mind that the Nibiruans are a very advanced race having long ago colonized their local planets.  I didn’t understand this when I first began my work with them, that is why I said back then that Nibiru was a planet, a ship and a battle star.

In any case, one could liken Nibiru to a small town.   The main planet, or homeworld, contains the downtown area and governing buildings.  It also has areas that we liken to communities where the majority of the people live including the royal lines. Other smaller planets hold the laboratories, medical facilities and universities.

I am told there is one planet that is colonized by a race known for their healing abilities.  This planet is not the one that has the medical facilities, or the laboratories, but one that is more akin to a tribe of indigenous healers who work with properties of plants and minerals.

Though most of the planets have a police force of sorts, there are also fleets of military craft that include battle stars.  The battle stars, owned by different species that make the Nibiru system their home, are part of the military that protects the planets and their inhabitants. The battle stars come in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve seen them in my dreams, even visiting one once in the dream state.  I recall traveling through space; we were on a way to one of the battle stars.  As we got closer I noticed that it had an outer surface comprised of thick, heavy armor of interlocking metal octagons.  One silently slid open to allow us entry!  The dream was so sequential and logical that it felt like much more than a dream.

Okay enough rambling about Nibiru.

So what is causing the recent increase in fear mongering?  I’ve found that it increases around the times of the summer and winter solstice.  That is when we are most likely to get a glimpse of Nibiru due to our orbital location.

It appears we are currently in position to get a peek and this is what is causing alarm.  What most people don’t realize is that Nibiru is outbound now, therefore we are seeing her from behind.

More Planets Coming?

Though the brown dwarf is moving on, we still have the back end of her solar system to contend with.  Nibiru’s orbiting planets, comets and asteroids will continue to make their appearances and this may go on for a few more years.  Bottom line is that we are “out of the woods” when it comes to a major pole shift, but we are not completely out of the woods in regards to the backend of Nibiru’s system.

The ring nodes of the outer stellar bodies can still cause some aggravation for us.  The main effects will be seismic and weather related changes with the seismic activity occurring mainly in the “Ring of Fire”.  But, as mentioned earlier, the farther out they are from the brown dwarf, the weaker they are.

On that note, it is my understanding that our current level of seismic activity, along with the erratic movements of the Jet Stream and Polar Vortex, are due to having our magnetic field currently locked with one of Nibiru’s ring nodes.  Since we are closest to the side of the sun where Nibiru’s system is traveling, we are more likely to experience a “handshake” from the ring node closet to us.  Again, it is my understanding that this handshake will end near the beginning of January when we will have orbited far enough away to break the hold.

To sum it all up, we are going to be okay.  I firmly believe that there will be no pole shift.  We will still have weather related challenges and some seismic activity, but that will be the worst of it.

Let’s talk about the fear mongering for a moment.  It  is my humble opinion that the fear mongering is so easily triggered because we suffer collectively from what author, Barbara Hand Clow refers to as catastrophobia.  We carry a deep cellular memory of past catastrophes that occurred when Nibiru’s passing was cataclysmic.   It is also my opinion that the channels, bringing through messages and warnings are not necessarily receiving highly alarming news, rather that is how the news is being received due to our collective catastrophobia.  So if you are reading an alarming report, be kind to the channel as they may not be aware of this cellular trigger.

As Barbara also states this time we will see a milder passing and so far we have.  Of course the reason is that we are spiritually awakening and clearing our emotional crap.

As the Nibiruans, along with many other esteemed off-world groups have stated, we can have a profound impact on Nibiru’s passing, reducing the severity through continued emotional clearing.  Why? As we clear our personal emotional baggage, Mother Earth is relieved of having to do it for us.

In closing, Nibiru not meant to bring planetary catastrophe, instead she was to prompt cataclysmic emotional and spiritual change by helping us blow ourselves out of our old dysfunctional beliefs and systems.   The fact that we have grown in consciousness, preventing the fulfillment of the old earth changes prophesies, tells me that Nibiru is successfully fulfilling her purpose and we are right on track in this ascension.

Sending you warms hugs,
Jelaila Starr
Psychic/Intuitive Counselor
The Nibiruan Council

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