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Visualize Your Aura

MeditationIn a quiet room, sit or lay down comfortably in a position you can keep for about 15 – 20 minutes. Start by focusing on your breath, inhale and exhale slowly.

Create a steady stream of breath, let there be no gaps in between each breath. Focus on the rise and fall of your stomach. Focus on how it feels, how the tips of your fingers and toes feel, how the air surrounding every inch of your being feels. Sink into the relaxation.

Visualize a white light starting to form at the crown of your head. Imagine it’s iridescent glow slowly spilling down, have it surround you completely.

Envision it encompassing every fibre of your being and merging with your skin. Imagine it’s warmth and the protection it brings you.



Create a Protection Bubble

Feel that you are safe, and as an extension of universal consciousness; you are eternally loved.


Visualize this brilliant light expanding outwards from you in all directions.

Blend it’s energy into everything around you, extending out into infinity. This expansive light is all there is.

Create a space of safety and transparency for yourself.

Ask yourself how you feel in the moment.

What do you consider to be the negative factors in your life? What do you really want in life?

What do you want to give? And how would you like to do it?

Know in this space, you can answer as honestly and impulsively as you want.

There is no judgement and there are no consequences for your answers.

Right and wrong does not exist from a universal perspective, everything just IS.

Go To The Core

There are many versions of an auric cleanse, but they all really come down to a release of energy that makes us feel lighter in the end.

chakrasIt takes the effort of asking yourself how you feel and what you’re willing to do to make yourself feel as good as possible.

We can visit the greatest energy healer of all time, but in the end we will still carry our own emotional baggage from unresolved issues or feelings we have buried.

Everything is energy and we all have the ability to transmute and transform the universal geometries. A full energetic healing needs to be coupled with the resolution of emotional traumas.

Emotions and thoughts exist as ‘physical’ energy that we are all able to see when we’re in alignment with ourselves.

If our emotions are dense and heavy, it makes us literally feel ‘low’ and ‘down’.

To fully focus on the core of an emotion, we usually start at a top layer of a broader feeling.

An example of this can look like:

I’m feeling scared..

because I feel alone
because I push people away
because I don’t want to feel betrayed
because I was already betrayed by my peers
because I was mean to THEM first
because my parents didn’t teach me love
because they didn’t know how
So that vibration translated through my life, now I’m scared as an adult from various, seemingly unrelated situations from my childhood. Everything is connected.

When you can follow the thread of an emotion back to its original spark, the first time it really hit you, thats where a true aura cleanse exists.

The first step to freeing yourself from an emotional entrapment, is just to acknowledge the existence of it. This process of pin pointing all the connecting factors in your life that led you to where you are now, can take years depending on how open and ready you are to experience it.

It can also just take a few quick moments if thats how your processing system works. The more you regularly you do this, the more transparent and honest you are with yourself.

You become a master of knowing yourself and knowing when you’re speaking from a space of fear or anger and you learn the steps needed to get you out of that mindset. All you need to do is take the time to listen to yourself.

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