Georgi Stankov – Programmed Sudden Death of Orion Monetary System – 11-28-14

by Georgi Stankov, November 28, 2014   /   by Georgi Stankov

The scenario how the Orion monetary system will collapse in the End Time prior to the MPR and our Ascension is not only part of my and your creationary visions and activities as Logos Gods, but also a self-fulfilling prophecy for the dark secret services in the USA and the West. It is not that our predictions of an imminent financial crash is a figment of our innate desire to leave this reality as soon as possible, knowing all too well that it can only happen after the old matrix has fully crumbled. because we are needed here to the very end to keep the light quotient and the energetic equilibrium. Our dark opponents cherish the same outcome for completely different reasons.

And when I say that our presence guarantees the energetic equilibrium on Gaia with her numerous timelines, I mean exactly this. For instance, this week we had dozens of MPR on very near-by 4D timelines that have been separated from this upper mother planet and have gone under. Both, Carla and I experienced the physical devastation, the grief and the desperation of the people in a very physical and emotional manner. In addition, I am sensing very strongly the culmination of aggression and the helplessness of the dark Western cabal, watching how all their plans for the NWO are crashing in front of their eyes. The reasons for this failure have been elucidated in the collection of articles I have published yesterday and today (actually since more than a week) on major financial and economic developments that will topple down the Orion house of cards very soon.

Not only are we the ones who develop and envision scenarios as to how the Orion monetary system will collapse, but also all dark secret services such as the CIA. They want to control everything, even the financial crash they have prepared for so long – most of it by the archons at the 4D level and less so at the level of the ego-minds of their dark human stooges in the CIA  But we are playing on the same chessboard the same game. Or to quote Lenin during the Russian revolution – “who whom” which is the short version of “who will destroy whom”. We, the light warriors of the first and the last hour – the dark elite in power with their Orion matrix, or the dark ones will be able to establish the NWO and enslave humanity. The dices have fallen and we are the glorious victors.

Everything we now observe in this reality is subordinate to this ultimate strategy. On this planet a perennial war is being waged since the Fall of Atlantis and even much earlier. Only the New Age community seems to be blind for this omnipresent fact.

Departing from this point of view, you should read the following survey with a salt of grain. It is the purported CIA version of the financial crash. As they know that it is unavoidable, they try to push their version among the masses in order to have control over this precipitous event. This is their greatest illusion as the coming crash will exceed anything they have seen so far and will bury them under the rubble. There is no way how they can avoid this destiny.

The plot has long shifted in favour of the forces of light. In a previous article the Russian author explained how Putin is now playing chest with the West to their rules and have already made them “checkmate“. The strategy is fairly simple, you use the enemy’s weapon to destroy him. In this case Putin and Russia use the artificial situation, where the gold price is kept low by the USA and the West to keep the dollar high. Russia is using its revenues, still in dollar for the most part, to accumulate cheap physical gold on the COMEX. Thus Putin crashes both, the gold market and the dollar. Because there is not enough physical gold in the West anymore to keep this Ponzi scheme any longer. The failed repatriation of German gold proves this. At the same time Russia is creating its own oil, gas and natural resources markets away from the dollar, essentially based on its gold reserves. China and the BRICS are following suit. This is the death of the petrodollar as Putin recently announced in an interview to the Chinese media at the APEC meeting with great pleasure: “The fall of the dollar as world currency will be a bliss for the rest of humanity”.

The Americans are now playing Russian roulette, but the deadly silver bullet is already reserved for the FED – the crash of the toilet paper dollar as world currency is unavoidable and already evident to many people.

The article below addresses this issue from the US and CIA perspective. But the data given there is valid and contains the basic parameters and variables that determine the collapse of the Orion-FED  monetary system. These factors are active since long time and most of these economic parameters have been discussed at length in my previous articles. Hence nothing really new.

The new aspect is that the Orion secret services in the West are also expecting the crash as much as we do. I knew this for a long time but now we have the best and most reliable proof that it will come. It is desired by both sides – by the dark elite on power and by us, the new Logos Gods. Only with opposite ends. The dark elite want to use the crash to establish the NWO, but will only reap its demise and a descent to lower, dreadful timelines. We want the crash because this will be the end of this toxic reality and ascension to higher dimensions for Gaia and part of humanity where a new enlightend civilisation will be established.

This is how this and any other holographic reality is created – with common visions that create a powerful superimposed standing wave of creation, within which the dialectics of opposites  will bring divergent destinies – here death and destruction for the dark cabal, there, beyond the veil of 4D, a new sparkling reality of the new transgalactic humanity.

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