Steve Beckow – Lightworkers are the Newsmakers Now – 11-22-14

News 11I was speaking to a new member of the team yesterday, trying to describe how the news was different these days than in the past. I found myself saying that the news was different these days because, for one reason, lightworkers are the ones creating the news.

In past years, we watched the back-and-forth between the cabal and the Company of Heaven. The work of the CoH was constrained by their necessity to observe the Law of Freewill. In many instances they could not intervene in the mischief done by the “recalcitrants.” Their freewill had to be honored.

But when their freewill affected Gaia or the planet’s population at large, the galactics could intervene. They reduced the force of man-made or man-steered hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

They saw that nuclear weapons did not reach forward bases. They prevented nuclear missiles in flight from reaching their destination.

They mitigated the impact of man-made viruses and the equally-toxic effect of engineered vaccines. They prevented many black ops that would have had catastrophic consequences.

But now, they’re wringing the towel of its last bit of moisture and their work is more and more behind the scenes. They’re allegedly suffusing California vegetation (1) with enough moisture and a chlorophyll-like substance to allow it to stay alive during the drought.

They’re changing the climate generally to a more temperate state. We interpret that as “global warming” and it is. But it isn’t itself catastrophic. It’s an intentional act that will see the planet’s climate reach the same moderate state worldwide.

Now, they’re very busy behind the scenes, but it’s we, the lightworkers who are being coaxed and urged to take our first baby steps as a community, to take charge of this process of building Nova Earth.

I hear someone jump up right away and challenge my statement that we are taking our first baby steps. Not as individual lightworkers. Heavens, no. Many, many lightworkers have been working away for decades, producing wonderful music, art, and healing approaches, new technology, charitable outreaches, etc. I have no desire to suggest otherwise.

But what we’re now doing is taking steps (1) as a community and (2) as a lightworker community.

I’ve mentioned to you previously that I once asked Archangel Michael if I should stop using the term “lightworker” and address people in more general terms. And he said, no. Rather than let go of thinking of ourselves as lightworkers, he wanted the lightworker community to grow until it took in the whole world.

I listened in on the Bellingham lightworker community’s discussions of where they wanted to go as a community. They discussed organizing a hub and starting a lightworker directory in their locale.  If we want our meet-ups to survive and flourish, we need to switch from simple sharing, which is necessary in the beginning, to service of a more hands-on variety.

Yes, in the first instance, people are probably hungry to share who they are and where they’ve been.  But if we don’t translate our common hunger to serve into something concrete, we may not make the jump from a simple sharing circle to a lightworker initiative.

Kathleen and I are beginning to make the rounds in Vancouver – listening to the organizers of the Food Bank, the administrators of shelters for the homeless, the people behind Conscious Living Radio, Common Ground, Shared Vision, etc.

What we suggest in the beginning is:

(1) Meet local lightworkers now at work in the community.

(2) Listen to them.

(3) Thank them for their service.

(4) Follow it up by researching what is happening in your community, based on what you find out from your initial excursions.

Remember that each of us has been placed in a certain locale. Yes, Fern in Masset, B.C., population 900, has been placed exactly there. Does that mean that she’ll always remain in Masset? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe what she learns there will be applied regionally or nationally.

But for now, and for some reason we may not know, all of us are positioned purposely where we are. We’re asked to bring the New Age to our neighbors but to do that, not in the first instance so much by talking as by serving.

If you know the aspect of the community you intend to serve in and simply lack the resources right now, consider volunteering to learn what you’ll need to know when the abundance begins to flow.

Research, plan, and understand that you are the news-maker now. You are leading the charge in your area, to sustainability for everyone, universal health care, an end to homelessness, hunger, and poverty, an end to gender persecution and inequity. etc.

This is what the Company of Heaven wants. They want us to lead the way in building Nova Earth. They won’t do all the work themselves. This is our planet and it’s a requirement that we participate in its rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Start small, as St. Germaine said. Plan out what you’re doing and where you’re going. Be economical in what you do. And start in. The Company of Heaven looks to us to lead this new phase of building Nova Gaia.

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