Consciousness As Experience Itself

The New Divine Humanity

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What if it was ALL Perfect Now?

What if, inherently held within every experience you had, the wisdom of your Soul, was functioning in such a way, that there was a profound message for you, even if you didn’t see it?

And what if these messages from your Soul, were conveying the eternal Meaning of ALL of your experiences to you, in a language you didn’t fully understand with your Mind, but was inherently held within all experiences, Themselves?

As if all experience was the VERY Fabric of your Soul, Your Consciousness.

And That YOU (the you in a body on Earth) were not experiencing events AS ACTUAL SEPARATE Things (that they seem to be) but that these experiences, WERE YOU. That is, Your Consciousness itself, VIEWED through your image screen as Experience, is You, experiencing yourself.

Ponder this for a few moments.  Ponder what Reality actually is.

That All of…

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  2. My dream retirement would be living in Udaipur, India! I have been to the city and enjoy the men and women and Indian culture. I’d be thrilled to be able to see this film which takes place in the ideal place in the planet! 🙂


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