Releasing Resentment – The Hathors via Daniel Scranton – 11-19-14

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Channeled by Daniel Scranton



Releasing Resentment – The Hathors

via Daniel Scranton

“Harboring resentment creates a force around you. It puts up a wall, a wall of energy that is constructed in your resentment, prevents things from appearing to you, prevents energy from running through you, prevents you from receiving valuable and vital energy and information. It is truly a cancer of your system. Resentment, holding a grudge, having enemies that you think about from time to time, these are all the most destructive forces that you could participate in and with.

But many of you feel so justified, and when you hear something like this you believe that we are taking away from you the right to be resentful. So we want to do nothing of the sort here. If anything we say, do it now, but don’t hold onto it. Believe that you are right, and let yourselves feel the venom, the hatred, the anger, and the resentment. But let it move through you before the walls are constructed.

Be able to discern the difference from setting a healthy boundary for yourselves and holding a grudge. These are not the same thing. They are quite different energies. And you know when something is healthy because of how you feel when you do it, when you think about it, when you participate in it. You know when something is unhealthy because of the way your body feels. The way you tense up physically represents something that is happening in your energetic field that you want to let go of, you want to release.

You want to be open and to allow for new creations, new solutions, new ways of getting along to be delivered and downloaded into your field. You want to be pioneers, because vendettas are very old. They are tried, true, and tested in your world, and they are shown lifetime after lifetime to lead only to sadness, destruction, and discord. And you are all about harmony and peace, unconditional love and compassion.

So justifiable or not, when you hold resentment, when you hold a grudge, when you seek vengeance, you are not in service to yourselves, to your missions, and certainly not to peace on earth. Be willing to have your full experiences in the moment, but let go, let yourselves be clear, and forgive, for that is the only way to your true salvation, the salvation that you seek from lives of bitterness and despair.

And when you let go, you open the floodgates, the walls come crashing down, and you set yourselves adrift on a sea of serenity that will lead you to such beauty, such love, such harmony. A new world that could not have existed without your experience of that which acted as the building block of the resistance and the walls in the first place.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we bid you a fond good day.”


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