Spiritus Gladius – This is the Ultimate Reality – Nothing Else Exists – 11-13-14

Unity Consciousness

The Ultimate Reality is that Everything and Everyone is Eternally One

Everything created, is created by the consciousness that makes up this reality.  Every sentient entity that is conscious, is conscious by an eternal-life giving energy that some people call ‘spirit’.  This spirit has a logical-hierarchy in terms of different frequencies of light.  The higher the frequency of light, the closer one gets to the True Reality of the One All-Powerful Being that we comprise, that some call ‘God’.

This light, here in the third and fourth (time) dimensions, is split into the seven colors of the light spectrum.  This light is accompanied by sound, along the seven notes of the scale.  These sounds and colors of our Universe are imbedded within us in our central nervous system via the spinal cord.  These are what are called our seven vortexes of live-giving energies.  Some people call them ‘chakras’.  Google chakra and you’ll see exactly what I am talking about.  It is well-known knowledge to certain people.  Our chakras, cumulatively-speaking, is where our consciousness comes from.  Find the flow of your chakras to go closer to the power of our spirit.

We are One with what people call God.  And because of this, We are One with each other, on a deeper, spiritual, energetic, conscious level.  Remember, we only use about 10% of our conscious brain.  This means quite literally, we are only experiencecing 10% of The Ultimate Reality.  We are literally missing 90% of reality in normal waking states.  Our human bodies are limited until we learn and utilize the truth of our connectedness and realize We Are All divine beings who eternally came from The Same Source of Eternal Consciousness.

There is literally a matrix we are living in; and becoming free is dependent upon everyone’s ability to learn the truth of this reality we are living.  Nowadays, one can convince themselves of the Ultimate Reality through various forms of quantum sciences, philosophy, religion, and even intellectualism.  Other people have more dramatic happenings to bring them to the Truth.  Others, remain ignorant their entire life, remaining stagnant and thus not evolving their soul to become and do what they were meant; thus, not progressing one’s soul to higher realms after death and higher consciousnesses during this life.

Like-attracts-like.  This is true 100% of the time, because of our oneness.  How one treats another will come back full-circle.  Whatever energy one gives the universe, the universe gives back.  This is how one can evolve one’s soul.  Get Positive, and do everything you can to remain Positive.  Someone once told me we have to have “Unconditional Positive Regard”. And this is fully attainable.

“As a saint had a past, a sinner has a future”.

“We are not risen-animals but fallen-angels.  We originally come from a much higher reality.  For whatever circumstances we each made a choice to incarnate here.  Many of us are here to raise this reality to a new one.  We are a species who is so evolved already, our next evolved move with be our conscious choice to evolve.  We have been given the will of our Primary Creator because we all come from him/her.  I use the terms him/her to give personality to this consciousness.  We do not live in a dead universe.  We are life, and this is personal.
-I am Another Yourself

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