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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We just had an X-class Solar flare today! This one was huge, because it also culminated and harnessed the energy of all the previous flares that we have received during the Eclipse gateway! There is so much coming to the surface Now, right before the Solar Eclipse, which will counter balance the energy that we received from the Lunar Eclipse … each of us in our own unique way. The Eclipse serves like a gateway, and I recently received a short visual from Spirit, on how we can bring our personal shifts more into focus and Soul alignment. When we hold a stronger focus, our shifts have a greater power and clarity. Working with the energy of focus is not the same as working hard, stressing over something and worrying. Focus merely serves as an anchor point, so that we hold the Light of awareness for the Soul to come more into conscious embodiment.

The visual that we can hold for ourselves Now, is walking through a doorway/gateway, pulling a red (or any other royal color of our choice) carpet in front of us, communing with our Ascension guides on both sides, the left and the right. We are walking and we see how we are receiving guidance from both directions, and how our Cosmic Heart and Mind are merging as One. We are receiving from both and we are harmonizing our lower bodies. We intend to have all the clarity and focus on our path straight ahead, and we are guided only by Divine Love and Truth. We deeply feel the Presence of our Ascension team and we know that we are receiving all the proper guidance and direction for what is shifting for us during this powerful Eclipse gateway, and that we will perfectly know how to co-create with it in perfect Divine timing.

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  1. My heart broke when they zoomed in on Nando’s face at the beginning of your match. He looked so sad. I honestly believed he’d come in after the 70th minute or so. I’d adore for him to see some action in Munich.


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