Judy Satori – Sound Of Ascension Library

Judy Satori

World Puja Class Transmissions




Accessing Soul Knowledge, Power and Intention

Recalibration of Physical Body

Recalibration of Emotional Body and Soul Purpose

Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, Hilarion, Isis

Acturian Fourth Blessing Technique

Energy Clearing/Peace

Endocrine System/Soul Truth/ Past Life Clearing

Sanat Kunara/St. Germain/Lady Mary/Djwahl Kahul/Mary Magdalene

Lyran Stargate/13 Heaven Meditation

Lyran Energy Transmission

Exploring Purpose with St. Germain


Grounding and Balance

Priming the Chakras for Change

Star Memory Retrieval

Gifts from Spirit

And More…


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