Cobra Interview with Untwine – Earth Plan Blog – 11-5-14

Untwine interviews Cobra from another perspective, covering various topics highlighted below. Untwine has also embedded “Higher Love” (including lyrics), covered by James Vincent McMorrow in 432 Hz. This Steve Winwood song has always been a favourite of mine, but it’s never really struck me until now how apt the lyrics are for the place and time that we are currently in.


Please proceed to the site for the transcript.


  • Atlantean beings and the myths and memories that have propagated from their existence
  • Using inner guidance to derive truth from teachings, all of which have been distorted
  • Sexuality as a means to merge polarities into Oneness
  • Earth quarantine situation is the most difficult in Universal history, and how Archons control reincarnation
  • Assistance from many Ascended Masters and Higher Beings for the liberation of Earth and Humanity
  • Not all Order of the Star (144,000) are awakened
  • The holy grail stones
  • Moldavite Chalice will be activated at time of The Event and used as a Light lens
  • 13th and 14th constellations in relation to the zodiac
  • Financial system has always been in control of the dark
  • Mary Magdalene part of the 13th positive bloodline
  • Hair as extension of nervous system
  • Animals’ energies corrupted by the dark
  • Astral plane mostly cleared, but humanity still get triggered by archontic technology and interference
  • Evolution doesn’t go backwards, except in the case of physical incarnation to liberate the Planet; this will never happen again
  • Greys evolving into the Light
  • Feedback loop exists across all aspects of the same Soul incarnated on the different planes
  • Everywhere two nadis intersect, there’s a chakra, so there are very many chakras in the body
  • Healthy (keyword!) masculine energies also suppressed, so this needs to be addressed as well
  • Balance of both male/female energies lead to harmony, and therefore darkness cannot exist
  • Switzerland isolated from world because it’s financial centre for cabal
  • Chimera no longer associated with Cern
  • Lower realms to be reabsorbed back into Source
  • St Germain tried unsuccessfully to influence royals in France
  • Dark influences in black stone in Mecca
  • Light and dark influences in Hollywood
  • After The Event, the darkness that held sway here will never be allowed to happen again.

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