Deepak Chopra – What is the Source of the Universe?

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  1. In my humble opinion the question “Does the material universe spring from a field of nothingness or rather from a field of possibility?” can be properly answered with “YES”. First nothingness, which is ONE idea of creation was divided into two equal and opposite effects: centering Sun and surrounding space. That process began as an outward expression as action to which came as reaction an inward compression which resulted in creation of the central sun, which expands back into the space that what was compressed, and that process is been repeating eternally. By this process nothingness – the universal vacuum – has been manifested as space filled with potentials so that there is nowhere more in the universe vacuum except if we create it in our laboratories. By this process to ONE formless idea of creation is given form so that Sun is idea-body of Light.

    The logical questions are: who and why is been dong it?

    Creator (Source, Mind) is infinite and eternal being who is Love, who is Light and who is aware of ONE idea of creation which knowledge is (knowledge is conceptual). Creator is All There Is and cannot know self within self so must express in order to answer the question “WHO AM I?” and to know self. Since Creator is All There Is, S(H)e can express self ONLY through mental activity by thinking, imagining and dreaming, so that this whole material universe is a product of Mind thinking and is an illusion of Mind.

    We human beings are CONSCIOUSNESS – spiritual awareness of “Being”, of all-knowing, all-power and all-presence. We are mental beings and we’ve been projecting our creative desires for expression through thinking, dreaming and imaging and giving forms to formless ideas by recording them into matter. So, we are Creaor(s) of this material universe.


    Science has difficulty to find out the truth because of the wrong materialistic atom concept which excludes Creator from the creation! As a consequence, all scientific laws are not valid, except the second Kepler’s law. But, it is long story. Anyway, I proved experimentally and found out that atom is a ring of visible light spinning around the centering Mind point and presented my JULA atom concept a few months ago (watch on you tube:

    The nuclear atom theory begins with three-dimensional mass. It conceives groups of neutrons and protons revolving about and around each other on both sides of the spectrum. Each neutron and proton is conceived to be a three-dimensional, spherical mass in itself. In combination they constitute a larger three-dimensional, spherical mass. Three-dimensional beginnings are impossible. The electrical Nature of this universe demands a division from one plane located in a cathode. Polarization is the result of that one plane division. Balanced equal and opposite pairs thus come into existence. Every united pair becomes an anode, which means a hot bodied three-dimensional beginning, which it does, but in doing it leaves the record of its motion in two-dimensional thought-forms in its inert gas.

    Nuclear atom is outside of Nature since such a group concept is, necessarily, three-dimensional, which means mass, and Nature does not begin three-dimensionally. It is first two-dimensional, for Nature is made up of single plane units, which are two-dimensional. The moment two-dimensional units are divided into pairs, and unite to become mass, the three-dimensional bilateral universe appears.

    Let me very briefly review the process of Creation in its initial stages.

    Mind-Idea must first be conceived. The conception of Idea is registered in the inert gas ring, which is forever the seed-record of that Idea. That first undivided ring is two-dimensional. It has length and breadth, but not thickness. A ring is the only form in Nature that can be unitary, or two-dimensional, or balanced in itself, for its extensions are all in one plane. The moment that anything is added to a ring it must be added to on BOTH sides to balance it. To add one ring on each side means the extension of a Mind-center to three mind-centers, or a Mind-shaft to balance and control three instead of one. To add successive pairs means to extend the mass to spheres and that means three dimensions, and it also means the creation of a bilateral mass.

    The Creator follows conception with action and reaction. The inert gases divide and extend. Motion is then created for the purpose of giving body-forms to Idea. Divided and extended motion is expressed in pairs of light rings. Divided light-rings must necessarily divide the white Light of Mind into the tensions of the color spectrum. That means the red and blue of a bilateral universe which cannot exchange its sides, for each is interchangeably sex-conditioned. The sex strains and tensions are set up in the immovable rings of the inert gas of each octave, which is divided into pairs. Motion, tension, strain and heat begin with the extension of motion, in ring pairs, from its conception in the four recording rings of each octave. These four rings of the inert gases are within each other in the same plane. They are, therefore, two-dimensional. The moment they divide and extend into unit pairs, to simulate body-forms, mass begins and the three dimensional, cube-sphere, bilateral universe appears. In other words, neither God, nor Man, create three-dimensional body-forms before conceiving the Mind-image of that form. Mind-images are thoughts. Body-images are actions, and actions are always in pairs. Thought-concept is entirely outside of Nature for it has no precedent in it, nor is it a part of the electric process which constructs mass. Mass is an extension of many thought-concepts into many planes, and a simulation of extension of the one Mind-center into a gravity shaft.




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