GillianGillian Macbeth-Louthan – You Are Lighthouses of Divine Truth – 11-4-14


Every single sentence of every single word, of every single thought is being escorted into one doorway or another. You all are participating unanimously on every level as a people, and as a planet to continue to create chaos and upheaval and war and death and suffering. Because all of that is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside of you.

When you do not love someone from your past that has hurt you or caused you pain – you are then escorting that level of hate multiplied times the speed of light squared into a doorway of manifestation and creation. For creation is amplified. Thought is amplified. Deeds are amplified. Desires are amplified. Dreams are amplified. Joy is amplified. Everything has on it a broadcasting system that is turned up all the way to the other side of the dial.

So as you walk thought these mine fields in your thoughts – walk carefully. Examine your thoughts. If you have a thought of anger at another, examine it – take time as one who is spiritually forensic – to examine the clues as to why such a thought about such a person brings such an intense emotion to the surface. Do not allow that thought of anger or hate at another that you have held internally to become external and taint the future of your planet, taint the future of your family, of your children, of your water.

You are in the creation fields. There are many levels of light that are awaiting instructions, but you have to be at a place of knowing how to instruct. You have created what this world looks like. You have created the reflection. Re-create your thoughts into a place of seeing peace – no matter what – trust in God.

Each of you will be pushed forward as a reluctant donkey as you move into more of your light and more heart. You cannot move into more light unless you move into more love. And you cannot move through more heart unless you have moved in more light. You’re light houses of divine truth. It houses the potential for peace. It houses the potential for love. And it houses the potential for healing.

Every single person gives you a part of yourself that you have forgotten about. You are a multi-dimensional being that is being birthed into their multi-dimensionality. It is not an easy birth. And some days it is a breach birth. Look at your world that shows you what you have learned and take your clues from it.

All of the clues are there. You need not be Sherlock Holmes to understand what is being taught you, what you have created, and what you are responsible for. Sweep in front of your cosmic porch first. Line up your life. Do your part by starting with you first. Think responsibly, act responsibly, and create responsibly from the heart. Live your light and live your heart and it will be heaven on earth.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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