Meditation For World Peace


Facilitated live during the broadcast “The 12/12/12 Star Gate – A Year Later,” spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro guides the listener in opening the channels of the Heart, allowing for a deeper and broader focus of Unity Consciousness.

This meditation can be listened to with eyes open, gazing upon the symbol of the Rising Star, or one may listen with eyes closed, either seated or lying down comfortably. It can be utilized whenever one is drawn to expand their level of compassion – for loved ones; ones self and all others seen and unseen, known or foreign.

The following royalty-free music was used during the meditation:
Richard Brookens, “Lake Melva Meditation”; Sophia, “Blessed Am I — Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Available at

Image artwork of the Rising Star symbol by Leona Brimmer.

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