Commander Valiant Thor – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – 11-1-14


Commander Valiant Thor


“It’s very important to learn complete control of one’s thoughts as thoughts are things on a lower realm and are the way all things in the matter worlds are created.


“In reality, you are a speck of intelligence, surrounded by an energy field and this field is acted upon by thought.  I’m not speaking of random thoughts you do not center upon in your thinking process. I also do not mean you must sit down, burn a candle, play music and concentrate and hour or two on a thought to create. 


“What is it you believe in your heart? Deep and true down inside you?  That is the creative mechanism within.


“Metaphysical teachers have long stressed the reality of Spirit substance some call “the law of God” surrounding us, flowing through us, and taking the impress of our thoughts both spoken and unspoken and manifesting them.


 “The power of manifestation is not in your words and thoughts. The power is within the Universal Spirit substance, the Quantum scientists now call quantum soup.  What the scientists now call quantum soup your western scriptures call “Spirit of God”. i.e. “And the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters and God said…and God said…and God said…” Genesis 1:1 


“Do you see the secret of creation? God said or thought as thought is unspoken words. God thought or believed and that belief whether expressed in audible, inaudible or unexpressed, created the manifestation. It’s actually more than thought it’s a “knowing” and is not neccesary to be expressed by thought. 


“If thoughts or words are not based upon this inner “knowing” they they have little power of manifestation. If based upon it, they are omnipotent and will erase, dissolve and erradicate all unlike them you have thought/believed in the past. This expressed in the words of the great teacher,


“Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Yeshua


“Now manifestation might be instant and it might not be but it will be.  That’s the mystery to the words of scripture that said,


“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”.


“Actually, to be metaphysically correct, thoughts do not create things.  Thoughts, based on the inner knowing, ARE things. That’s why metaphysical healing works every time.  Mrs Eddy so corrected stated,


“Remove error from thought and it will not appear in effect”. – Eddy


“If you can completely remove thought of pain, sickness, even terminal disease, from your mind, including the sub-conscious memory bank, you will find yourself healed and it will not be a slow process. This has been done with broken bones sticking out of the skin.  It is not as easy as it sounds but with practice it can be done but the thoughts must in a large percentage be based on truth prior to this very powerful demonstration.


“We do not totally advocate the study of Christian Science but it would not hurt one to understand where she was coming from.  She has much truth incorporated in a lot of her own more carnal thinking and she admits this, speak of Mary Baker Eddy.


“ It is said Professor Einstein entered a Christian Science reading room and asked to be shown the references to “there is no matter” from the Eddy writings.  They of course thought when he got up after only a little while of reading and came over to the desk he would lecture them on the absurdity of the writings. Instead he asked,

“How in the world did that woman know what I have tried so hard to teach the scientists of the day almost fifty years previously?”


Go ahead Valana.”


Val, Dr. Einstein attended the Christian Science services loyally after that and he was asked one day by an usher why he did not apply for membership since he came regularly.  He only tapped on his beloved pipe sticking out of his top pocket!  They do not allow membership that uses tobacco or drugs of any kind, nor alcohol.    


“Yes, I understand that but how will those people ever receive help when they are not permitted into the church?”


Val, they are not kept from attending and they always have the practitioners though they do charge for the work which is my problem with it as I am not led to charge for my prayer services nor ministry based on the Prophet’s words we are to give without money and without price.  Why I never got many places to speak as Pastors want that collection taken!  I had only one did it against my wishes and I just took it and turned around put it back in the plate for the church. Just my way.


“I remember the occasion. I was working with you, you called me your healing angel!  I liked that, only time you ever called me an angel! <laughing>”


Now Val I called you my ET healer one time and they never invited me back so thought better stick with angel! And I do understand why Eddy started the charging as she never charged at first for her prayer work. Some were so interested in the first edition of the Textbook they just quit their jobs and stayed home studying it and of course became very good healers.  They were healing freely and starving to death so she told them to charge for their work as they were into study full time which was alright. And the great healings also happened during the first edition and I have a copy and it’s very different than her revised versions as it was of course channeled though she did not admit that and it was very deep and very good highly metaphysical writings totally. That is the book that healings were taking place all over the world and built the Christian Science church I notice they do not have the very fantastic healings they did at first, people were healed reading the first chapter. Totally channeled as she said the papers simply fell to the floor she wrote so fast. In a later edition of course she taught against channeling and spirit communication. It was by reading the first edition textbook the healing of the broken bone sticking out of the skin was done you mention. Each new edition she did she is trying hard to explain truth and truth needs no explanation, as she so stated;


“Truth has a healing effect even when not completely understood.” – Eddy


“One creates their own worlds by what they think, believe and feel.  When one allows a negative thought to pass through the center of their attention without attempting to replace it with a positive thought (and this could be silent thought or verbally expressed), the emotional nature empowers the thought and that idea, when allowed to be birthed by thinking it, creates a mold in which the spirit, i.e. energy field flows into, creating the manifestation of the idea accepted as fact. It is then cognized by the senses as substance. Though it is instantly manifested on the spirit plane, the visible or audible manifestation takes place over a time period.  This gives the creator of the thought time to negate it and replace with positive opposite. Once this is developed it’s very, very important to keep watch over every thought and not simply open one’s mind to allow anything to enter and project into the Universal Creative Medium.  The Universe works by law and that same law that lights your home with electricity can turn and electrocute you as easily if not careful as it has no ability to reason and choose, otherwise it could tell a farmer it will not grow tomato seed planted it will grow potatoes instead.  The Creative Law cannot reason it gives you exactly what you order either good or bad it only obeys your every thought command so give it good commands that you want and take control of your life.


“Nothing you cognize with the physical senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell, has not at one time been a thought.  Am I thinking you have to know of a strange and mysterious disease to have it? Not at all, but you have to have a core belief system that allows that to be constructed from your way of thinking just as water is created from hydrogen and  oxygen, every time you put together the right ratio of hydrogen and  oxygen you come up with water you will not come up with a tree, rock or butterfly. There are certain ways of thinking that create certain diseases of the Earthian body and I will try to list some of these and the reverse way of thinking that will heal later as Valana has time for me.


“All is energy in motion.  In actuality there is no matter there is only energy in varying frequency modulations. This energy frequency is set in motion by thought.


“So in the lower matter kingdoms that which is discerned by the five physical senses of man has been made by the invisible thought, which takes form on a lower matter level.  In actuality there is no matter there is only what is termed by some, “spirit”.  Man is “spirit” not “matter” though manifests as material on the matter level so “things” can be discerned.


“What one sees and calls a tree or any object in the matter worlds is a frequency of energy.  Energy is all there is in reality but without the discernment by the limited material senses, there would be no matter worlds.


“Where are you, on the Tree of Life,that dwell there in the manifest dimension?


“It depends where you are!  There are various universes within the ONE.  All is within the ONE but it depends on the recognition. This brings in the fallen worlds, the “Intelligences” which are all a part of the ONE Infinite Creative Mind in which all exists, yet have lost contact or understanding of creation and of the ONE Intelligence of which all are a part.

“So that is why it is called a fallen world.  The Intelligences which you are, have become locked into the belief you are mere humans in a physical body, a body which grows old and is subject to outside influence. There are two major theories as to why this is.  No one in their right mind can say there are no problems on the earth. There are problems.


“One believed by most religions is that somehow mankind sinned and therefore the descendants remain in a world where sin prevails. What is the Kabbalistic belief, Valana?”


They teach we were all in the heavenlies with everything we could possibly desire as soon as we desired it. Like spoiled rich kids we were not satisfied as we wanted to be just like the Light as the one desire of our Creator they call the Light was to give and all we did was receive.  Now this is verified in first chapter of Ephesians that we were with the Creator in the beginning and that is not taught by many of the orthodox Christian churches, they never teach the bible!  So the Creator let us have our way of course and it is explained that we all parts of the one “vessel” that contained the Light by reflection of course as God cannot be contained in anything as all things are within God including the multiverse and all they contain.


So the Light devised a plan and exploded the vessel containing all individualities, billions of souls, and through us Malkuth was created which is the manifest, visible universe the scriptures call the “Garden” from there you can read the Creation story.  And our work here is to regain the Presence of the Light from whence we came and that is what the teachings of Kabbalah’ is all about. Destruction of the ego which we received when the vessel was exploded that Kabbalists call the voice of Satan, as Satan is not an entity the ego actually is Satan and the God spark within is the Christ. We are all parts of the same vessel. And our work is to put Satan out of the Temple of God which Paul explained our body is, and enthrone the Christ which is our God-Self, the spark that is our Life and reality Being.  And the sacred writings were given us as road map back home if correctly understood.  That is true Kabbalah’ though there are imitations out there to throw one off from the Path of Light.  Stay with the Kabbalah’ Center and you stay with truth from the ancient teachers of Kabbalah’.  It is not black magic though has been used in some of those groups. Go ahead, Val.



“Change the belief and you change the seeming reality or manifestation.  The difference in Earthian understanding…listen to me now…the difference in Earthians and those in the highest kingdom, i.e. dimension, is simply understanding and the way “thought power” is used.  We here know we are sons of God. The difference between us is that we know it, you do not. You may know it intellectually in mind but you do not know it in your heart.


“Do you truly know what it is you are so desiring to do? To ascend? Where are you going to ascend to, up some steps or fly off into the upper layers of your planet? You are going nowhere.  You are going to change your mind, your thoughts, your attitudes, and your whole belief system. Therefore the energy frequency modulation of your body, your surroundings and your world is going to change and you find yourself on a higher dimension, the god/goddess you really have always been.


“All I have on this thank you darling.  We’ll do the cause and cure of physical problems when you have the time for me.”


Val and Valana Thor

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