Interview: The Tazz And Paula Show With Patricia Cota-Robles – 10-20-14

patriciacotaroblesHi Precious Hearts,

This is really a powerful time. We are being held in the embrace of two very powerful Eclipses, the Lunar Eclipse on October 8th and the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd.  What we are thinking and feeling is being greatly amplified.

On an interview I had with Tazz and Paula on their online radio program “Embracing Mother Earth” I was able to share some information that I think will support you during these very interesting times.

Just click on the link below and you can listen to the interview.

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Here is the contact information for Tazz and Paula.

Tazz and Paula Show – Embracing Mother Earth
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Radio Show: 91.5FM KKUP (San Francisco South Bay Counties)
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