Lisa Gawles – The Pineal, The Endocrine, Immune and Circulatory Systems Are In Tremendous Change – 10-17-14

shambhala dnaAfter being held back from seeing a damn thing since Friday, the return to the field, to YOU, did not disappoint in any way.  So I will start from yesterday and work in the ones I have not written about, it all connects and presents such a huge and fuller understanding now anywayz and you are getting so damn exciting!!!

My first lady gave us an eyeful!!  There she was, just to the right of the field (representing our near future) on the new earth, standing in the midst of the most beautiful stream of golden energy pouring down into her and around her body.  As spirit let me see thru the golden shower (giggle) and I was able to view her body and what is happening to her thru this, OMG I about had a baby.

This golden energy was pouring into her crown area, the energy that was coming down around her, she was massaging into her skin.  This golden energy represents the highest of spiritual vibration as well as an intensified magnetic field changing the inside and enhancing the outside.  I was amazed, and beyond excited to have spirit let me see how this is affecting her inside.  The first thing they showed me was her pineal gland… changing.

Anytime in the past when spirit showed me this gland, thru you, it was always a white blob of energy within the center of your head.  Yesterday, I had the utmost privilege of watching this golden energy coming into her pineal gland and fully activate the changes.   From my point of view, it was changing shape, from a pine cone shape to a hexagon shape.  BUT, also, changing from white light to crystalline.  The hexagon shape was made out of pure crystal and looked kinda like this:



I did not see the star of david in it, but the hexagon contains that within its body anywayz.  This is changing so much within our entire body structure, especially the endocrine system, which makes perfect sense.  Our entire body functions are due to the chemical release that is constantly underway.  With such a massive change in energy, many people may be finding themselves feeling off, out of balance, down right sick even.  Trust that this is a heavenly process that MUST happen thru the human incarnate.  There is nothing “wrong” with you.

We are of such a deep and pretty solid belief system that if your body starts to work adversely then something is wrong, we need to hurry up and fix it.  Often times, this delays the outcome and it will have to start all over again.  However, and I am hearing this as I type, if you want to opt out from being at the forefront of DNA change, firmly let your team know so.  They will put you on the bench and let a back up plan (someone else) do the heavy lifting thru these changing times.

I started seeing the energy system of the new earth several days ago thru the very few readings I was able to do.  To my viewing eye, it looked like a mish-mash of multi-color fiberoptics energy tubes going every which way, kinda like this:

new earth system


The inside was hollow, and the filament energy didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason, until yesterday with my golden shower lady.  Now, as I see it more clearly or maybe it is more formed, for whatever reason, it now looks kinda like this (pattern wise):

new earth


I about shit when I realized the pattern I am now seeing as what many would call the new lay lines of earth, are the same shape as the pineal gland.  I so hope you understand the HUGE significance of this.  Our light center within is exactly the same as the light vibration of the new earth.  A true divine reflection and counterpart to each other.

What as also told to her several times by her team and I want to tell you too, because it is soooo important.  As the days, weeks and months pass with her new consciousness, new light center, she is to write down every ah-ha, epiphany, moments of clarity and so on that comes to her thru any given moment.  Nothing is being released in a “linear” fashion, but being emitted by the footsteps that are taken.  It will all come together and when it does, it will be the foundation of the new work you will be doing.

As I was watching this golden energy move thru my amazing lady, I would also see it come thru her root chakra and create what looked like a morse code pattern moving down several of the fiber optic network lines under her feet.  Only this morning am I understanding that there is a true “sound” vibration that is released beneath your feet.  Even if you cannot hear them yet, feel them.  A dash feels different from a dot.  If you can hone into the dots and dashes and understand them, they are telling you which way to go.  The ground beneath you knows!!!  You are encoded into this amazing new earth.  So I grabbed us the morse code translator:



I have got to smile, for whatever reason my eyes just went to the “draft saved” time stamp as I write this and it reads 5:51:11  I never look at that, yet was pulled to it.  Change and light. new beginnings on all levels.  Yup, dats us!!  LOL, I just glanced at the time, again, something I never do until it gets daylight: 5:55  From all the readings yesterday, the one thing I am sure of, spirit is working overtime to get our message to us as clearly and concisely, for which i am sooooo grateful!!

So my next two lady’s, holy cow batman, the things that just simply amaze me and is showing just how much our connections have changed.  They were working in tandem with each other and at this moment, they do not even know each other, at least, not in the physical!!

My second lady showed up in a completely puzzlement to me.  To the right was the new earth, to the left was what spirit is now calling “the shadow earth” meaning, the temporary changing station we just left.  In between the two was…. what spirit called a membrane, but to me looked like a white-tannish dirt.  My lady was completely beneath the dirt shoveling what looked like her way out.  But, again, spirit showed very clearly what she was really doing… dissolving the membrane that has kept the shadow earth and the new earth connected as we move thru this electrical process still underway.  However, they also made very clear to her, this is part of her mastery she will be bringing to the new earth.  There were specific details her team told her about what that is, that I cannot seem to recall this morning.  However, it is exciting to me to finally hear spirit helping you know where to focus your talents and how to start perfecting them.

What I found interesting, as I watched her put shovel after shovel of this membrane dirt up and out of the hole she was in, it disappeared.  No big pile of dirt anywhere.  Her team said it was being transmute and filling the new air space.  Hmmmmmmm….!!!

My third lady showed up to make this all clearer.  Again, showing the divinity in the line up of any given days agenda.  She was standing in the east field, literally right out my back door and I could see these energy balls shooting out of the palm of her hands going over towards that membrane area that just showed up with my previous lady.  Then I about shit when I could still see my second lady shoveling within that membrane and my third lady was hitting the “dirt” with her energy balls and transmuting the dirt into a higher form of oxygen for our new earth.

In all my years of readings, I have never witness such an amazing thing as one reading overlapping another and being relevant to the interactive process underway.

Like my lady before her, she was given instruction on how to perfect the new energy work that is already coming out of her, to help others who are making the transition from old earth to new earth.  And I want to say this because it is going to be true for soooo many people, there is not a soul on earth that can teach her what she is bringing to the party.  Trusting your inner guidance and practicing as often as you can, that is the key to your own perfection and what you really came here to do in this massive time of incredible change.

And then my last lady on the field, holy shit did she ever help me understand me in that incredible divine moment of our connection.  Unlike my golden shower lady, she showed up on the new earth, still jogged to the right in a large orb of light.  Her team said it was a cell surrounding her.  It was stunningly beautiful, a white-blue inside with a deeper steel blueish color surrounding it.  Kinda like this, minute anything in the middle and completely round:


There were also three repetitive silver lighting bolts that kept coming into the left side of her cell, the electrical infusion as her new cellular network comes online.  Spirit was completely talking about the cells that make up the blood, they showed me an image of her circulatory system and even referred to it as “an army of light.”  They also said this is going to be the foundation of her new work as we move forward, but sadly they were bringing that info thru me, which I could not understand (yet) how she will use this.  However, I did take to google after we hung up to look for the circulator system and found this stunning diagram titled “blood flow thru the heart”:


The fact that the silver (representing the highest vibration of earth energy possible) was coming into her left side, the blood carrying the oxygenated blood was being changed as i watched.  But what made me even more excited about this diagram, look at the centers where “gas” is exchanged (I had no clue) very much where our energy centers are.  Equally, look at the throat area, it is different from the other 6 places and should be approached differently as we perfect our new energy works.

So if we look at the entirety of the day, our pineal gland is changing as we speak, our endocrine system is changing, our immune system is changing, the very blood in our system is changing.  Everything that makes us tick is under radical change and can only happen with the human incarnate.  This is a full on biological ascension and MUST happen thru the human.

Most humans do not like being uncomfortable or even get scared when something seems incredibly “wrong.”  Since October of last year, my own personal biology has gone thru the wringer many times over.  The first half of this year, I lost my voice more than I had a voice and now, even tho my lungs are still changing, my voice is not longer affected.  I do have a 1.1 centimeter growth over my hyoid bone, which, as I understand now, houses the light energy that is needed for what I do.

Over this same time period, my white blood cell count has been on the rise, intensified as of this past July to present.  I went for follow up lab work with my oncologist Wednesday and now both my white cells and my LDH levels have gone up higher than they ever were over this last year, higher than even when I had my melanoma in December 2012.  My oncologist decided to stop looking into my chest for what may be causing this and has now ordered new tests to see if I may have cancer of the blood.  I also go next thursday, the 23rd (at 3pm) to get a marrow extraction (now that scares me, the stabbing of my ass with a long needle lol) to rule in or rule out leukemia or lymphoma.  What I find interesting, when I was there for my last labs on August 29th and he talked to me about the white blood cells, the first thing that came to my mind was leukemia since that targets the production of white cells in the marrow.  I was thrilled to hear him say this has nothing to do with melanoma, lets look here.  Yay!!

On my way home from my oncologist, my team said that in order to get to the final results, the biology has to be stripped down and allow for what needs to happen, to happen.  Which, with a surplus of white blood cells kicking about, the body no longer productively fights infection.  Hence my year-long process with…. stuff.  But if this is the way it needs to be done, I am a willing player in the field of life.  Thank God I have the most understanding clients in all the multiverses when it comes to rescheduling.

The first thing I did when i got home was talk to my children.  I was on the fence of stating it publicly, simply because of my melanoma journey… I get more links and more advice than i really will do anything with, not that it is not appreciated, I know the place of love and caring it comes from.  However, I am in this with my body and my body only and take direction from it.  It knows intimately what needs to be done and how and I honor it on every level.  But my beautiful children instantly put prayers out on their facebook wall… forcing me off the fence!!  lol

When I woke up thursday morning and pondered putting out a blog, my team repeated over and over again “if you want to have it all, would you be first willing to give it all up.”  They have said that many times over the years and I think we (I) only think of outer stuff; jobs, relationships, possessions, dwellings… but how could it not include our very biology too.  We all know there are many other bodies, babies being born, to get back into the game.  Instead of a blog, I pondered that deeply and could come no other choice but… of course.

Now with that said, I am doing nothing until any and all of my tests come in.  Once in, if there is something I need to understand with my blood, i will go into meditation, just like I did with my melanoma journey and seek direction and apply it and of course, fire up my “Can-Seer” blog again lol.

As all the readings, the profound understandings came thru yesterday, my team showed me an image, that applies to all of us.  They showed me an intense storm system circulating over water, the winds, the rains, the lightning,  all changing the makeup of that water.  It stirs up the bottom, pulling things up into life that had been dormant for an eternity.  It is volatile, intense, and needed.  Somethings survive and somethings change so much as to appear destroyed.  The very same thing is happening thru us.  It was not even 5 minutes after my team showed me this than I seen a picture on my facebook from Gretchen Rainforest who has some of the most amazing pictures she shares so freely:

gretchen rainforest's pic

With this caption:  Earlier this Evening ~ the Approaching Storm later when it arrived there was one big “Bang” sounded like a canon went off!! and a flash of light at the same time…was Very Near……then the skies opened with a wall of water..Awesome!!

WE are the next big bang history will write about.  Fear not, it is an amazing opportunity to Serve!!

I love you all so flipping much and am beyond grateful for your love returned!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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