Awaken the Buddha Nature Within – admasambhava11 – 10-17-14


During the time between yugas or eras there is a transition time called a rishis period.   There is much debate at when this period begins and ends, but many of the astrological markers in the Vedas, Kalachakra Tantra and Hebrew literature are actually occurring now.  The Kali Yuga is the darkest and shortest yuga cycle.  Many Vedic astronomers will claim we have 427,000 years remaining, but the ancients monitored both minor and major cycles.  We really do not have to wait another 427,000 more years before the rulers of earth become plunderers.  The great shift of the ages is upon us right now and that is why you have been bombarded with so much false information, and the world outside seems to be getting worse.

In some ways, the fall in consciousness that occurs during the end of the Kali Yuga helps attract some of the darkness here.    Human faith and hope are one of our greatest qualities, so don’t be down on yourself too much if you have placed faith in some guru or galactic saviours racing in to change our situation.  The higher worlds would simply not interfere this way and a guru should not accept visa or mastarcard. Change will ultimately be up to the souls incarnated here.   People are starting to awaken to the fact that a hidden hand has controlled much of the world for far too long.  However, much of the alternative message is also being controlled and censored.  People are constantly given dates, timeline of events and all sorts of wonderful promises that always fail to eventuate.  People usually begin to loose hope during this second awakening stage.   Many feel compelled to warn others, but it is kind of like running into a kindergarten and telling all the kids Santa Clause is a fraud.

All this side show is just another way to take your eyes of the real prize and that is attaining enlightenment.  It should not be waved around like a carrot, but perpetual bliss is the destiny of all sentient beings.  You are not some tweaked down strand of useless DNA that can proceed until you get an upgrade.  In addition, the soul that dwells within you is already divine and does not require alien technology to shine as bright as a billion suns.  No amount of yoga or siting can purify your soul any more than it is right now.  Most of our defilements come from the mind and body only.  The mind, body and soul are just not in the proper position for you to experience full consciousness.  What if there was a way to shift this inner orb of god light much sooner so everyone could attain enlightenment through their own efforts?  Everyone has what it takes right now  to attain full enlightenment.

All the avatars, old souls, star seeds, and drifters came here to help change consciousness. We will not manifest a golden age if we are not talking the steps to awaken the Buddha-nature within right now.  Have you ever noticed the pictures of orbs being taken with digital cameras all over the world?  Look closer and you will see a Buddhist/hindu dharma wheel in them.  Then you will see smaller circles and each of these is many lifetimes of knowledge.  This is your own personal dharma wheel of samsara.  It does not matter if you call it the atma, spirit, soul, god spark or Buddha nature.  It attaches to the lower chakras many months before birth.  This is why your heart chakra hurts when you grieve.  Also when you get scared you place your hand over this area.

When you see a halo over a gurus painting it is simply a person that has shifted this orb from the lower chakras to the crown chakra.    This is where a more complete meditation technique like kriya yoga or vajrayana are extremely effective.   It is very important your ultimate meditation focuses on the region at the base of the spine so this orb can be shifted.  However, what if there were some other factors that are crucial to attaining full consciousness.  We knew much about the hidden yoga in our past and it was hidden intentionally.

Have you ever taken a few  minutes in nature and realised that we are already living in the eden.  The only thing that needs to change is our consciousness.  Once global consciousness changes the golden age will begin to fully manifest.  Enlightenment is an individual responsibility, but it will come much sooner if you know how to breath natural prana deep into the base of the spine, and understand the mysteries of the Kalachakra Tantra.

The Kalchakra Tantra was a separate teaching Shakyumuni Buddha gave to the first kalki king.  This King of shamballa recorded the teaching and shamballa became an inner world of enlightened beings.  Like most surface beliefs and teaching the original Kalchakra tantra was lost and we only have an abridged version now.

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