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In theosophy as well as Anthroposophy, they use the term akashic records; akasha in Sanskrit, which means sky/space or aether; to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge which is encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.  In Anthroposphy, the idea of obtaining the information, the knowledge of the records that are kept not in the physical world, but able to obtain through inspiration and imagination. They described the records as containing the knowledge of human experience and the history of our cosmos.  They are described in terms as being a library as well as a universal supercomputer and perhaps, even the mind of God.  People who say they have knowledge of the akashic records say that the records are always being updated, and that they can be accessed through astral projection, or at a time when the mind is not in a normal state of rest nor activity, such as during hypnosis.  The idea of these records became popular in the theosophical movements of the 19th century, coming from the Hindu philosophy of Samkhya.

Akasha in Samkhya philosophy is the same as what Arostotle called the aether, (ether) which is but one of the five types of atoms visualized as existing in the atomic theory of ancient India, and called Mahabuta.  The aether is the material that fills the area above the terrestrial sphere.  It means clear sky or fresh air and in ancient Greece it is the region where the gods existed.

In Buddism it is taught that one reason people knew Gautama Buddha had attained his enlightenment as a Buddhha was because he was able to recall all of the details of his past lives.  He simply accessed them on the akashic records.  New Agers also use the term in their discourse.

This is a great idea, a never ending, always growing library for all beings to access and learn only for their current lives, but to learn from their past lives, which would be ideal. I’ve noticed in very young children that they seem to bring with them some knowledge of their former life or lives as though they were shown the akashic records before incarnating to their current life and allowed to keep that memory for only a brief period. Only the very articulate wee ones can express these memories for it fades away once they have lived in their current environment among family and friends. It is as though they have this knowledge to help them maneuver in their new world in an understanding so they won’t be an absolute blank slate. I believe that the children who seem to be sort of “slow” or don’t awaken to their education as early as they should are new souls, or perhaps they were not properly trained with the akashic records before departing the higher realm and entering into this lower level of existence. Perhaps they are being sent out into the world with no previous knowledge to help them because that is part of their punishment for past transgressions, to go blindly into the world, but if you have started your enlightenment with the good deeds of past lives, the rewards you have been promised, one of them is to have the foreknowledge and to have it engrained into your mind as a guide and as you learn more in the current life, those lessons fall into the background, running without your conscious knowledge, but guiding you and it is then thought of as intuition. You intuitively know not to make the same mistakes you made in a past life because it is part of your brain’s inner knowledge. We all have those moments when we are faced with a situation where you know in your head you should not do something, and yet you do it and face the consequences. If you act on that “gut feeling” you then avoid those consequences.

Let me tell you some examples that I have seen and faced in my Contact’s life. She has four children and her last two are only 11 months apart. When the girl was 3 years old she began telling Claudia that when Claudia was the little girl and she was the mama, she taught Claudia how to cook and bake and to clean house. Claudia, being the house work hater just laughed and said “Thanks for the house work” but as the stories kept emerging from her daughter, Claudia realized that the wee one was telling her things that only her own mother…who passed away when Claudia was 14 years old…would know these things that had happened between she and Claudia. No one was in the house except Claudia, her two toddler brothers (who were actually napping when one event took place) and her mother, and it was during a time when her mother was very ill and kept telling Claudia that she would not be around to finish her job as her mother so to pay attention to what she was trying to teach her. The little 3 year old told Claudia exactly what that exchange between the two of them consisted of. Needless to say, Claudia was shocked and asked the child to tell her more and the little girl did. She even said they lived in the little house that Claudia and her family had just moved out of because she and her husband had bought that house when Claudia was expecting her daughter. She said things that Claudia had never shared with her kids nor her husband, so the child did not overhear a conversation and formulate it into her own understanding. She even told Claudia what recipes were her favorite as her mother, Claudia’s mother, was an excellent cook and an even better baker. Every kid in the neighborhood would smell her oatmeal raisin spice cookies baking and would show up in the yard to hang out with Claudia and her brother because her mother would hand out cookies. Later in life one of the boys who grew up with her was over her house and even asked her if she had that recipe so he could go home and bake the cookies for his kids and himself as he missed them so much and spoke fondly of those days. Very memorable cookies indeed! Today, that little girl is a grown woman who has her own baking business. She makes cakes, cookies, candies, and other baked goods and even made the wedding cake for one of her brother’s weddings. She does quite well, but oddly, she does not make those cookies nor does she do too many pies well, which were also a specialty of Claudia’s mother. She just says it is some kind of mental block that she just can’t do it…but her brother 11 months younger than she is the one who makes the pies for gatherings.

One day driving down the road while the two older boys were in school, the two little ones being 3 years old and 2 years old, were sitting in the front seat with Claudia (pre-seat belt days and baby seat days) and they were not speaking aloud that Claudia could hear, but they had their little heads together, giggling about something Claudia did not hear nor see so she asked them “Why are you two monkeys laughing?” and her daughter said “Oh, we were just talking about when we were in the waiting room…waiting to be born. We had a game we liked to play and it was fun!” the boy nodded an affirmative to that. “A waiting room?” Claudia inquired “Yes, Mama, we all wait in a big bright white waiting room when it is close to time for us to be born. We had so much fun together we wanted to both be born to you. That is why he is close to my age” the kids knew from conversations, we supposed, that their 11 months apart was unusual. “Het wanted to be your baby” she smiled and the boy laughed and kissed his mama’s arm as she drove. Thing is, the two seemed to know that if the boy were to be born to the family as he desired, it had to be right away after the girl because Claudia’s doctor had told her not to have any more babies.

These type of stories faded after the kids reached kindergarten age. Everyone just thought their closeness was due to their age nearness. They had no in-depth answers for where the white waiting room was or where they were before the waiting room. The girl would often just say in a manner to brush off the question “Oh, I was just with some other family” and leave it at that.

Now the second child has a son who when he was about to turn 2 years old he came to Claudia crying “Please Nana, please eat something” and she looked at him and asked “Are you hungry? I’ll fix you lunch” and they boy shook his head “no”. She thought perhaps that he had been aware of her stomach surgery and thought she was not eating, but then he began a tale that was familiar in the sense it was about a lifetime before. “My mother, she died because she didn’t eat”.

“No, Honey, your mother is at work. She is fine”.

“Not THIS mother…my mother before”.

“Baby, you have only had one mother”.

“No I haven’t. I’ve had many…but the last one she did not eat and she died. And five members of my family as well! They refused to eat and they died. All they had to do was to eat something” and the tears started pouring out of him. Claudia hugged him and comforted him and promised him she would eat and so would his family.

“It does not make others do what you want if you don’t eat. They just let you die” he finally sighed.

This boy also moved into an old house that was built in 1860 and began telling anyone who would listen to him about the people he sees, names and all and how they inhabit his house and come to him. He said they were dead and they could not understand how a 2 year old could understand death, but he seemed to have a grasp on it. One of the visitors to him was a little girl he said her name was Marcia and she had red hair and was in a cage and that her family starved her to death. In the days when that house was built, people did put others in cages and a retarded child would be a hindrance to the everyday chores and need to be put in a place considered safe so mother and others could to their work. Claudia told her son that he should look up the history of the house to see if these people the boy describes lived there. It is a well-documented home as it was the founding people of that area. Streets, a lake and other things are named for that family. Other things have happened with his daughter  as well who, is only 1 year younger than his son…another close birth. He is a nonbeliever, but some events he and his wife have since had in that house has changed his bullheadedness on the subject.

So why do souls linger in the lower planes? Perhaps they are afraid to level up or are unaware they have left the physical body, or just too earthbound that they feel the need to stay. Maybe the one who built the place is attached to it because it was the greatest achievement of his life or a pride for him. It is understandable, I would think, that a young girl, kept in a cage and starved would linger. Plus perhaps wanted to play with the boy and he liked her around, but now he is older now and only speaks of her to Claudia now and then.

How does a 2 year old make up names he has never heard before? The family could never find a Marcia in any of the TV shows he watched or in his life, and no little red headed girls. He still tells Claudia

that he knows they are there, he just tells others he was just teasing. He told her he hates being in his bedroom alone but at least the big man who is there allows him to sleep in his own bed now. When he speaks of Marcia, he cries and shakes his head and says “that poor girl”.

In the yard is a very large oak tree, most likely planted for shade near the house back in the 1800s. The boy told Claudia that he doesn’t want his daddy to cut it down because the naked people he sees in the yard

doesn’t want it to be cut down. ‘Naked?” then he described loin clothes Native Americans wore and he talked about them being darker people who were kind to him.

Perhaps when mediums and so called ghost hunters try to send the wandering souls to the light, they should instead send them to the akashic records library. Maybe they should let them know that if they access the library they can have answers and soothe their disturbed souls, to heal their anger and pain, for a soul that wanders the earth and stays where it was most wanted or lived and loved, they are truly souls in agony, not understanding why the ones they loved the most are not with them. They may feel they did not die because their loved ones who passed before them were not there to bring them into the realm of Heaven. Young children passing long before their time and before the adults that loved and attended to them would be confused and not know to move on.

The akashic records are there for the souls who strive to understand, to become enlightened, or as I always say…to “become” and in becoming we grow and prosper spiritually. Each life is a rung in the ladder of “becoming”.  Each lesson learned, truly learned not just known, but ones that we understand and use and put into practice is a step up for the soul in its everlasting, ever being journey.

Think of your soul’s journey as taking steps to creating a more perfect model of you. You make these journeys with each life lived and when you are in the “holding pattern” you are at a way station somewhere in the ether, learning more by going over each life and noting what you did wrong, what you did right and being tested and asked “Do you want to make the trip again? How much have you learned? Are you willing to continue this education?” For those who answer no, perhaps they are kept in this sort of way station, where they cannot materialize as a physical being and maybe the souls who are evil or angry keep their holding pattern in what humans perceive as an underworld of darkness and deceit and so they create chaos and havoc with the physical beings on the level they once lived. They linger there, side by side with the demons and Satan who was given rule over the earth, meaning that Satan once having been an angel himself, can walk the earth among the humans, enticing them to do wrong and winning over their souls for his own wicked pleasure. These souls haunt and harm, deceive and destroy everything of the light that they can manage. All souls that haunt are not evil but all evil will haunt and attempt destruction to the point of no return. A soul lost forever in the depths of darkness cannot access the akashic records and cannot grow and prosper, so perhaps as sensitive and intuitive people it is their Karma, their duties to point out the fact that a soul can be mended and redeem itself, but first they must see the errors of their ways and the wickedness of the one that embraces them in the depths of darkness…Hell…or whatever title we tag to the never-ending horrendous “burning” (for lack of a better description) of the essence of a being.

There are also souls who prefer to return to the physical plane over and over. They are anchored in the carnal aspects of life. They prefer to feel the many emotions and physical pleasures and even displeasures that a physical body affords one. Hopefully these souls will advance at some time and become more in tune to their spiritual needs.

Also there are the souls who do the same thing, but not for the carnal pleasures, but rather to become Masters. To have so much knowledge and strength and desires to lead others into a grander and more fulfilling spirit. They are the souls who when their journeys are through, when they have lived up to all that is needed to be enlightened and strong in the light, are lifted upward into the Heavens without having to go through the way station scenario. I would put our Master, Jesus the Christ, and those good souls like Gandhi and even Mother Teresa in this category, as well as many more who have put their lives on hold to help others. Who put themselves in danger in order to be giving for other souls to advance. They advance themselves and are the pillars of strength and devotion we all need.

While this is not a lesson or a pulpit moment, I still lift my voice to you, oh Lord to let you know that you are always in my thoughts. I am not here to ask for any favors, but rather to bring you hopes and determination from good souls, good people that read my words and look for answers and their salvation through love and light. Let them feel loved. Let them know light and please, let them know the answers that only their own actions either now or in the past can help them to “become” to develop into the greatness they were born to be…over and over in their soul’s long journeys.



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