Montague Keen Message – 10-12-14

montague_keen_veronica13Montague Keen – October 12, 2014


You will have cause to remember these words as you proceed towards 2015.

Be aware and informed so that your decisions are arrived atonly after all options are studied.

Scare tactics are being used to influence all decisionsthat affect your very existence.

The unseen battle is raging allaround you.

Propaganda is at an all time high.

Everything possible is beingused to keep control of your world.

They have the technology and are using itagainst you:health, banking, laws;

it is all being used to destroy the conscious human being.

Those of you who are awake and aware must reach out to those who need a helping hand to wake up.

There has never beena greater need for humanity to come together than now.

Put aside all differences, whether religion, politics, or race.

You must stand together as one against the destruction of your planet and life as you know it.

Together,you can achieve great things.

It is important that you are aware of all the ways that you are being attacked sothat you can protect yourselves.

You must also be prepared for the collapse of the cabal and what that entails.

It will be necessary for you to learn a new way of living life on Earth.

Look at what the cabal controls:

theproduction of food and supply of water, banking,

just about everything that is necessary for life on Earth asyou have lived it up to now. Veronica and I have communicated on this subject for many years now.

She willfollow my instructions regarding the laboratories that will produce natural medications

that will be neededwhen all drug-based medicine is no longer being produced.

Your whole way of life will change.

It will be necessary to ensure that there is clean air to breathe, pure water, and food without chemicals.

All the illness is caused by the chemicals which your bodies have not been able to tolerate.

Hard work and planning will have to go into life in the new age of peace and love.

Once everything is in place it will be as paradise on Earth.

You are the chosen ones as you chose to prepare your planet for its bright new future.

When all that is corrupt is removed, you will be left with a clean sheet.

You will be guided by your friends from other planets, and of course, the spirit side of life.

Knowledge will be shared by all countries and humanity will become ONE;

with all contributing in friendship, love and peace.

This is the future you are working towards.

Our Centres will provide information, advice and guidance.

Humanity cannot be left floundering, unsure of what to do.

Our grateful thanks go out to all who have donated to the purchase of our first Centre.

Know that your contributions will be used to create a better life for all.

It is important that you are fully aware that many are being taken over

by a virus which invades the brain. This virus is not of the medical type.

It is being used to work for the cabal, especially to attack those who work towards peace and harmony.

People are unaware of this virus which attacks the brain.

They become unwilling victims, to be pitied rather than blamed.

Humanity is being attacked on many levels that you are not yet aware of.

All this is balanced by the many beautiful souls who have awakened and

come together for the good of humanity and your planet.

They have put aside all contrived differences and they look to

a better future for all in a world without war or strife of any sort.

A world where TRUTH will prevail.

You will learn your true history and you will come to

understand life on Earth in all its complexity.

All that was hidden will be open to you, for it is necessary to know the TRUTH.

Those who surreptitiously took control of your world for their own evil ends

will have to face the consequences of their actions.

They have killed with impunity and they have showed no respect for human life.

All this will change, and each one of you will have a hand in bringing about this change.

Deal with the present, look to the future,and know that you will make it happen.

Rebuff all attempts to hold you in the dark control.

It is time to release yourselves from bondage.

Taste freedom and enjoy all that freedom – real freedom – will bring.

You have taken the first steps towards your goal.You will succeed.

You now see through all the LIES, false alarms, emergencies, and the rest.

These no longer have the desired impact.

The ley line work must continue.

You are doing sterling work on the ley lines.

The new ley lines need to be welcomed and embraced.

You are becoming familiar with how your planet works and

are happy to assist it through these difficult times.

It will not be long, my dear. We are almost there. Truth will triumph.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica

The only reason I shared information on my attacks is to

make you aware of the signals coming from your body when it is under attack.

I was not aware of these signals, otherwise I could have removed myself from danger.

People from other countries have contacted me about their attacks.

It is important to share such information.

It was by no means a display of fear.

If I had allowed fear to take hold,

I would have gone in the ambulance to the hospital in Dublin.

I KNEW that I must not agree to that, so I trusted my instinct.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.

With love, Veronica. Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


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