KRYON – The Future of The Earth – Advanced Civilizations Do Not Require Technology – Overcoming Wisdom Barrier – At that time Dark Entities CANNOT GET IN – Understanding use of Dark Matter – Learn Physics, Laws of Consciousness – Attributes Are Quantum – The Benevolence Factor – You Control The Outcome of the Physics – Spiral Delivery of Consciousness – Pleiadians: at that Point, Our Evolution Is Exponential – Our Awakened Potential – Creation Out Of Nothing – Peace On Earth Is The Beginning – Ending of this Channel is Spectacular!

Poet Mountain

Kryon – The Future of The Earth HD
June 29, 2014 * Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Dr. Amber Wolf – Opening Meditation 00:0002:25:00
Lee Carroll – Main Channelling 02:27:0034:11:00
DJ Poet – Moving Parts (Electric DNA)
Poet Mountain Video Production 2014
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