Valana Terese Thor – Midnight Coffee Break w Fleet Commander Valiant Thor – 10-7-14

Commander Valiant Thor


We have not done this in awhile but because I want to get as much of his info as possible chronicled, and I’ve lost more than I’ve written in the past for our websites, we’re going to do what we have called, our midnight coffee break. Do not be alarmed if you do not believe in coffee drinking as neither of us drink coffee at the time as I write and he talks.  He does at times sip on a cup of what he calls his black herb tea, an herb grown there on the ship  with their other food supplies. 

We have evolved a list of questions I will ask and he will answer. Some I have listed that he may or may not answer but the Commander is very quick to say “no comment” if he does not wish to discuss it.

Let’s get started.  We discussed a few moments ago of the prediction you made back when the world Olympics was quartered I think in London, not sure of where but there was much discussion and channeled information going around that the ETs would make an appearance over the Olympics of some size enough to prove to the world their existence. And your response was what?

“My response was it will not happen.  I also added that if it did it probably would be the fake invasion which was then on the drawing board for a certain faction to take over control of the whole world with the help of renegade off worlders.  I also added that I would see to it that it did not happen as I had Black Eagle protection over the planet cloaked at the time to make sure it did not happen.”


By cloaked do you mean as it’s explained on Star Trek?

“No, Star Trek is highly technical and has good information obtained by the original writer from a ship he was taken to but the cloaking devise is not one of them.   At this time it would be better understood because of the acceptance of the Super String Theory by many of your Quantum Scientists of today. What we actually do is raise the frequency of the ships’ molecular structures to a higher vibratory rate which makes them invisible to the naked eye of the Earthians but they are still very much in tact and present though not seen. “


I believe you remarked at that time if they wanted a real star wars to try it and it did not happen as you said. That was another correct prediction or statement.

“While on the subject of predictions don’t forget we wrote they would not find the missing Malaysian airliner where they were looking and they did not. The airliner did not crash it landed in a pre-determined location and that situation is still sitting on our front burner as we watch what unfolds. It was possibly meant to house nuclear to be sent into either Israel or another location  but that has not yet happened.  That project has not yet been abandoned.”


You have stated your Command ship is not armed and why is that?

“I do not need weapons I have ample protection from my Black Eagle fleet housed on my top deck as other of the command ships do. These ships are highly weaponized.  These weapons are used either in self defense of the fleets or for protection of unprotected planets under our protection. If I transport a VIP I reassign my Black Eagles to another command ship.  They take turns with others staying in the skies surrounding planets under our protection but not close in, they are far away as the danger we protect from comes from other parts of space and not from the planet itself.”


Why are they not self-protected?

“They have joined the Universal Confederation of advanced civilizations that spend their time with research into better technologies for the betterment of their people. They do not use all their time creating more and more weapons of mass destruction. They have turned their safely over to us, the Universal Protection Fleets. I’m only a Commander over the Altair Division, there are other planetary divisions spanning the known and unknown parts of the Universe. That was one of the big hangups in my proposal as before we can share much higher technology with your planet they would have to disarm every nation and of course that was not even held in mind for a moment.  I’m sure it seems I might have wanted to have them disarm to come in and take possession but there was nothing in their arsenal of weapons that could have stopped us had we wanted to do so at the time and nothing now that could stop us if we wanted to come and take control.  And doubtful there will be for many generations to come, and those generations will never come if they continue the wars on your planet.”


Another reason your ship has no weapons aboard.

“I use the ship to transport various VIP’s that need a ride where they need to go,  and because of their current technology cannot go.  No armed ship is allowed to dock on any of the planets under our protection.  That’s what we are for basically is the protection of planets under our assignment. And we are empowered to adequately protect from anything that might try to do a real ‘take over’ of a planet.”


Is planet Earth your specific assignment at this time?

“Not fully, no, I have several civilizations for which my group is responsible. They are not all in this solar system. “


How many fleets do you have in this solar system at this time?

“No comment as that is a part of my security not needing to be disclosed.”


Are all beings in the universe basically Nordic in body type?

“All that are birthed on planets similar to yours”


If I were to be born on say, a  Beta Reticuli planet, would I be like I am now or a another race?

“Actually race is a misnomer.  All beings are some part of the ONE Infinite creative force you call God in religion, regardless of body form. That is determined entirely from  the planet of birth.  But you would still be “human” rather than animal. And I use the term “human” to mean a God-being, one with the inner spark of divinity which makes them a part of the ONE Infinite Creative Force of Mind from which all creation stems.”


Then you are what we term “human” though not birthed on this planet or one similar.

“That’s how you view me! <laughing>


I’m not being fascitious I’m trying to chronicle information.

“I know, I’m teasing you a bit. Yes I am what you term human or Nordic! Actually what is called there on the planet Greys, Reptilians, Sirians, Pleadeans, Altairians etc are also human.  The body type depends on the planet of birth, has nothing to do with Spirit which is some part of the ONE Creative force.”


What did we start out with in the beginning? Were we in Nordic form, or some other form?

“In the actual beginning we were none of the above. We were and are and always will be “Spirits”.  We live in a body form that best fits our location.  On your planet most have tendency to sort and separate people by race and all are actually the same in reality, which is Spirit not body. You are “A” spirit, you have a soul consisting of your emotional and mental bodies, and you dwell in a physical temple you call the body. The holds true of all creations depending on the planet of birth they have bodies that are best sustained by that planet. You might reincarnate elsewhere and in a totally different type of body, it all depends on place of birth and where the body will be used during that lifetime.”


Did the bodies in which we live in on this planet develop through the animal kingdom?

“No, it did not.”


Then Darwin’s theory is defunct?

“Not at all. Darwin was very accurate with his theory up to the intelligent being that is Spirt, soul and body. That is a  creation of the ONE not a baboon or monkey.”


Some teach animals have spirits.

“Animals do not have “spirits” they have the soul with some degree of intelligence and certainly they feel emotion.  There are circumstances where souls that just did not made the grade over and over and over have been put back in animal bodies for a few incarnations so as to develop the desire to advance, not as punishment but for their own sake or they would never advance spiritually. “


Yes, Donn explained not long ago in some message that those were the animals used in sacrifice in the Jewish Temple.

“Quite correct. That is the reason it is stated the sacrifice had to be perfect. Only those “human” spirits that were relegated to be birthed in an animal body were perfected enough to be used as a sacrifice. In fact, that is the secret reason for the sacrifices. Not for some blood thirsty God but for the sake of the animal to release them as they were ready to move back into a higher incarnation and some actually came to the Temples to offer themselves as sacrificial offerings to be released from the animal body.  It would not be a pleasant thing, knowing you were what you term ‘human’ and find yourself in an animal soul.”


Donn explained the sacrifices were painless.

“Yes, very painless the animal suffers no pain nor emotional upset so the meat itself, they call kosher, is fine for eating. They know exactly how and where to inject the knife that is very painless in itself and the animal feels nothing but air coming from him and dies very peacefully.  The meat if eaten has no low and emotional effect on the eater. The sacrifices have not been understood and they must be reinstatged as there are souls still confined in animal bodies that must be released. “


Why would they not just die and return to a higher incarnation?

“They possibly could but if you were in an animal body that had a very long life ahead of you, I believe you or anyone else would prefer a painless and quick death to move on quickly.  Those spirits are those that just continued in such evil doing and would not repent, feel any remorse over their actions nor try in any way to change. Those are the very few souls relegated back into the animal stage.”

We’re not quite finished with the questions we discussed earlier but it’s getting quite long and I think time to stop at this point, besides, its almost 4:30 a.m. and I have not been to sleep and I’m getting sleepy.

“Sounds like your regular working hours with me! <chuckle> Alright, we’ll continue at another time.  Goodnight darling.”

Goodnight Commander. 


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