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11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration to a Higher Frequency

by Judi Lynch


We are in the middle of a new era, blooming and dawning, waking us to a spiritual evolution never seen before on this planet. The vibrational energies available to us are charged with holy light and astounding in their capabilities to heal and sustain us through these changes. We are learning how to process, understand and tap into their secrets. Here are 11 ways you can consciously raise your vibration to reach these higher energies.

11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration Tip #1 Own your personal soul themes. When you are able to see the patterns, the lessons, the synchronicities that are this human life on Earth your soul themes will come bursting through. They will kick your butt at every turn in life if you refuse to face them. You may have themes of compassion, charity, understanding, mentoring, relationships, etc. that challenge you until you release the resistance to distance yourself from facing your own fears. You will find out that once you face them, they become miniscule compared to your fear.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #2 Forgiving, letting go, and learning how to live in the now. As we get older, we have so much more to process. We had experiences that have changed us, stunned us, and left us in awe, sometimes desperate in our need. When we understand how to learn from those things and keep moving forward without attaching ourselves to the negativity or judging ourselves for having human emotions, we rise up in spirit. See yourself as a survivor and never as a victim. Help to lift others up who have been where you were when you needed to forgive. Know that you have a purpose in reaching out to help others heal.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #3 Remembering every day you are alive on this planet, that you are a soul, a light being lives inside your body, you are a miracle! You were created in love. You can fill yourself with divine energy at any time. Your soul very much wants you to remember this in everything you do and everywhere you go, you are pure energy. The whole Universe and those beyond are filled with pure radiant beautiful light filled energy. Send out love to every living being and know that love will always surround you.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #4 Practice meditation to open your chakra centers! It gives you the ability to fill them with light that is felt physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing Light Vibrational Energy is created through practice. This transmits waves of energy that assist in spirit communication, heightened intuition and the ability to heal the body by touch or close proximity to the energy, hitherto healing others as well.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #5 The amazing phenomenon of seeing energy fields around you. In nature; mountain ranges, beaches, open waters are an amazing way to help your human eyes adjust to seeing energy fields. They exist everywhere but in certain areas on Earth the energy is vibrating at miraculous levels. It can be felt by most people the minute they step into one but it can also be seen from great distances away. Things will “glow” the way they actually do with spiritual eyes. This is how souls who have transcended to light describe Heaven. It is glowing with light!

Raise Your Vibration Tip #6 Looking for the beauty in everything. Notice the things you may have never seen before. The beauty in nature, people, art, objects, the color of the sky, a full moon. Appreciation for the things people create which inspire us, transform and heal us. You will begin to see the colorful energy auras around people, places and things. Stepping outside of ourselves and truly seeing the beauty which our Creator has provided to us anytime we feel lost or lonely, needing hope and inspiration. Seeing the bigger picture. Everything has an aura.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #7 Remembering to explore, question and be curious. Seeing life as an adventure of the eternal soul. I’ve been here before, I may be here again and I want to learn, grow, travel, resonate and be! Having enthusiasm for the life you came here to live and purpose you came to fulfill. Acceptance of other races, religions, cultures, loving humanity and accepting your own evolution and ascension.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #8 Knowing you have spiritual assistance at all times. Work on the connections between you and your spirit guides, healing guides, ascended masters and angels. The spiritual consciousness is very much alive inside these radiant beings that assist us in these lives we chose to live out here. Their love, guidance, and protection is the Universe saying, “I’ve got your back!”

Raise Your Vibration Tip #9 Protecting your personal energy fields. Setting boundaries, learning to transmute and channel energy. Setting the energy field around you to deflect and dissipate negativity. Learn how to heighten and change the frequency for healing and intuition. Knowing the ways you can read the energy of others, recognize control dramas between people and be a peacemaker in delicate situations. How to bring down frantic situations to the balance point and shielding from psychic attacks and those who are energy drains or “psychic vampires” as they are described.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #10 Taking good care of your body, mind and soul through positive actions. Proper nutrition, exercise, healthy thoughts, having a support system around you. All these things help you to keep grounded and help your channels keep clear–open to receive. Super foods that are filled with anti-oxidants, natural vitamins and minerals give the body a huge defense system over all the chemicals and pollutants that exist in our world. They help to protect you from aging, memory loss, depression and anxiety naturally. Your body will always respond to eating well, exercising and the daily ritual of meditation for cleansing and clarity.

Raise Your Vibration Tip #11 Belief in Miracles! The unseen force which brings us light, healing and endless LOVE can create and manifest your reality. It overcomes and overtakes all that holds you back. It takes away fear and brings in courage. Knowing that anything and everything is possible because it is created in pure love energy. What is changing and will continue to evolve this planet into a new era, we have only begun to imagine.

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Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, spiritual adviser, healing energy channel, author and teacher. She is the co-founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Her book “Friends with Lights, A True Story” is available on Amazon. A featured columnist for OM Times Magazine, she has read for clients all over the world.

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