Total Lunar Eclipse – Blood Moon – October 8, 2014 – Possible Effects Analysed

A total lunar eclipse will take place this Wednesday, October, 8, 2014.  East Asia and west U.S.A. will get a small glimpse of this as it takes place 6:52 AM EST; the center of the Pacific Ocean will get the best view as the map below displays:

A “Blood Moon” is going to be highly probable:

And note that Uranus and the Moon will be visible with a good telescope or pair of binoculars if one is in Hawaii at the time of the eclipse:

And here’s the horoscope of the eclipse relative to Washington D.C.:

Because the Moon can represent the people or population on a mundane basis (and Uranus represents unusual or rebellious tendencies (as well as technology and surprises)), the conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in the seventh house may represent “rebellious or unusual people” involved in a legal or a similar important confrontation standoff with “the leader” or “the state” (as represented by the Sun on a mundane basis).

The charts of China and the United States will feature this eclipse hitting important horoscope points (while other important transits are taking place).  Let’s first look at the horoscope of China applied to the October 8 eclipse:

Note that for the past few days retrograde Mercury was in China’s ninth house (“the international news; world-wide media”) and has started its retrograde phase while squaring China’s natal Moon and Ascendant conjunction placement.  THIS IS THE NEWS (Mercury) REPORTING A CONFLICT (the square aspect) ABOUT THE PEOPLE OR POPULATION (the Moon) IN CHINA’S ENVIRONMENT (the Ascendant). Does Astrology work or what!!!!!  But what is also important is that China’s natal Neptune placement (in the eighth house) gets within one degree of this eclipse, and I think this may define a negative impact on China’s intelligence gathering operations or their financial situation, possibly as a result of the protests going on.  Also note that Saturn is about to enter China’s tenth house, and the reputation or position before others can take a huge fall if improper measures or unlawful activity took place during Saturn’s transit of the ninth house.  China’s reputation before others could take a big nasty hit (or “fall”) as 2014 closes out.

Now on to the United States, and the important aspects of the eclipse with that country:

Transiting Pluto is in the U.S.A. seventh house (“legal confrontations or definitions; foreign treaties”) and is within than two degrees away from opposition with the U.S.A. Sun placement.  Pluto will make its final opposition with the U.S.A. Sun as 2014 closes out, and hence we may expect an important “legal showdown” within the U.S.A. or an important “international showdown” as 2014 closes out.  Nevertheless, expect some current tension regarding the definition of law and the leaders of the U.S. government start to arise this month (or this week) , or what others may  define as illegal activity committed by the leaders in the U.S. government.  AND NO, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN “all the time” AS ONE ASHTAR POSTER STATED IN A PREVIOUS DISCUSSION.

The eclipse is within half a degree from the U.S.A. natal Saturn (“restrictions; police or military presence; limitations”) in the fifth house (“speculation; recreation; social functions”) and this may define more police or government presence at social functions and/or airports, possibly due to ISIS (or ISIL, or Al Qaeda, or Al CIADA, or whatever the new name is) as well as due to the ebola scare.  If this takes place, watch for the U.S. public (or certain types of the U.S. public (especially those concerned with freedom in some way)) to respond in some way against any limitations of freedom imposed by the U.S. government, as the public is doing similarly in China. This eclipse placement may define possible media attention on restrictions of freedom or freedom of movement per U.S. government intervention, but with the U.S. government  (and its leaders) having record low approval ratings, this may be unlikely.  I would expect some kind or type of public protest against freedom restrictions or certain government interventions, or attention on U.S. government corruption (or what is perceived as corruption) to manifest with this eclipse taking place over the U.S.A. Saturn.

Finally, be careful what you eat.  The Moon rules the stomach, food, and cooking, and I have noticed many complain of nausea and upset stomachs (and digestion problems) during lunar eclipses.  I am currently starting to see these issues on the internal medicine floor that I work at during this current weekend of October 4th through October 5th.  So eat and drink smart.

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