Electromagnetic Consciousness – Fundamental Consciousness – Fourier Music – 10-2-14

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Some scientists have theorised that consciousness is due to the electromagnetic field in our brains. It is known that the firing of neurons must be accompanied by some electromagnetic field surrounding the neurons because the neural firing are electrical in nature. However, scientists are yet to know if this electromagnetic field has anything to do with consciousness.This idea is very interesting as it offers what seems to me to be scientific version of a soul! Since em field is invisible and can exist independent of the SPECIFIC brain it generates, then this is a perfect candidate of a scientific soul and/immortality! You must first understand that em field is a property of the space around and not of the charged particle. What the charged particle does is to merely EXITE the field and not to CREATE it. So em field is completely seperable from the SPECIFIC matter it is exited by, hence the soul is abstractable from the body. The many neurons is seen as responsible for the AUTONOMIC events that our nervous system undertakes.

The need to consider em field as a candidate for consciousness comes from the singleness of ‘I’. The brain is quite poor in explainining this but at least the field seen as a single more pervading entity is a good idea. It is then said that the synchronous firing of varous neurons creats a coherent wave in the em field. This coherence is responsible to the single ‘I’. This makes sense because for ‘I’ to be truely single, ‘I’ must be doing a single thing at a go. So the apparently many things (wavicles) that are all the single ‘I’ must act coherently. Even in quantum mechanics, a SINGLE electron can somehow be omnipresent if it is QUANTUM COHERENT and QUANTUM DECOHERENCE is said to destroy this quantum ‘weirdness’ and creat the classic world.

The above model still must be seen as to merely RELATE awareness to em field and not realy to EXPLAIN it. In my view, awareness cannot be explained. It must be seen as a FUNDAMENTAL property of the quantum field and COHERENT VIBRATION merely enhances or awakes it but not create it.

The identifying synchronous firing of many neurons with consciousness serves to illustrate what I mean when I say consciousness is fundamental. The very magnetism is a good example of a fundamental property. Magnetising an object does not realy CREAT magnetism. Every form of matter is ALREADY a magnet! The non magnets hides this magnetic property because the tiny magnets forming the thing are not all aligned in a single direction. Similarly, everything is aware but the level of awareness goes slow unless there is some COHERENCE that magnifies it such as the synchronous firing of neurons and/coherent vibration in quantum field.

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