Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Harmonization in the New – Ascension Pioneers – 10-1-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is harmonization within the New? As You might know, the space of the New is an endless exploration and experimentation, and so as we walk these planes in between realities and dimensions, we are creating a new sparkly Existence, where we haven’t been before yet. It is all open territory … it is guided and directed, and yet we are also the ones who are a part of this within our own Divine Will and higher calling. With this, new approaches and implementations constantly need to be re-invented, in order for us to establish these higher grounds in our physical reality. Of course, a sense of “physical” reality is shifting, because our vibration is changing and pulsating faster and faster, and yet we still experience ourselves as physical Beings at this time. Our experience is Human, and yet it is different and more Divine, which means that we will be called to bring an aspect of Divinity and higher awareness into every aspect of our lives. We are Now moving into the most tangible aspects and forms, which deal with how we relate to each other through equal energy exchange.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


Author: Higher Density Blog

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