Bob Fickes – Discovering Our Aura Body – 9-29-14

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by Bob Fickes

Saturday September 27, 2014

Consciousness is electric. The more powerful our state of consciousness, the brighter our Aura becomes. As our consciousness gets bigger, our Aura expands. Eventually our Aura fills the room with the light of our consciousness. This means that now our consciousness is filling the room 360 degrees. If we relax we can feel how big our consciousness has become. We can feel the electricity vibrating all around us. We can say that the Aura is another body that our consciousness can use just like our physical body. Our Aura body has senses of perception just like our physical body. The Aura body can feel and know things that are beyond the ability of our physical body.

Learning to feel our Aura is more than just an exercise to see the colors. It becomes an opportunity to use our consciousness to know things that are happening around us. If consciousness is electricity, this electricity can feel movements within itself much like the water in a swimming pool can sense waves moving through the pool. Thoughts and feelings produce waves in the electrical field of the room. If you are quiet and feel the gentle waves generated by other people’s thoughts, you can also learn how to know what they are thinking.

The key is always in our ability to relax and just be still. If you are still, you will notice the gentle waves of energy moving around you. This kind of sensitivity naturally develops as our consciousness expands. We will eventually feel and know everything that is going on around us.

As with everything we are learning, it takes practice to be still, and more practice to feel the gentle waves of energy. This is a gift that will become very familiar to you in the future. It’s going to happen to everyone who is on the spiritual path. You can start practicing now, even before your awareness is expanded. What you think is what you create. Lets create a more powerful consciousness that will help us to make better choices and be more aware.

Step by step we learn how to use our consciousness to do anything we can imagine. It is the final step in human evolution and our greatest tool to discover a world we never knew existed. Enjoy!

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