Asana Mahatari via Jahn J Kassl – Plateaus Of Ascension – 9-28-14


PLATEAUS OF ASCENSION, ASANA MAHATARI  –  23. September 2014channeled by Jahn J Kassl  /  translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

It draws near, it draws near, the great day and all human
Beings have henceforth received notice about this “day of days”!
Knowledge is given
All human Beings are in the picture, have attained the inner
knowledge of the forthcoming hours, and during the events
will be assigned their proper place in a new world.
While a faint foreboding in unconscious human Beings precedes
this day, the awakened ones see precisely what awaits them and
the world.

Who wanted to remain unconscious, will remain such in the decisive
hours of mankind and so it is mandated: The divine Light touches the
ascending ones and will stay far away from those, who deny it.
In Eternity.
Ascension Energy & Ascension Waves
In the coming weeks the ascension energy will again be increased,
so that renewed ascension runs can be made with the goal of success.
Many of the previous ascension runs of individual human Beings served
the purpose of interlocking with the high light vibration of the “new
world” on the cellular level. These “vibrational adjustments” must
occur before the complete ascension will succeed and can be
Therefore there were and there are no “failed ascension runs”.
Regarding such undertakings it was and is about the necessary
energetic adjustments, and the equalization of light frequencies
so that the human body can withstand this “energy storm” during
the transition to the new world.

The passage to the fifth dimension of All-That-Is shall be
harmonious and free of pain for those human Beings,
who slide from their physical body into their light body!
Therefore for quite some time it had been ensured,
that there is enough time and that there are enough
possibilities to gradually increase the intrinsic vibration
in order to reach the ascension vibration.
In the coming very near days, the new plateaus of ascension
will be entered; the platforms of the Light, the next level of
the subtle realms.
Some ascensions will now succeed, others will still need further
refinements and adjustments of the vibration, until the balancing
has occurred whereby the ascension can be fulfilled in the manner
outlined here, it will and according to cosmic laws, also must.
What is forthcoming for the world, for the planet earth in total,
a few light warriors of this time attain in these days: the ascension
into the Light with all fragments of their Being.
Thereupon begins the further process of purification for these
Beings, new assignments will be given to them and will be accepted
by them; and the returning Angels to Heaven, who have given this
world its imprint, will receive the kind of appreciation that is
appropriate for what they have done.
Light Portals are passable
A new dynamic has reached this ascension process and this dynamic
establishes itself in the open hearts and those hearts of human Beings,
which are ready for ascension. Near to Heaven and ever-coming closer,
until it is fulfilled that blows away any imagination and exceeds any

The vibration on this level of experience increases continually
due to the light influx of this space-time. And life on this earth
becomes more beautiful, more fulfilling and nobler.
It will remain hard only for those, who carry heavy loads with
them without the will to discard them and without the intention
to enter into God. Because: The great light warriors of the first and
last hours have ensured, that the light bridges, the light corridors and
the light portals into the world beyond are now passable; passable for
all human Beings who have chosen such. The ascension codes have
been transferred. This has the effect now that at the light portals each
human Being will be recognized for what he is. And it is the Angels of
Light, which guide the perfected light warriors of this space-time over
the threshold to home, so that God’s infinity may be seen, the Kingdom
of the Light may be entered and the omnipresence of Love of the
Creator may be experienced.
While the wheel of time continues to turn, it will be stopped,
while Heaven will be dimmed, it opens, while humanity destroys
itself, a new world rises up – and out of the rubble, a new mankind.
Again the deceptions increase and those,
who see, know this game! Because all the
while the ascension of mankind occurs,
the game of illusions proceeds, just like
the new tomorrow may not exist.
All at the same time, all now, in a single and
eternal day in God’s Eternity.
In infinite Love to everyone,
who is a Human Being and who is Life.

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