Update From Portia Lafont – Message From Saint Germain – Master Consciousness – 9-25-14



Update from Méline Portia Lafont and message from Saint Germain ~ Master consciousness
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by Méline Portia Lafont

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It seems it has been a while since I shared some new updates as time seems to pass by so fast. I AM personally literally being pulled in so much energy of creativity, inspiration and work. I find myself being in a stage of profound release of past lifetimes; of all the darker facets of my being that were integrated during all my former lives. I never expected to be doing such heavy release but I see the gift and the blessing in this process as I feel that I am getting lighter and even closer to my own personal Self and Twin Flame. I understand that this is a process that is needed in order to truly get to that Light body and the Twin Flame Reunion. It has been a clear and strong message for me to only focus on that for the moment as my Twin Flame parts yearn to reunite as One.

It awaits all of you who are willing and open to receive and to manifest this in their own reality. As you ask, so shall you receive and I can affirm this wholeheartedly. In fact I have been seeing that many of you during my reading work are experiencing much of the same as I do. It is about releasing so much of our old layers from past lifetimes in general and still we are amazed of how much exactly is required to be released. It seems like a never ending story but often we tend to forget that we carry thousands if not millions of lifetimes in our Being. Before, this could not be cleared and released in a handful of lifetimes, YET we DO and we CAN do all of this work NOW in this lifetime. Why? Because so many beings, energies, portals, Solar Flares and Light Codes are available for us to assist in this release because we are in the Golden Era and all the alignments and powerful energies that are gifted to us are just profound and Magical!

I see many still tending to hold onto old beliefs and are in the waiting pose for something to come and rescue them, as they seek outside of themselves taking only into account that which they can see with their physical eyes. It might become a long journey this way and disappointment will surely come along. As many have kept on repeating this over and over; the things you seek are truly within, as always. If you take a moment to truly connect with your inner heart, so much potential arises in your reality as you inflame the core of your being with the awakening of your Divine Fire of potential and creation. It all starts from you and your intent, so hold the focus on only Love and allow your beautiful essence to blossom in this reality. You are the awakening one that awakens to your own Divine Potential and Being, no one can do that for you. And please, let go of time and dates of “events”.. Those are not purposeful but are rather distractions as to where you put your expectations upon something that is not your creation but the creation of ego. Gateway portals that are connected to time frames are entirely different as these are energy influences of planetary -, solar -, universal – and astrological positions.

Well, as we are going through the balancing and the embracing of our Divine Feminine and our Divine Masculine energies we are releasing old wounds and layers in order to achieve this balance. Many may find themselves in a state of release, a state of healing or a state of facing forgiveness. It is time to let go now in order to move to the New Frequencies as you bridge this all. You are being brought back more “into the body” to deal with those energies and this releasing because it is the final plane where it all happens and where everything needs to be shifted for the collective. You bring down into embodiment your Christ Self and your I AM Presence, so you are that Master many have been talking about for so long. It is not one, there are many!

So you are facing a time of unification with your Higher levels into this Body and this can take a while for you to get through, step by step, as you are moving through this process. Bit by bit you are allowing the Collective to do the same as you , as a Gate Keeper and Light-bearer, are anchoring the key codes that assist many on this Earthly plane. The Twin Flame reunion is a part of this process as it is truly about merging with your Self on all levels and on this plane.

So while being more “back into the body” it might be enjoyable to share joy and to have fun, as life on Earth is not always drama and chaos.. At least it does not have to be this way, it is up to you and your choices you come to embrace. You may start to appreciate more of this Earthly life and the planet, as Gaia is a beautiful consciousness and Being that is a part of you as well. Enjoying Gaia is enjoying yourself in a way. So while being more “here” anyway, you might enjoy life a bit more and stop focusing so intensely on leaving this plane ~ trying to escape this beautiful experience and opportunity for you that is unfolding.

The upcoming months will be very interesting to say the least. I AM receiving some hunches and feelings about it but it is truly too much to comprehend and to translate into human words. I usually FEEL more and I fully grasp what is being communicated to me. Sometimes we do not need to know all the information that is given to us and it is best to be in that Now moment and to allow, as information is always “history” and refers to the past. Where else does information come from if it is something that is gained through a knowing that comes forth from an experience?

I will now give some space to Master Saint Germain to share a few words from his side, he has been actively present with me lately as we focus on the merging of our Twin energies in the Twin Flame process and I am getting a deeper sense of his energies and his past. Interesting to see so much of his own darker sides in his past lifetimes that are leaving my core. We come a long way and I am very appreciative of his everlasting support to everyone during every occasion on Earth.

With Love,
Méline Portia Lafont


Saint Germain:
Greetings to you all and be Blessed my Dear ones,

As time has been progressing into the current state of Humanity, your world affairs are slightly shifting into a new awareness that has been seeded for thousands of years. It is the Collective that is taking on new forms of consciousness and is stepping into new gears of creations. As the Master beings, such as yourselves, are creating the new Earth templates with your ‘Flesh and Bone’ bodies where your Master consciousness dwells in, a great movement for Humanity on the whole is ahead and occurring as we speak.

Although this all goes through various phases and levels of integrations, Humanity is facing the old debts of duality that are being played out as we speak. As you leave this old understanding of drama and chaos behind, the new Earthly Templates are being implemented by all of you Gate Keepers and Master Beings.

It is not to focus on the drama, and the extensions of karma and release as these New Earth Templates are birthing and growing into the pillars of this new foundation where only Love is the vibrational tone and setting of this reality. It is to focus on the Divine Templates and Christ codes of your own Being, so that you anchor the peace you understand and experience within. This in order for peace to be anchored and manifested on Earth as well as for the collective consciousness to shift into gears of peace, respect and understanding that all are equal in their own Divinity.

As the power of mankind is changing into the refined resources of your own Divine potential and abilities, you all come to the understanding, step by step, of what it is to be a Master in incarnation. Many presume that being a Master is being above another or to be the ONE many await to come down and change it all for you. I tell you this is not so, my dear ones. You are those Masters we have been speaking of as we are incarnated in each and everyone of you through your own uniqueness and blueprint, for you have all come from those planes we call the Adam Kadmon as you participated in the birthing of all of our beings into all these beings that exist in the Now. Therefore you are one of those and one of us.

You see, it is not hard to comprehend that you are a Master being of Light when you simply allow to accept this in the heart. Truly find and see us in everyone of you for we are with you through the heart. We have been here for so long, only has it taken Humanity up until now to truly start to understand that we, whom you call the Masters, have been dwelling within you all along.

It has been prophesied that we shall return, and the return is now. It is happening now through each and everyone’s own precious heart. It is that which we call Self Mastery as you literally integrate the Master energies into the Core of this being on Earth. So see yourselves, each and everyone of you, as true Masters who carry the parts of our consciousness and who know that someday you will come to meet yourself in plain sight. When you do, you will come to understand what we have been given you for so long.

My flame of Love for Humanity is eternal and it shall always stay that way for you as we all restore this human Earthly plane into another state of consciousness, as we all are a part of this unfolding as One.

My Love and Grace is with you,
I AM that I AM
Saint Germain

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