Archangel Michael – Arguing – 9-25-14




 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

September 25, 2014

“Arguing with another puts you into opposition with forces that will only impede your own development as an individual. Allowing those energies to coexist with your own, to pass through you unimpeded, strengthens you, brings you back to a state of wholeness, and gives another permission to be where they are and to express what they feel is true for them.

So we are not advocates of an argument. We are not suggesting that you let others walk all over you, or always have their way. You can stand your ground without arguing with another, without attempting to convince anyone of anything. Allowing the other will give you more permission to hold your own perspective.

What you disallow another, you disallow yourself. Therefore, giving another the opportunity to express him or herself will open doorways for your own self-expression. You will find that you are met with less opposition in your life. You will not encounter others who want to counter you. You will live in a peaceful and harmonious world.

And as long as you stay fixated on attempting to make someone else agree with you, validate you, see your perspective as true, you will be on an unending journey, and an unpleasant one. Now we also suggest that you let those who want to argue, argue. That is another form of allowing. When you see two or more engaged in a verbal dispute where volumes of voices are rising, insults are being thrown back and forth, and blood is boiling, you may still wish to be holding the frequency of calm, peace, and harmony.

But you do not need to intervene. You do not need to try to make peace. But as you are peace, as you embody it, you will find less and less people around you arguing with one another, and no one will want to provoke you. No one will want to argue with a person who emanates peace.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Author: Higher Density Blog

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