Heaven Letters – What Stands in the Way of Your Loving All – 9-26-14


There is nothing to do but to love. Loving seems hard to you sometimes or even often, yet it is your judgment that is hard. Without judgment, loving would be easy. Judgment stands in the way of your loving. You take judgment to heart instead of love. You believe in self-righteousness and being high and mighty. You tend to favor judgment and spurn love. This way you are faithful to judgment and unfaithful to love. You learned this along the way. You bet on the wrong horse. Unlearn judgment now.

Passionate to judgment, you forgo love. You make love wait.

At the very least, you tend to want to be loved first. You tend to want all or nothing. It is your own judgment that makes life hard for you.

What is letting go of the past but letting go of your judgment? Love benefits you. Judgment hampers. One person or thought is acceptable to you, and another is not. And so, in judgment, you juggle life. You toss life up into the air, and it falls on your judgment.

Your mind gives you permission to love or not. Too often your mind gives you little permission. Something is supposed to happen before you can give your love. It is like you fight loving tooth and nail, as if cause to love comes before love. You likely consider love as an investment that is supposed to earn a high yield on your behalf when love is meant to flow, not as tears, but like a mountain stream.

Love is not intended to be a decision you make. Love is your natural inclination. You have perhaps blocked the flow of your love as if you are allocated only so much in a lifetime, as if it is better to restrain the flow of love. Instead of loving, you prevent the flow of your love, making love dependent upon many factors. Marry a husband or wife, yet let your love ever-flow. Open your heart. Do not clog it. Do not put debris in the way of the flow of your heart. Your heart is meant to love. Consider love acceptance. Love does not have to have fanfare. Accept love. Accept your love and give it.

It is wonderful to love. At the same time, it is ordinary to love. You were born to love. By far, love is better than cleverness. Remove the dams that have blocked your love and your receipt of love. Leave the light of your love on. Be hospitable to every soul on Earth. Play fair with yourself, beloveds. It is yourself whom you deny the happiness of love. Others can live without your love. It is you who cannot live without your giving love. Love always comes down to you. Love is not about others. Love is about you.

Life is a matter of love.

You can live alone, yet you cannot live without giving your love away. Your love is meant to be given. You are meant to be an inceptor of the world. You are more than a receiver of the world. You are more than an occupier of space. You are more than an audience. You are to quietly emanate love to all, not some. Not to a few, but to all. Love does not mean fanfare. It means an issuance and reception from your heart.

Your heart is meant to be gold, not a piece of ice that is yet to be melted. Honor your heart. Honor love. Love is what created you. You are love. You are here on Earth to give the love that you are. You are love, and you are for love. Yes, consider love acceptance. The sun rises every morning. You are to rise like the sun. Be the sun that shines on all.

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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